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Unit 6 Lesson 22. What is thrown away as waste at your home?

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1 Unit 6 Lesson 22

2 What is thrown away as waste at your home?

3 White pollution

4 Can you imagine how much waste is thrown away in China every year? BRITAINCHINA Cans7 billion7 x 22 billion Plastics0.7 million tons million tons Metal0.4 billion tons million tons Foodo.63 million tons million tons Glass1.05 million tons million tons The paper from… 84 million trees billion trees 15.4 8.8 13.86 23.1 1,848

5 The Throw-away Society 1. Why is rubbish a problem in western countries? 2. What is the situation like in China?

6 Air pollutionWater pollution

7 Nuclear pollution

8 DEALING WITH WASTE Fast-reading: Read the passage quickly and find out the topic sentence and what kind of waste is mentioned in each paragraph. Finish the first column of the form.

9 Topic sentence: How to get rid of waste is a great problem for the world today.

10 Read the passage again carefully and then fill in the blanks of the form.

11 Waste mentionedHow treatedBetter ways waste from _________ ____ into the rivers ____ and piped into rivers or seas _____ waste____ ____ into the sea without being _____ taken ___ __ to sea where wind and waves ____ __ ___ _________not allowed to be ____ __ ___ ____ _____ from peoples homes thrown into the sea either ___ or ___ from land depending on their _____ ______ wasteput into ______ and thrown into the ___ ____ ______ wasteput into __ ___in metal containers put into containers and ____ __ ____

12 What has been done for environmental protection? International organizations: Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace Some special laws have been made in China.

13 Group Work What other kinds of waste /pollution do you know in our daily life? Whats their danger?

14 Group Work pesticide electromagnetic radiation light pollution Freon space waste

15 Homework Make a survey to see how the waste in your city is treated. Then write a report and give your own suggestions on how to deal with waste better.


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