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Facilitated Team Time DRAFT Rationale and Overview.

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1 Facilitated Team Time DRAFT Rationale and Overview

2 This time is still very much a work in progress

3 Feedback from Summer Institute 2011 Team Time needs to be earlier in the day Process Time was too much content Team Time needs to be an extended period of time for differentiated planning Our LEA/Charter needs our own space to work

4 Our Vision Differentiated Approach – Meet LEAs/ Charters where they are Provide true “work time” with one LEA/ Charter per room with one DPI facilitator Equip facilitator with tools, questions, and information to support the LEA/Charter

5 Support for Facilitators Information Sheet on Each LEA/Charter Backchannel Resource Toolkit

6 Support for Facilitators



9 Support for Facilitators: Resource Toolkit Guiding Questions and Support Documents, Tools, Websites, etc.

10 Questions? NYr_M:&imgrefurl= content/uploads/2009/09/question-mark3- misallphoto.jpg&w=240&h=240&ei=QN4ST9j5GNCstgfTsqifAg&zoom=1&iact=hc&vpx=536&vpy=186&dur=2382&hovh=192&hovw=192&tx=112&ty =103&sig=114730900127101918374&page=1&tbnh=134&tbnw=144&start=0&ndsp=22&ved=1t:429,r:2,s:0

11 Session Overview Sharing Session Self- Assessment and Goal Setting Resource Toolkit and Work Time Reflection


13 Sharing Session 1.What are the big ideas or concepts you will take back from your content sessions? 2.How does this content area prepare students to be future ready? 3.How does this area connect to other content areas? 4.What are the implications for meeting the needs of all learners as related to this content area? 5.(For leaders) – need question

14 Sharing Session DRAFT IDEALarge Puzzle with Pieces Each of the 18 team members will complete one puzzle piece and share with group Question: How will your collective insights inform your next steps? Image Source:

15 Self-Assessment Allow team to complete short self- assessment based on the formative assessment process questions –Where are you now? –Where are you going? –How do you close the gap?

16 Goal Setting Facilitator will ask guiding questions to support LEA/Charter through setting goals for the day –What do you want to accomplish by the end of our session today in order to close the gap between where you are and where you are going? –What do you need in order to accomplish these goals?

17 Resource Toolkit

18 Reflection LEAs and Charters will create a reflection –What went well? –What could we have done differently? –What could you have done differently? –What do you need now? –Other comments/suggestions

19 Feedback from Facilitators Facilitators will Complete a Virtual Feedback Form –What did the LEA/Charter accomplish? –What are their next steps? –What went well? –What concerns do you see? –Other comments

20 Lead Influence Facilitating

21 This time is still very much a work in progress

22 Facilitated Team Time What should really work for LEAs? What changes or adjustments would make it even better?

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