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My Favorite Story.

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1 My Favorite Story

2 My Favorite Story I want you to think of your favorite story, the best narrative you have ever encountered whether it be a book, poem, film, comic book, TV show, video game, anecdote, or any other form of narrative. Think really hard and dig deep…Okay, got it? Good.

3 My Favorite Story Now that you have selected your favorite story I want you to really think about it. Focus on plot, characters, themes, imagery, performance, style, symbolism, writing, and any other element that makes up a story. Next, search that story and find out what about it grabs you and sticks with you.

4 Your Assignment Once you have completed the previous steps, you will be ready for the assignment: a five paragraph essay in which you reveal your favorite story and provide supporting details explaining why it is you like the story. But wait, there is more…

5 Format You will be writing this essay in a standard five paragraph essay format. Not only will this assignment allow you to practice analysis using a subject familiar to you but it will also help you become familiar with a format that will be repeated multiple times this year.

6 Format Introduction Hook or Broad Statement- a clever opening sentence used to grab the reader’s attention. Background Information- familiarize the reader with the subject you are about to discuss by giving the reader a brief (3-4 sentences) overview or summary. Thesis Statement- as the most important part of an essay, the thesis statement lays out the structure of your essay and the position of your argument while following it with three supporting details.

7 Sample Thesis The continuous narrative in the “Metal Gear Solid” series is my favorite story because of powerful themes, excellent character development, and beautiful imagery. From this point, my essay would support this statement and each of the three body paragraphs would elaborate on a single supporting detail in the order they are placed in the thesis statement.

8 Format Body Paragraphs
Topic Sentence- the opening sentence of each body paragraph should consist of a sentence which introduces the supporting detail to be discussed (sample: “Metal Gear Solid” is known for “Tactical Espionage Action” but what draws me to the series is the message of peace and preservation conveyed through its themes.). Specific Examples- each body paragraph should contain three or more specific examples of the supporting detail being discussed. Transition Sentence- each body paragraph should end with a sentence that closes the current paragraph while leading into the next (sample: While I am drawn to the themes of the series, “Metal Gear Solid” would not be the same without it’s protagonists, Solid Snake and Big Boss.).

9 Format Conclusion Restate Thesis- open your conclusion by restating your thesis worded differently from that in your introduction. Restate your Argument- in at least one sentence per detail, restate the main points of your argument. Closing Statement- similar to your hook, close your essay with a sentence meant to give your reader something to think about after they read your essay. It can be a comment, question, prediction, a call to action, etc.

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