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April 8, 2008 Dakota County Regional Chamber of Commerce Dakota County Transportation Update.

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1 April 8, 2008 Dakota County Regional Chamber of Commerce Dakota County Transportation Update

2 Projected Regional Transportation Investments Through 2030 Per Mn/DOT Transportation System Plan Metro Mn/DOT Annual Shortfall: $1B Annual Budget: $250M

3 Dakota County Highway Capacity Deficiencies 2000 2025

4 Metropolitan Transitway Projects  Transitways Under Development:  Northstar  Central  Southwest  Bottineau  Rush Line  Cedar  I-35W  Red Rock

5 Potential Metropolitan Transitways Initial Study:  I-35W North  TH 36/NE  I-94 East Bus Rapid Transit Studies:  Robert Street  Nicollet  Central  Chicago  I-494/American Blvd  Broadway  Snelling  West 7 th and East 7 th

6 Lane Additions$200 Million Interchanges$200 Million Cedar Ave Transitway up to $120 Million $80 Million Other Transit $80 Million $600 Million Annual Estimated Budget $30 Million Dakota County Transportation System 20-Year Unmet Needs



9 2006 Citizen Survey Results Transportation Funding Scenarios

10 HF 2800, 4 th Engrossment 85 th Legislative Session (2007-2008) First funding increase since 1988 3 rd bill passed in last 4 years Final vote 91 - 44 House (6 Republicans) 47 - 20 Senate (2 Republicans) Bill supported by MN Chamber

11 $6.6 Billion: Over 10 Years $2.50 per person, per week Estimated Revenues TH $3,426M (includes bonding) CSAH $1,455M MSA $ 382M Other Local Roads$ 118M Metro Transit $1,152M Greater MN Transit $ 58M Phased in, 2011-2012 for full revenue

12 Facts vs. Myths  This is a transit bill…we need highway funding.  $1.2 billion (18 percent) for transit. $5.4 billion (82 percent) for roads and bridges.  Didn’t the 2006 vote, which devoted all revenue from the Minnesota Vehicle Sales Tax (MVST) to transportation, cover our needs?  MVST only a portion of transit needs and MVST proceeds are lower than original projections due to decrease in revenues.  Tired of gas taxes being used for transit?  Gas taxes are constitutionally dedicated to pay for roads and bridges.  Doesn’t the wheelage tax pay for transit services?  The wheelage tax proceeds can only be used for highway and bridge purposes.  The sales tax will only fund more light rail transit (LRT) “boondoggles.”  All transitways are eligible. Hiawatha LRT is one of the most successful transit corridors in the country. BRT most likely mode.

13 Major Components: Bonding $1.86B State TH Construction $1.718B $40M for interchanges in 2009 $300M for bridges in 2009 and 2010 $50M for transit improvements on TH UPA$24.78M Local Bridge Facilities$50.00M Local Road Improvements$10.00M

14 Major Components: Gas Tax 20¢ per gallon since 1988 $32M revenue generated per 1¢ 2¢ per gallon, 4/1/08 3¢ per gallon, 10/1/08 Up to 3.5¢ by 2013 for bond debt

15 Major Components: Motor Vehicle Registration Repeals existing $189 and $99 tax New Tax = $10 +.0125% of depreciated base value Base Value = 100% year 1, 10% year 10, $25 thereafter Effective with new 9/1/08 registrations

16 Major Components: CSAH Formula CSAH formula per AMC for new $ 60% Needs 40% Registration 34% return old $, 58% return new $ for Dakota County

17 Major Components: Metropolitan Transportation Area Sales Tax Transit only, focus on transitways Anoka, Dakota, Hennepin, Ramsey, Washington counties ¼% of retail sales and $20 per motor vehicle sale = up to $115M per year Joint Powers Agreement Weighted voting Grant Evaluation and Ranking System (GEARS) Committee

18 Major Components: Metropolitan Transportation Area Sales Tax Eligible Transit Purposes: Studies, planning, environmental, engineering, ROW, and construction of transitway improvements Capital costs for transitways including rolling stock Park and ride capital costs Operating assistance for transitways Up to 1.25% for pedestrian and bicycle programs 1% to counties 2009-2011

19 Award of grants requires: -Consistency with the most recent version of Met Council’s Transportation Policy Plan (TPP) -Must be granted for transitway purposes -Must identify operating revenue -Must grant FY 2009 revenues to Met Council ($30,783,000) Sales Tax: Grant Management

20 Sales Tax: Prohibitions of Use Per Statute:  To supplant operating and capital assistance to the Met Council from the State  A County Regional Railroad Authority may not contribute more than 10 percent of the capital costs of a light or commuter rail project  A County Regional Railroad Authority may not contribute funds to pay the operating and maintenance costs for light or commuter rail

21 Sales Tax Rates in Other Cities with Transit City Sales Tax Dedicated to Transit Total Sales Tax AtlantaSales tax of 1%8.0% ClevelandSales tax of 1%7.50% DallasSales tax of 1%8.25% DenverSales tax of 1%7.3% PhoenixSales tax of 0.40%8.1% SeattleSales tax of 0.80%8.8% Eligible CountiesSales tax of 0.25%6.75%

22 Major Components: Metropolitan Routes of Regional Significance Replaces some highway revenue from removal of sales and wheelage tax 7 metropolitan counties $147 million over 10 years $28 million for Dakota County

23 What Does it Mean? Mn/DOT $3.4B over 10 years for trunk highways including bond funds $340M per year statewide Metro District: $1B per year shortfall $250M per year current program Estimated $150M per year new revenue (@45%)

24 What Does it Mean? Dakota County Highways, 10 year: CSAH$50.4M Roads of Regional Significance $28.0M Transit, 10 year: $138M revenue generated

25 What Does it Mean? Dakota County Transit Projects Advance construction of transitways I-35W Cedar Avenue Red Rock Robert Street Construct or expand park and ride facilities (NSC) Provide transit service connections between transitways Enhance bike/pedestrian access to transit facilities

26 What Does it Mean? Potential Dakota County Trunk Highway Projects Accelerated or Funded TH 52 @ CSAH 42 interchange Lafayette Bridge Hastings Bridge I-35E SB 3 rd Lane @ TH 110 TH 13 @ CSAH 5 interchange TH 77 NB 3 rd Lane @ I-35E TH 3 Improvements Accelerate Mn/DOT Payback

27 Next Steps : Revenues fully implemented 2011-2012 Develop County Transit Investment Board bylaws and grant criteria Metropolitan Council Transit Master Plan and TPP Update - 2008 Mn/DOT TSP Update - 2009 Update County transportation and transit plan - 2009


29 Questions? Thank you, Mark Krebsbach Dakota County Transportation Director

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