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Grades 3-5. To measure student performance To track student progress To meet state and federal accountability requirements.

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1 Grades 3-5

2 To measure student performance To track student progress To meet state and federal accountability requirements

3 Test Overview Sections Language Arts Literacy (Reading and Writing) Mathematics Science (only grades 4 and 8)

4 May 12 - 16, 2014 Day 1 - Mon. May 12 - Language Arts Day 2 - Tues. May 13 - Language Arts Day 3 - Wed. May 14 - Math Day 4 - Thurs. May 15 - Math Day 5 - Fri. May 16 - Science (4 th Grade) Grades 3-4

5 Grade 5 May 5 – May 8, 2014 Day 1 – Monday, May 5, 2014 – Language Arts Literacy Day 2 – Tuesday, May 6, 2014 – Language Arts Literacy Day 3 – Wednesday, May 7, 2014 – Mathematics Day 4 – Thursday, May 8, 2014 – Mathematics


7 Writing

8 Writing Tasks Students will have 2 writing tasks to complete: Narrative Informative/Explanatory or Opinion They will have 30 minutes for each task.

9 9 Narrative Prompt – Essay Based on a Topic: Prompt: Imagine that your friend has a great tree house. There is only one problem. The key is missing! Writing Task: Write a story about how you and your friend solve the problem. Make sure to fill in missing information. It’s a good idea to include details, interesting words, and dialogue. You have 30 minutes.

10 Opinion Writing Prompt Some districts have year-round school. The students in these districts don’t get a three- month summer break. Instead they get several shorter breaks throughout the year. Other districts hold school for nine months and give students the summer off. Which schedule would you prefer? Write a persuasive paper that will convince readers to agree that a year-round schedule or nine-month schedule is best.

11 11 SAMPLE INFORMATIVE/EXPLANATORY WRITING PROMPT Scientists report that gray squirrels find hundreds of nuts each week that they bury in different places. Then the squirrels dig up all those nuts and bury them again in new spots. They also dig some holes that they don’t ever use for storing nuts. What problems could these actions cause for a gray squirrel? Write a composition discussing the problem squirrels could have because of the way they bury their nuts. Analyze or explain why squirrels might dig holes they do not want to use.

12 Reading

13 Sample Multiple Choice in the Reading Section What is the theme of “Brave as a Mountain Lion?” A.Hard work can lead to good ideas. B.Nature teaches us about ourselves. C.We can do hard things with help from others. D.Everything we know we learn in school.

14 14 Model of an Open-Ended Question: (from a selection titled “A Lesson Learned” on bullying) Bullying occurs in schools everywhere and educational programs have been put into place to stop this horrible abuse. Would you consider the cafeteria incident in this passage to be a form of bullying? Why or why not? What might Sara have done differently when she first felt that strange, unpleasant feeling coming over her? Use specific information from the story and any additional insight to support your response.

15 Mathematics

16 Mathematics: Grades 3-5 Students will have to answer multiple choice questions, short constructed responses and extended constructed response.

17 Multiple Choice Question Samples- Grades 3 Which number would make the number sentence 438 - ? = 259 true? A.217 B.211 C.189 D.179

18 Multiple Choice Question Samples- Grade 4 What is the difference of 23.79 – 4.93? A.12.86 B.18.86 C.19.86 D.21.26

19 Multiple Choice Question Samples- Grades 5 If 14 x n = 252, what is the value of n? A.13 B.18 C.23 D.28

20 Short Constructed Response – Grade 3 A lunch menu has 3 beverage selections: water, juice, and milk. The menu also offers 2 sandwich selections :turkey and peanut butter. How many different meals on one beverage and one sandwich are possible?

21 Short Constructed Response – Grade 4 Inez has a toy car collection? She has 55 red cars, 67 blue cars and 123 orange cars. How many cars does she have in all?

22 Short Constructed Response – Grade 5 A gallon contains 128 ounces. Paul wants to divide 3 gallons of apple cider equally among 2 dozen friends at his party. How many ounces of apple cider will each friend receive?

23 Science

24 Science – Grade 4 Science assessments include multiple choice questions and open ended items broken down into the following categories: Life Science – 40% of the test Physical Science – 30% of the test Earth Science – 30% of the test

25 In 1962, Rachel Carson wrote the book Silent Spring, warning society about the effects of insecticides. Which of the following facts about ecosystems explains why insecticides are harmful to the environment? A.Ecosystems are very large. B.Ecosystems have both living and non-living things. C.Living things in ecosystems are interdependent. D.Many kinds of organisms are found in different ecosystems.

26 Jim put a toy car on a ramp. The car slowly moved down the ramp. What was it about the ramp’s surface that caused the car to move slowly? How could Jim change the ramp’s surface to get the car to move faster?

27 What Can You Do For Your Child?

28 Essential Daily Routines Check and sign your child’s homework by verifying assignments by viewing the homework websites. Ensure that your child is in school every day and on time. District Policy = 100% attendance Make up any work that is missed when the child is absent. Keep track of your child’s progress by keeping constant communication with their teachers and signing Grade Reporting Sheet

29 A GOOD NIGHT’S SLEEP… Limit use of technology such as phones, video games and social media to ensure that your children are getting the rest they need in order to be alert, productive and focused in school.

30 HABITS FOR SUCCESS! Read at least 30 minutes per night. Study notes in all areas daily. Seek additional help in and out of school. Eat healthy meals daily.


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