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200 300 400 500 100 200 300 400 500 100 200 300 400 500 100 200 300 400 500 100 200 300 400 500 100 Articles/ Constitution Expansion Civil War Reconstruction.

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1 Articles/ Constitution Expansion Civil War Reconstruction Amendments

2 This was the major problem with the Articles of Confederation.

3 Weak central government.

4 How did the new constitution establish separation of powers?

5 Three Branches of Government Executive Branch Legislative Branch Judicial Branch This prevents one group from being in charge of everything.

6 This principle ensures that no branch of government becomes more powerful than another.

7 Checks and Balances Each branch is able to make sure the other branches do not become too powerful.

8 What are the first 10 amendments to the Constitution called?

9 Bill of Rights

10 Federalists like Alexander Hamilton did not think that the Constitution needed one of these.

11 Bill of Rights They felt that if states already had one, the central government did not need one in the Constitution.

12 This term represents the desire for America to expand their territory.

13 Manifest Destiny Americans felt expansion was theirdestiny.

14 The goal of expansion under Manifest Destiny (how much America should expand)

15 To the Pacific From sea to shining sea.

16 Territories America gained after the Mexican-American War include Texas, California, New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona and… (one more)

17 Nevada All six territories for the low price of $15 million.

18 What was the major purpose of the Monroe Doctrine.

19 Keep Europe from colonizing North and South America. (Keep Europe out of American Affairs) America wanted Europe to have little influence in the Western Hemisphere.

20 The Texan defeat at this fort became a rally cry for the Mexican American War.

21 The Alamo This is where Texans yelled their battle cry, Remember the Alamo!

22 Why was slavery was more popular in the south than the north.

23 Southern Plantations. They depended on the slave system for growing crops on their plantations. This was the major way southerners made a living.

24 Because of this, slavery was allowed below the 36°30 latitude line.

25 Missouri Compromise of 1820 While slavery was allowed below that latitude line, it was not allowed north of the line.

26 Which side was more equipped to fight in the Civil War?

27 The North They had a better economy, with more resources and more production of weapons, goods and railroads

28 This was one military advantage the South had over the North.

29 Had better trained soldiers and better leadership. (Union soldiers were mostly drafted and the leadership was very cautious)

30 This was the main reason the South broke from the North.

31 Southern states wanted the right to choose. Southern states believed it was their right to choose if they wanted slavery or not.

32 The period of time right after the Civil War was called?

33 Reconstruction

34 During Reconstruction, many former slaves earned a living this way.

35 Becoming sharecroppers This was a job they were skilled in.

36 This agency provided schools, medical aid and other services for freed slaves.

37 Freedmans Bureau

38 The purpose of the Freedmans Bureau

39 Help former slaves adjust to being free. They needed help finding clothing, food, jobs, etc.

40 This ended Reconstruction.

41 The Compromise of 1877 The South would allow Republican Hayes to be President if Northern troops left the south.

42 Another name for the 13 th, 14 th and 15 th Amendments.

43 The Civil War Amendments

44 This Amendment allowed freed slaves to become citizens.

45 14 th Amendment. This amendment guaranteed every American citizen (including freed slaves) equal protection.

46 This amendment abolished slavery.

47 The 13 th Amendment

48 Freed slaves could vote because of this amendment.

49 The 15 th Amendment.

50 Even though the 15 th amendment granted freedmen the right to vote, these sections of the Jim Crow Laws prevented it from happening.

51 The Poll Tax/Grandfather clause/Literacy Test Freedmen had to pay a poll tax and take a literacy test in order to vote.

52 Final Jeopardy Topic: Mexican-American War Record your final bid now

53 What ideology or belief convinced Americans to move west and to fight the Mexican – American War?

54 Manifest Destiny The belief that America had to continue to grow otherwise it would shrink or be taken over.

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