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Cheese Puffs Jalapeno BY: Alexis Prys, Madison Juguilon.

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1 Cheese Puffs Jalapeno BY: Alexis Prys, Madison Juguilon

2 Producer  In 1971 Barbara’s Bakery started, and vowed to use only real foods and no artificial ingredients. This product is:  A very healthy version of Cheetos.  Don’t have the artificial color.  They are made from whole grain corn.  They do not contain any gluten or hydrogenated oils  No artificial flavors, colors or preservatives From Producer: Barbra's Bakery

3 Target Market Demographics: Gender: Both Age: 16-19 Income: $100/Month Education: High School Psychographics: Outgoing Active Healthy Fun Geographic CTC Ottawa Country Behavior Variables Regular user Convenience

4 Product Information  Product Name: Cheese Puffs Jalapeno  Amount in store: 24  Cost: $2.37 each  Per Box: $23.36  Retail: $2.84  Mark up Amount:.47  Mark up %: 20%

5 Product Information Cont.  Cost: $2.37 each  Shipping Info: Orders are shipped via FedEx (Standard delivery 4-8 business days)  Availability: (1-2 days for them to pack and ship) + (shipping transit time) = Total Delivery Time  Storing the Product: Stored in box in storage room  Pricing: Mark product with price tags  Stock list: Food

6 Distribution Channel The path it takes from its producer or manufacturer to the final user.

7 Shipping  Ground Shipping (4-8 business days) How the Product gets from the producer to the consumer.

8 Retail  CTC is the retailer  Products deliver to the Wolf Den Business that buys goods from manufacturer and resells them to consumers

9 Consumer  Students and staff purchase the cheese puffs. The user/buyer of the product

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