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Society matched them but love set them free…

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1 Society matched them but love set them free…
By: Emily Hutchison, Joanna Wasvary, Mikaela Kosik, Leah Fershtman, and Allison Lammers

2 Setting… In the story Matched the setting takes place in a perfect town such as a utopia. This city is very under control by the government. We believe this story takes place in the far future because they have a lot of advanced technology we don’t have today. When we picture this city we picture a very drab city, where the government rules. When we see the city we picture a lot of houses that all look the exact same inside and out. Also we see large tall brick walls locking them inside the city so they cannot access the outside world that the are prohibited to access. We also see everyone wearing the exact same clothes. This city is so under control that they have compacts that tell give them there mood and they can save there life with what is in it. These compacts are filled with different colored liquids that control there body. The city does not allow anyone to die until they are eighty years old. They do not want to decrease the population at all. That is what we feel the main setting of they city is. S

3 Setting picture…  S
This picture shows how we believe the city is all the same and controlled by the government and is forced to look the same. Nothing outside the box. S

4 Cassia..  C Matched Characters… This is Cassia…
Cassia is one of the major characters in the book Matched. She is a protagonist and a dynamic character. In our minds we picture her having brown hair, bright green eyes, and a flawless gorgeous person. We feel her personality is shy, important, nice, sincere, innocent, and she goes along with anything. Cassia has a normal life like all of her other friends until her night of being matched. She is now matched with her best friend Xander. This was an unexpected match and hasn't happened in years to be matched with your best friend. The night her tablet with the information on Xander gets put on her doorstep is the moment he life changes. Cassie opens the tablet and the sees a picture of Xander appear on her screen. But in seconds the screen becomes black and then another face shows up, and its not Xander’s face. Its Ky’s face a apperation from the outer world. Cassia is very concerned and she is nervous about what is to happen next. The next day when she went to the game center with Xander a society official asked to speak with her. Cassia didn’t know what to expect. Was this bout the tablet? The Official told her it was just a mistake or a joke being pulled by one of the tablet creators. But somewhere deep inside Cassia knew something was wrong, will she be forced to choose? That is Cassia and she is the main character of matched. This is Cassia… She is beautiful, strong, honest, shy, and kind. We feel she has bright green eyes, dark brown hair, C

5 Xander….  C Matched Characters… This is Xander….
Xander is a major character in matched. We fell he has blonde hair, green eyes, and tall. He is a protagonist and a dynamic character. We fell his personality is outgoing, knows what he wants, demanding, care free, easy to talk to, and he is very athletic. Xander is a normal boy in the city with a best friend who is Cassia. They have been through everything together. Xander was very nervous about the match banquet because he didn’t know who he was going to get matched with. But when he say his face appear on cassia tablet page he was shocked. But he told cassia that he knew all along they were going to be matched. He doesn’t know about Cassia having Ky’s face appear on his tablet because Cassia was afraid that he would be mad at her or become disappointed. That is who Xander is in the story Matched. This is Xander…. He is outgoing, athletic, talkative, easy going, and care free. We feel he has blonde hair, green eyes, tall, and muscular. C

6 Ky… C Matched Characters… This is Ky…
Ky is a major character. We feel he has dark brown hair, and blue eyes. He is an antagonist and a dynamic character. We feel his personality is that he is mysterious, sensitive, very shy, caring, and weak. Ky is the person that showed up on Cassia’s screen. He doesn’t like to talk a lot and he is very shy around everyone. He spends most of his free time alone or at work. He knows Cassia and all of her friends he just isn't very close with them because he has a lot of school and he has a job. He doesn’t know about Cassia yet, but he is a very supportive guy. We know he is hiding something, and Cassia knows too. That is who Ky is in the story Matched. Matched Characters… Ky… This is Ky… He is mysterious, sensitive, anti-social, caring, and shy. We picture him having dark brown hair, and deep blue eyes. C

