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Unit 6 Lesson 22. What is thrown away as waste at your home?

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1 Unit 6 Lesson 22

2 What is thrown away as waste at your home?

3 White pollution

4 Can you imagine how much waste is thrown away in China every year? BRITAINCHINA Cans7 billion7 x 22 billion Plastics0.7 million tons million tons Metal0.4 billion tons million tons Foodo.63 million tons million tons Glass1.05 million tons million tons The paper from… 84 million trees billion trees ,848

5 The Throw-away Society 1. Why is rubbish a problem in western countries? 2. What is the situation like in China?

6 Air pollutionWater pollution

7 Nuclear pollution

8 DEALING WITH WASTE Fast-reading: Read the passage quickly and find out the topic sentence and what kind of waste is mentioned in each paragraph. Finish the first column of the form.

9 Topic sentence: How to get rid of waste is a great problem for the world today.

10 Read the passage again carefully and then fill in the blanks of the form.

11 Waste mentionedHow treatedBetter ways waste from _________ ____ into the rivers ____ and piped into rivers or seas _____ waste____ ____ into the sea without being _____ taken ___ __ to sea where wind and waves ____ __ ___ _________not allowed to be ____ __ ___ ____ _____ from peoples homes thrown into the sea either ___ or ___ from land depending on their _____ ______ wasteput into ______ and thrown into the ___ ____ ______ wasteput into __ ___in metal containers put into containers and ____ __ ____

12 What has been done for environmental protection? International organizations: Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace Some special laws have been made in China.

13 Group Work What other kinds of waste /pollution do you know in our daily life? Whats their danger?

14 Group Work pesticide electromagnetic radiation light pollution Freon space waste

15 Homework Make a survey to see how the waste in your city is treated. Then write a report and give your own suggestions on how to deal with waste better.


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