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Welcome to our class.

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1 Welcome to our class

2 Project Writing a report

3 Protecting the Yangtze River
Part A Protecting the Yangtze River Main idea of each paragraph 1.The health of the Yangtze River has raised concern. 2.Many people have recognized the importance of protecting the Yangtze River and organizations and projects have been set up to do this. 3.Two special government projects are under way to protect the river. One is a water and soil preservation project.

4 4.The second project is nature reserves for white-flag
dolphins. 5.The situation on the Yangtze River is improving. Questions: 1.Why has the health of the Yangtze River raised concern both nationally and internationally? Rapid development and an increase in population have meant that the amount of water taken from the river is rising, and the waste being put back into the river has been increasing.

5 2.What does the Green River Organization do?
It educates people on the importance of protecting the Yangtze River. It also watches the river and stops the illegal hunting of animals, which has put the wild animal population in danger. 3.What problems do the two government projects focus on? They focus on water and soil conservation and protecting white-flag dolphins along the Yangtze River.

6 4.what did farmers have to do under the water and
soil conservation project? They had to replace their crops with trees or grass. 5.What does the second project include? The second project includes nature reserves for white-flag dolphins.

7 More questions 1.Do you think the environmental situation of the Yangtze River is getting better? Why? 2.What else can we do to protect the Yangtze River?

8 the structure Parts Main ideas The health of the Yangtze River has
raised concern. Paragraph 1 Paragraph2-4 A lot of work has been done by people as well as the government to protect the river. The situation of the Yangtze River is improving. Paragraph5

9 Climate change and a low-carbon life
Questions 1. What will you think about when you see the title ‘Climate change and a low-carbon life’? 2.Can we predict what the article will talk about according to the title? 3.What is the relationship between climate change and the low-carbon life? 4.What do you think causes climate change?

10 5 Do you think that your way of life can change the
climate? 6.Can you give some examples to show what kind of life a low-carbon life is? Tape work

11 Solutions to the problem
More and more carbon dioxide has been put into the atmosphere, which has brought about climate change. Causes breathing of animals and humans; other human activities; cars and other vehicles; electrical power plants Solutions to the problem walk or use a bike when possible; use as little energy as possible; recycle as much as possible; plant trees

12 1.自然资源日趋减少,环境问题依然严重,人们的环保观念淡薄。 2.制定了一些法律,投入了大量资金改善环境,对民众进行教育。
Part B Write a short passage about things China is doing to protect the environment. 1.自然资源日趋减少,环境问题依然严重,人们的环保观念淡薄。 2.制定了一些法律,投入了大量资金改善环境,对民众进行教育。 3.大家行动起来,环境会更好。

13 problems solutions conclusion 自然资源日趋减少,环境问题依然严重,人们的环保观念淡薄。
制定了一些法律,投入了大量资金改善环境,对民众进行教育 conclusion 大家行动起来,环境会更好

14 Sample Natural resources are becoming less than before. As
some people still haven’t really realized the importance of the environmental protection, what they do in their daily life does great harm to the environment. We have made some law to protect the environment and put large amounts of money to the environmental protection. Let people know why and how to protect the environment. If everyone takes action, our environment will be much cleaner!

15 Homework Parts B1 and B2 on P.99 in the Workbook Parts D1 and D2 on P.101in the Workbook

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