7 Cassia’s Mom… C Matched Characters… This is Cassia’s Mom…
Cassia’s mom is a minor character in the story. She is a protagonist and a dynamic character We feel she has dark brown hair with deep blue eyes. She seems very over protective and she like things tidy and in place. She doesn’t seem like such an out of the box thinker. She likes how the society rules and doesn’t like people from the outer world. She loves Cassia very much and doesn’t want anything bad to happen to her. That is who Cassia’s mom is and what she is like. This is Cassia’s Mom… She is organizational, tidy, protective, beautiful, and loving. We feel she has dark brown hair, and deep blue eyes. C

8 Matched Characters… Cassia’s Dad… Cassia’s Dad is a minor character. He is a very quiet man. He is a protagonist and a static character. We feel he has black hair, and blue eyes. He doesn’t like to talk much. But I can tell by his actions that he really loves Cassia. The only people he will talk deeply to is his family. He doesn’t communicate with many outside families. He is very emotional, such as when his father was forced to die. He was in tears wishing for him to stay alive. He is very secretive and you can never expect what will happen next with him. That is what we feel Cassia’s father is like. This is Cassia’s Dad… He is kind, caring, emotional, and anti-social. We feel he has dark brown hair, and deep blue eyes. C

9 Imagery… Foreshadowing…
Figurative Language Imagery… Foreshadowing… “A small breeze drifts across the grounds and the flower beds ripple red in the dusk.”(pg53) “The soil is thick and black. It comes apart in clumps as we lift it.”(pg96) “He is a cheerful blurry looking man.” (pg179) “Bram reappears in the doorway, plain clothes wrinkled, and hair messy.” (pg 25) “Tomorrow will be different.” (pg 187) “Don’t you feel it? Something is changing. Something is happening.”(pg301) FS

10 Simile… Metaphor…
Figurative Language Simile… Metaphor… “The tapping of my fingers makes a low, soft sound almost as silent as snow falling.” (pg165) “Because their words had forked lightning.”(pg145) Alliteration… Personification… “A sea of watching faces, and white table clothes.” (pg 15) The stars danced playfully in the moonlit sky. (Website links on another page) The run down house appeared depressed. (Website links on another page) FS

11 Onomatopoeia… “As I went to my window, I felt so broken hearted. I heard a pop, a crackle, a snap, and a thud, as I watched my little blue bird friend fall into the mud.” (website in links page) “I now breath a sigh of sorrow when it's time to get out of bed. This is all because I miss the chirping of my little blue bird friend.” (website in links page) “His singing to me on my way. Today my little blue bird friend, didn't tweet to get me started.” "My little blue bird friend, wakes me every day, with his chirp chirp chirping. FS

12 Rising Action… P PLOT
Cassia has been best friends with Xander for years. Cassia gets matched with Xander. Ky’s face shows up on the port screen. Cassia gets the poem from the grandfather. Cassis’s grandfather dies. Cassia signs up for hiking trip, and so does Ky, they bond while taking the class. Cassia’s dad lost the grandfathers DNA, and gets in trouble. Cassia puts the note in the incinerator. Cassia has a nightmare about the red tablet. Cassia kisses Xander for the first time. Ky teaches Cassis how to write. Cassia goes on a date with Xander. P

13 Rising action picture… 

14 PLOT Climax… Cassias dad loses the DNA sample of the grandfather and the society looses their respect for him. Cassia is beginning to miss her grandfather and she doesn’t like the way the society treats the people that live in it. She wants to be matched with Ky. Cassia is wondering if Xander is the right choice for her. Cassia now likes Ky because he has taught her a lot of things. Cassia is getting the idea of running away from the society to be with Ky forever. She would have to leave Xander, her best friend though. Cassia is having to make up her mind quickly about leaving her family, and life behind to be with the one she really loves. P

15 Climax picture… P PLOT
This picture shows how Cassia wants to run away out of the society P

16 Falling action… P Cassia is trying to choose what path to take next.
PLOT Falling action… Cassia is trying to choose what path to take next. Cassia is scared of trying to escape the society. She is wondering if she was supposed to be matched with Ky all along. Was it really a mistake? She is wondering who does she really love. Ky or Xander? Ky is running away from the society, should Cassia go with him? Cassia is afraid of hearing her future job for when she finished second school. Cassia makes her decision with who she really loves. Cassia runs away to find Ky. P

