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The Four Ps of Marketing

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1 The Four Ps of Marketing

2 The Four Ps The success of any marketing strategy depends on whether or not the entrepreneur has planned the right combination of marketing elements These elements are referred to as the marketing mix, or often as the Four P’s of marketing The elements are product, place, price and promotion

3 Product (or service) Is the product or service something customers will want to buy? Will it be of benefit to them? Will it meet their needs?

4 Place How will the product or service get to the customer?
What channels of distribution are needed? When should the product or service be in stock or ready? Where will the products or service be made available?

5 Price How much are customers willing and able to pay?
What is the best price to charge to earn a maximum profit?

6 Promotion How will customers be made aware that the product or service is available? Which of the following promotional activities will be best for this venture: advertising, personal selling, publicity, sales promotion or e-marketing?

7 Target Market Those people who have a particular need or want for a product/service The type of consumer most likely to purchase your product/service A product or service may have a primary target market in addition to one or more secondary target markets

8 Market Segmentation When a product or service is targeted toward groups of people who share common characteristics, the group is called a market segment. Market segmentation helps entrepreneurs match their products and services to the needs of a specific group.

9 Demographics People may be grouped together based on common characteristics: Age Gender Income Family life cycle Culture/ethnicity Geographics Psychographics

10 Example What would be the demographic profile of the target market for: A Toyota mini-van A Rolex watch Lululemon yoga pants

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