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What to do when you see describe, explain, analyse etc

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1 What to do when you see describe, explain, analyse etc
Assignment Writing What to do when you see describe, explain, analyse etc

2 Assignment writing When completing any assessment you should ensure that: You read the tasks in full You complete the tasks in full You refer to the assessment criteria for assistance. If you do not understand what you are being asked to do, ask your teacher for assistance immediately.

3 Identify Identify – when you are asked to identify you should provide a list of key features. You could do this in bullet format or in a table. e.g. Name four things what a sports performer should do to be safe before during and after physical activity? Warm up Wear the correct clothing Abide and follow the rules of the sport Warm down

4 Describe Describe – when you are asked to describe you should try and paint a picture in words to the reader. It is useful to always think that the reader of your script knows nothing and therefore you have to teach the reader the knowledge that you have through your assignment.

5 Demonstrate Demonstrate– when you are asked to do this you should show how you are capable of doing a skill or technique e.g. if you can hop you should display to an audience how to hop following the correct technique as you was taught.

6 Explain Explain – when you are asked to explain you should describe the point and then give details and reason of why. This should include actual examples to back up your description. E.g. if you are describing sporting injuries to explain the injury you would provide an example from the world of sport of an athlete who has had the injury and explain the causes of this injury to the player, you may also explain the treatment to the player.

7 Compare To compare you must look for similarities between subjects and also look at significant differences, you should describe each similarity and difference E.g. when asked to compare the success of Manchester United and Liverpool FC, you may describe similarities such as huge financial backers, excellent players, youth facilities etc, however you may then describe the differences in success over the last ten years, Manchester United have won more league championships, Liverpool have won more European Competitions and explain why you think this is the case

8 Analyse Analyse – when you are asked to analyse you should select the key points that you have been asked to look at and explain each point providing reasons for each point and possible impacts. e.g. if you where analysing the recent success of Chelsea Football Club. You would pick out the key factors behind Chelsea’s success; Money; Manager; Key Players – Frank Lampard, etc etc. you would then explain the contribution each person has had on the success on the club and what the club could do in the future to continue their reign.

9 Evaluate Evaluate – when you are asked to do this you must gather as much evidence as possible and make a judgment from your own ideas. E.g. if you think Andrew Flintoff is the greatest cricketer in the world then you must provide evidence to back this up. You may therefore use statistical data to show his batting averages and his bowling averages. You may also use data devised from top media pundits regarding Andrew Flintoff’s performances and by using this information you will then form an argument to justify your own opinion. When evaluating you should always have evidence to back up your own opinions.

10 Justify Justify – when you are asked to do this you must explain why you have selected a topic of argument and convince the reader why the argument is correct

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