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A little review.

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1 A little review

2 If a personality test measures what it sets out to measure, it would have…

3 Dr. Lewis decided to study the television viewing habits of her students & demanded that they complete and return a survey regarding their viewing habits. Which ethical principle does this violate? The right to refuse participation in the study

4 At which sleep stages would you experience vivid dreams?
REM (rapid eye movement)

5 Raeane sometimes experiences periods of major depression
Raeane sometimes experiences periods of major depression. Other times, she is extremely talkative and active, appears to be in a euphoric mood, goes days without sleeping, and reports her thoughts are racing. What is the most likely diagnosis? Bipolar Disorder

6 What facilitates color & detailed vision and black and white vision, respectively?
Color/details=cones Rods=black and white

7 A moviegoer who cannot identify the name of a film star remembers the name when a friend reviews a list of stars. This incident illustrates what 2 concepts in human memory? Recall Recognition

8 Dan always returns after leaving home to see if he locked the door
Dan always returns after leaving home to see if he locked the door. He always locks the door, but he thinks about whether or not he locked the door until he has checked. Dan’s behavior is an example of what disorder? Obsessive-compulsive disorder

9 According to Lawrence Kohlberg, children at the first level of moral reasoning make judgments about right and wrong on the basis of what? The likelihood of punishment or receiving rewards

10 After constant exposure to a stimulus, our nerve cells fire less frequently. This can be explained by what? Sensory adaptation

11 The reappearance, after a rest period, of an extinguished conditioned response is called…
Spontaneous recovery

12 Tension from an inconsistency between an individual’s attitudes & behavior is called…
Cognitive dissonance

13 2 groups of participants in a study are presented a list of 20 words
2 groups of participants in a study are presented a list of 20 words. The first group is told to count the # of capital letters in the words. The second group is told to think of the definition of each word. When both groups are asked to recall the list of words, what will likely occur? The second group will recall more words

14 The section of the brain most vital to the initiation of feeding behaviors…

15 Raquel is afraid of rattlesnakes but not garden snakes
Raquel is afraid of rattlesnakes but not garden snakes. She is exhibiting… Discrimination

16 What measure of central tendency is most influence by an extreme score (outlier)?

17 The acquisition of the roles associated with distinctions between male and female is called?
Gender typing

18 The common tendency to assume that the beliefs, values, attitudes, or actions of one’s own group are superior to those of other groups is called… ethnocentrism

19 A researcher shows a picture to a volunteer
A researcher shows a picture to a volunteer. The picture features a woman in the foreground and an older man looking over her shoulder. The volunteer is asked to tell a story about the picture. The researcher assumes the volunteer will project his own unconscious feelings into the story he tells. This is what type of test? Thematic Apperception Test (TAT) it’s a type of projective test

20 Keisha recently lost sight in her left eye
Keisha recently lost sight in her left eye. Which of the following would she have most difficulty with: Looking down a railroad track Throwing a ball to a friend Watching a crowd of children play in a school yard Throwing a ball to a friend requires 2 eyes RETINAL DISPARITY IS A BINOCULAR CUE FOR PERCEIVING DEPTH! The brain computes distance by comparing images from the retina of each eye

21 Aversion therapy to eliminate undesirable behaviors is most likely used by what type of therapist?

22 The bundle of nerve fibers that interconnects the 2 brain hemispheres...
Corpus collosum

23 Which gland of the endocrine system controls the other glands?

24 Your heartbeat and breathing accelerate & you are prepared for fight or flight. What part of your nervous system is responsible? Sympathetic

25 What theory is described by experiencing emotion in the order of:
1. Stimulus (see a bear) 2. Arousal (breathing increases, muscles tense) 3. Emotion (I feel afraid) James-Lange Know Cannon-Bard !!! (stimulusarousal + emotion at same time) Know Shachter-Singer Two factor!!! include your cognitive appraisal

26 You will remember your high school graduation because it will be an important event in your life. What type of memory? Episodic

27 You can barely detect a candle flame from a distance of 30 miles on a clear, dark night. This is an example of… Absolute threshold

28 When members of a group who tend to agree on a issue become more extreme in their opinion after the issue is discussed, what took place? Group polarization

29 If a therapist wanted to help little albert overcome his white rabbit phobia, he would begin treatment by having the child list white fuzzy objects, then imagine a room of white rabbits, then show him a picture of a white rabbit, etc. This is an example of what therapy? Systematic desensitization

30 Sam leaves her home, moves to a new location, takes on a new identity, and has no memory of her former life. What disorder? Dissociative fugue

31 A research conducts an experiment to test the claim that a new drug Y is more effective than standard drug X. The researcher randomly assigns participants to receive drug Y or drug X and measures arousal. Participants receiving drug Y are the and drug Y is the . Experimental group, independent variable

32 A therapist tries to help a client replace irrational thoughts with alternative patterns of thinking. What type of therapist? Cognitive

33 A child has learned that her grandparents ignore rather than reward her tantrums. What operant conditioning principle is this an example of? Extinction If the grandparents gave her candy to get her to stop tantrum? If they took away her favorite toy? If they spanked her?

34 A group of students perceived a stationary object of light in a dark room as a moving object. When asked later how far the light had moved, their responses increased similarity as they heard others’ estimates. What is this a demonstration of? Conformity

35 In the treatment of patients, which psychologist made no attempt to offer diagnosis, advice, or interpretation of patients’ unconscious motives? Carl Rogers Aaron Beck Sigmund Freud Carl Jung Carl Rogers!!!








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