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2013-2014 MRS. DAW /MR. OUELLETTE MS. WEIDMAN/ MRS. GOBART Blanche Sims Elementary Fifth Grade.

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1 2013-2014 MRS. DAW /MR. OUELLETTE MS. WEIDMAN/ MRS. GOBART Blanche Sims Elementary Fifth Grade

2 Reader’s Workshop Reader’s Workshop consists of daily minilessons, conferences, and self-selected reading time. Students write responses during Flex Time to reflect upon their reading. We also practice fluency each week. Units covered in fifth grade:  Building a Reading Life  Navigating Nonfiction in Expository Text  Navigating Nonfiction in Narrative and Hybrid Text  Following Characters into Meaning  Tackling Complex Texts (Historical Fiction)  Fantasy

3 Book Reports Reports are assigned every quarter Books MUST be approved by teacher. Students should not have read the book already. Students must do a minimum of three projects; extra credit will be given for additional projects. Book report books may be read during Reader’s Workshop, morning Flex Time, free time and at home. Please remind your child to follow ALL steps in the directions.

4 Writer’s Workshop Writing is taught daily through minilessons, conferences and independent writing time. The writing process steps include: brainstorming, drafting, conferencing, revising, editing, publishing. Units covered in fifth grade:  Narrative Craft  Literary Essay  The Lens of History: Research Reports  Shaping Texts  The Research-Based Argument Essay

5 Words Their Way Students are assessed at the beginning of the school year and grouped based upon knowledge of spelling patterns and current spelling stage. New pattern lists will be distributed on Mondays. Different sorting activities and assignments are given throughout two weeks to help the students focus on word structure and spelling patterns, rather than memorization of words. Every other Friday, students will be assessed on spelling pattern lists.

6 Mathematics The district is currently piloting a third program for mathematics to determine which program will best match the Common Core Math Standards. Sims’ fifth grade teachers are working together to provide the best hands-on resources, games and learning activities to support the Common Core concepts. IXL has been replaced by Moby Max; students have access at home to Moby Max. Scholastic Study Jams has many free videos that teach concepts step by step.

7 Mathematics Fifth grade mathematics standards: Analyze patterns and relationships. Understand the place value system. Use equivalent fractions as a strategy to add and subtract fractions. Apply and extend previous understandings of multiplication and division to multiply and divide fractions. Convert like measurement units within a given measurement system. Represent and interpret data. Geometric measurement: understand concepts of volume and relate volume to multiplication and to addition. Graph points on a coordinate plane to solve real-world and mathematical problems. Classify two-dimensional figures into categories based on their properties.

8 Social Studies Student will use the Social Studies Alive program and weekly atlas skill practice. We will study the first Americans through the Constitution. Topics: Geography of the United States American Indians and Cultural Regions European Exploration Colonies Slavery American Revolution

9 Science Students will learn science concepts through experiments, simulations, projects, textbooks and Science Studies Weekly newspapers. Units to be covered in fifth grade: Force, motion and energy Measurement Heredity Ecosystems Human Impact on our Environment

10 Intervention Students are grouped for Intervention, or I-Time, four days a week. Groups are fluid and change based on students’ needs. The purpose of I-Time is to assist those who need extra help in an area, and to challenge those who are strong academically. Students will be taking the AIMSweb Fluency assessment and Math MCOMP assessment this week. When results are complete, we will conduct grade level data team meetings with the school psychologist, Mrs. Knapp, Mrs. Goethals and other support staff to create an I-Time plan for the first marking period.

11 Homework Homework will be a combination of:  class work not completed during the school day  weekly homework fluency sheets which are due on Fridays  occasional specific subject area assignments (math, science, social studies activities)  book reports  20 minutes of reading each night Students will have approximately 20-30 minutes in addition to 20 minutes of reading each night. Some nights there may be slightly more or slightly less depending on the amount of work completed during class. Students may ALWAYS access RAZ Kids or Moby Max at home for additional practice.

12 Grading Scale 94-100% = A 90-93% = A- 87-89% = B+ 83-86% = B 80-82% = B- 77-79% = C+ 73-76% = C 70-72% = C- 67-69% = D+ 63-66% = D 60-62% = D- 0-59% = E Graded papers will be sent home in the green Teacher/Parent Communication folder each Friday.

13 School Wide Discipline Policy All students receive daily minilessons on behavior expectations. Class meetings take place daily in every classroom. Also, students are expected to use the Kind Reminder Process when faced with a peer issue. Discipline procedures:  Step 1—Warning  Step 2—Self-monitoring spot for five minutes  Step 3—Move to buddy classroom to complete “think sheet.” Parents are asked to sign the sheet and return it to school.  Step 4—Removal from classroom and immediate lesson on the behavior. Lessons repeated for three days by team member and teacher.  Students will receive a notification note which requires a parent signature if they reach Steps 2-4.

14 Classroom Economy Program We have created a classroom economy system in all students have jobs and receive pay each week. Each month, there will be a “Sale Day” in which students may purchase from a list of items. Students may also earn additional pay for good behavior choices. Students may also be assigned fines when poor decisions are made. We are asking for parent donations to help support this program. Examples are:  $5 gift card (restaurant, movie theater, etc.)  Box of snacks (Rice Krispie Treats, cookies, etc.)  Help supervise during “game day” if chosen  Prizes for the “prize box”  Donation of items if party is chosen (plates, cups, beverages, ice cream toppings, spoons)

15 Book Orders Book orders are sent home monthly. Books are sold at a discount price through Scholastic. Each time you order books, our classroom earns points which are used to order additional books for our classroom library. Online ordering codes:  Weidman/Gobart: KQBDR  Daw/ Ouellette: GNMBP

16 Birthdays and Snacks Please feel free to send a peanut-free, wrapped treat or non-food item to school for your child’s birthday (we send them home with students). Students have recess and lunch at 11:55 A.M. They may bring one healthy snack to have in the morning, when needed, as well as water bottles. Snack examples: fruit, crackers, cheese, popcorn, etc.

17 Specials Schedule Monday: Physical Education (Mr. Luhmann) Tuesday: Art (Mrs. Campione) Wednesday: Music (Mrs. Rennels) Thursday: Media Center (Mrs. Weiler) Friday: Physical Education (Mr. Luhmann)

18 Communication Teachers will send out a weekly newsletter each Friday which includes important dates and curriculum information. Teachers check student logs on a daily basis; you may see a message written in your child’s log, or you may write one to your child’s teacher. School phone number: (248) 693-5460. Email is checked throughout the day.

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