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Fired-uP Kick off London june 11, 2012 Jan Van De Putte, director Services and Logistics Chris Van de Voorde, Lieutenant Colonel, Chief Ghent Fire Brigade.

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1 Fired-uP Kick off London june 11, 2012 Jan Van De Putte, director Services and Logistics Chris Van de Voorde, Lieutenant Colonel, Chief Ghent Fire Brigade Philippe De Clerck, Secretary of the Deputy Mayors office Lies Helsloot, adjunct van de directie, Project Manager

2 Mission and strategy City of Gent "Ghent, a creative city that plays a leading role in the development of a sustainable, united and open society by actively consolidating all its creative forces"

3 Main strategic goals shaping policy 1.Knowledge, innovation, creativity 2.Social/people aspect sustainability 3.Economic aspect sustainability 4.Ecologic aspect sustainability 5.Communication and participation All being translated to operational goals=> sustainability within Fire Brigade and City of Gent

4 19 november Brandweer Antwerpen Fire department: 2 divisions Fire department emergencies: medical and fire Call center (100) emergency calls

5 19 november Brandweer Antwerpen Fire Brigade: 5 cells Operations Public safety Prevention Logistics Administration

6 19 november Brandweer Antwerpen X-corps, only professionals 4 crews 111 fire men/women per crew Work planning shifts: 12 hours day – night - 2 days leave – etc. (7.30 AM till 7.30 PM)

7 19 november Brandweer Antwerpen 5 locations Headquarters - new location since postsOost: Gentbrugge Zuid: Sint-Denijs-Westrem (Flanders Expo) West: Wondelgem/Evergem Noord: Havengebied (Volvo)

8 19 november Brandweer Antwerpen Gent Deelgemeenten 5 beschermde gemeenten (De Pinte, Destelbergen, Evergem, Lovendegem, Sint-Martens-Latem) Totaal number inhabitants: Total surface area: ha

9 19 november Brandweer Antwerpen Some numbers and facts Staff: 533 (3 ladies) 60 vehicles interventions +/- 500 fires +/- 150 station visits +/ preventionvisits/reports

10 Services en Logistics Logistics and Fleet management Cleaning and Catering Services Planning and Administration Printing Office and Supply Management

11 Logistics and fleet Division Budget: (log.) 1.4 mlj (Fleet operational cossts) 2 mlj (investment cost fleet) Number of employees:46 VTE 2 cels: Logistics fleet

12 Logistics division Role: Management 8 warehouses for storage and distribution variety of goods for own use in production departments and for the use of our clients (several city departments). Internal moving operations: moving of workplaces employees. Logistics management is a brand new task for our department and started in The main goals here are: Inventory management Assuring transparency in the logistics procedures

13 Fleetmanagement Role : Fleet Management for approximately 900 vehicles: City administration, Police and Fire Brigade. About 500 cars (passenger and van up to 3.5t) and approximately 110 trucks, tractors and utility cars (including salt dispensers road) 300 cars for the police department 75 cars for the fire department Research, development and management of sustainable, work-related transport for all city departments.

14 Fleet management Past achievements/successes Green Fleet Award 2008 Civitas Elan (EU funded project) First Belgian fleet who introduced EURO V trucks Ecodriving: 3 projects: up to 14% fuel reductions 10 % reduction of passenger cars in our fleet (august 2011) Car sharing system Cambio: introduction of car sharing in a public administration environment Introduction hybrid vehicles Introduction electric vehicles since 2000: 12 new cars/pick-ups expected in 2012 Hybrid truck (innovation!): delivery foreseen for summer 2012

15 Work package 4: specification development Building further on findings WP2 and 3 Development of procurement specifications Product(s) to be procured: more input needed LFB: ?? Gent: innovative fire truck and build-up/power management system Foundation: building on principles of Smart SPP: created under Procura+/Iclei Study EU guidelines on pre-commercial procurement and risk management (case studies?) Internal organisation: hiring additional staff

16 Work package 4: specification development Early market engagement: Further refining needs (WP2) market fire brigades Communication needs to market Definition functional needs fire appliances Definition of current energy efficiency: quantification targets Initial market research: results WP2

17 Work package 4: specification development Step 1: informing the market Goal: creating a contact list of possible supplier partners for innovative solutions: LFB and Gent (again following procedures Smart SPP) Actions: month 1-12 workshop month 11 + WP2 workshop Identification information channels Raising interest market: how? Small info workshops potential suppliers: first presentation Fired- uP

18 Work package 4: specification development Engaging/consulting the market: Goal: assessment possible solutions offered by market Check if they meet technical and environmental requirements Is this achievable by end year 1?? Depending on other WPs TO DO: Need for assessment criteria selection potential suppliers Determination market consultation methods Direct dialogue (later) Test procedures??(later)

19 Work package 5: procurement exercise GOAL: determination of available an most appropriate tendering procedures to meet our functional/performance-based requirements. Analysis of procedures/situation in London and Gent: different approaches require different procedures??? Coming to actual procurement of the innovation created in synergy with the market Key questions: see section C Success factors… First step: creation of procurement cell: all project leaders and specialists

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