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Who Is The Best Player In Major League Baseball?.

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1 Who Is The Best Player In Major League Baseball?

2 Created by 7 th Grade Math Teachers MacKinnon Middle School Wharton, NJ Adapted from: Best Weather Sample Math Webquest 1

3 We all have a favorite team and player. But what makes your favorite player better than mine? You must determine what makes one athlete better than the rest. Select six major league baseball players from any team. After researching data from your players create and display charts and graphs and present your final decision. Be prepared to convince your classmates that your baseball player is “best”.

4 Task Your first task is to define what makes the “best” baseball player. Write an opinionated paragraph to explain your THOROUGH reasoning. (1/2 pg) Next select six major league baseball players from any team. These are the players you will be researching to discover which one is the “best”. Then you will collect data from sports websites about each player. Finally, you will use this information to select the “best” player in the major league. You will present your conclusions in poster format.

5 Process 1.Determine what makes a major league baseball player better than another. 2.Select six major league baseball players that you think could be the “best” player in major league baseball. Be sure to note what team each player is currently playing on. 3.Go to various online major league baseball sites to obtain at least four statistics about each player. Be sure to print a copy of what you find. 4.Represent this data in at least three different types of graphs and one table. You may do one graph on Excel. 5.Determine the mean, median, and mode from at least one statistic you collected. 6.Decide which player is the “best” in the major league. 7.Present your conclusions in poster format along with one paragraph explaining your conclusion.

6 Evaluation Bat Boy (7) Minor League (8) Major League (9) Babe Ruth (10) Explanation of “best” player (2) Less than four statistics are Listed Four statistics are listed Four statistics are listed to determine who is the best player with an explanation as to their importance All major league plus extra data has been included that is helpful with the attached decision. Player Selection (1) Less than six players are selected Six players are selected without team information Six players are selected with team information All major league plus pictures and sites of interest are included Data (3) Data is displayed in only one form Data is displayed using only 2 charts and a table. Data is displayed using 3 charts and a table All major league plus data is displayed in an alternate form Contains mean, median, mode, and range. Data Interpretation (2) Best player is selected Bat boy plus three substantiated facts determined your data Minor league plus four substantiated facts Major League plus additional information was gathered to assist with player selection Presentation (2) Hard CopyBat boy plus posterMinor league plus one graph generated on excel Major league plus

7 Resources sp - Major league baseball official site. Information can be located by searching by player. sp - Information can be located by searching by team then locating each player. - ESPN’s official site. - graph construction site Your textbook – A useful tool to help you with your graphs

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