17 Falling action picture…
PLOT Falling action picture… This picture represents how cassia wants to leave the society to find her true love Ky. P

18 Conflicts… Man vs. Society: Cassia goes against the society to be with Ky. In the society she lives in you have to be matched with whoever you are going to marry and be with for the rest of her life. Cassia gets matched with Xander, but when she receives her micro card another face shows. It is Ky’s face. Her and Ky end up falling in love which is not allowed in the society they live in, especially because Ky is said to be and aberration. Man vs. Self: When Cassia sees her micro card and sees that not only Xander is on there, Ky’s face pops up also. Cassia is told it is a mistake, but something about Ky makes her love him. Cassia was so excited to be matched with Xander at first but when she saw Ky for the first time, she knew she loved him, even before she saw his face on her micro card. Cassia has to decide against what she tells herself she wants and what she really wants. Man vs. Fate: No matter what, you can’t choose who you want to be with. Cassia gets matched with Xander so it’s her fate to be with Xander. That’s how life works in her society and how it’s supposed to be. Cassia loves someone else though, she loves Ky. Cassia has to decide between her fate, which is to marry Xander like she is supposed to, or to be with Ky, and go against her fate. C

19 Theme... Theme is the idea of the story or the concept the author is trying to get to the reader. The theme is Lost Cities because the society is very over controlling. They decide who is born, who you love, how many kids you have, where you live, and when you die. After you get married they will give you a job, and you cant choose. In the book Cassia says “I believe people should be able to choose who they are matched with.” (pg 246). But the government is just wanting the city to be safe but its getting out of control. That was the theme of the story. T

20 Resolution… The resolution is when the problem in the story gets resolved. This story was resolved when Cassia makes a choice of which person she really loved, Ky, or Xander. She makes the choice to leave the society and to find Ky. She found out Ky was the one she loved all along, and that Xander was just a friend her whole life. She left the society so she could prove the government wrong that they didn’t ruled her all her life, and that she had some freedom of what her life was like. That’s what the resolution is in the story because she doesn’t want to be controlled her whole life, and wants a change. R

21 LINKS… L Cassia’s picture-
Xander’s picture- us&biw=1600&bih=972&tbm=isch&tbnid=ZDvoBM2qytOKRM:&imgrefurl= 7/alex-pettyfer.html&docid=kpk8G8YUjw_mmM&imgurl= 3i1_2gAFt94/T_LbXizwmXI/AAAAAAAAAC8/6aGi5Lq-RN4/s1600/alex_pettyfer_guapisimo jpg&w=467&h=363&ei=vVW1UOa8HunvygGs8YD4Ag&zoom=1&iact=rc&dur=313&sig= &p age=1&tbnh=125&tbnw=161&start=0&ndsp=60&ved=1t:429,r:25,s:0,i:167&tx=94&ty=71 Ky’s picture- L

22 LINKS… L Cassias dad-
pitts-short-layered-hair-with-dark-brown-coloring Cassias mom- &sa=N& us&biw=1600&bih=972&tbm=isch&tbnid=eMdj39rCqI9oV M:&imgrefurl= moores-red-carpet- makeup/&docid=Z31S1VP_oTTGYM&imgurl= content/uploads/2009/01/demi_moore_makeup.jpg&w=276 &h=320&ei=d4CWUKuHM6bGygGbsICIAw&zoom=1&iact =rc&dur=157&sig= &page=1&tbn h=125&tbnw=107&start=0&ndsp=48&ved=1t:429,r:14,s:0,i :182&tx=58&ty=83 L

23 ONAMONAPIA LINKS… How to Write an Onamonapia Poem | onamonapia-poem.html#ixzz2DLqInf1Y How to Write an Onamonapia Poem | onamonapia-poem.html#ixzz2DLrkPfqP How to Write an Onamonapia Poem | onamonapia-poem.html#ixzz2DLtP9ATo L

24 Personification links… 
Both examples: personification.html L

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