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Science Olympiad parent and student information session Ms. Hsu

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1 Science Olympiad parent and student information session Ms. Hsu

2 What is the Science Olympiad ? What are you and your student anticipating? Knowledge and research based Application Critical thinking Hand on experience Organization 110% dedication and involvement

3 WHEN ARE THE TOURNAMENT AND STUDENT SESSION? Regional Tournament- Sat, May 17 th from 7:30 am at UNCC- Student Activity Center Calendar g-calendar.html g-calendar.html

4 Attendance Attendance and 110% participation is required. Please arrange doctor appointments or other personal businesses at other day of the week if possible. Students are excused when family emergency or personal sickness occurred with parent written notification via email or submit form.

5 Events of the tournament Please look at your handout for event description. Task 1: Students please read each event that seems to interest you. Discuss your interest with your parent(s) quietly. ( 5 minutes) I will have a sign up sheet for students to sign up before you leave today! Task 2: Students need to sign up a MUST DO event. TWO students per team

6 Event Schedule TIPS: Only sign up one event per period. TIPS: Only sign up one event per period. Pair up another student from other classes or grade level if possible Pair up another student from other classes or grade level if possible ntary- rules/2014ElemRules/TournamentSchedule.A. 2014%20copy.pdf ntary- rules/2014ElemRules/TournamentSchedule.A. 2014%20copy.pdf

7 Student Responsibility Your 100 % commitment to our team and your teammate. Be cooperative to all adults and students. Divide the task load with your teammate. Use technology honestly and effectively. Be super organized, prepared,and prompt to your task each time we meet. Set Goals on what you want to achieve. Be an Advocator for Science Olympiad. ENJOY WHAT YOU CHOOSE, ARE CHOSEN, AND FINISH WHAT YOU START. Prepare to BE FLEXIBLE!

8 Student Task TASK 1: Learn how to navigate with your I pad TASK 2: Go to and navigate event resources for the Event you plan to sign up today under Division A. Please prepare a 1 1/2 inch binder with loose leaf paper and dividers before Dec 3rd.

9 What parents can do to help our team? Please look at the board or sign up sheet for specifications of each volunteer opportunity. WE NEED COACHES, COACHES, and COACHES !

10 What can parents do to help individual student and her/his teammate be successful? Supervise students to organize binder weekly. Track on student’s assignment status using the recording sheet. Provide access to internet and printer, visit library, and arrange team meet outside the school time biweekly or as needed. Volunteer to become our resource parents or any job posted on the volunteer sheet!!!

11 Wish List Check on volunteesr-and-wish-list.html volunteesr-and-wish-list.html

12 Prevent from procrastination… Make a realistic plan that you and your student can carry on. Carry your notebook and binder with you at the site. Triple check on the equipment(s) or devices are functioning properly the night before the competition. Load everything up the night before. Give yourself a plenty of lead time of transporting to the site. ALWAYS check with our Key communicator or visit a couple days before the next session.

13 . Q and A THANK YOU FOR YOUR PARTICIPATION AND LOOK FORWARD TO WORKING WITH YOU STUDENTS AND YOU CLOSELY. Remember to take home a soft copy of the calendar schedule and sign up event choice and a must do.

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