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40 Eridani B By: Cathryn Wood.

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1 40 Eridani B By: Cathryn Wood

2 The Name Star designating 40 in the constellation Eridanus.
Some sources say the constellation name is Auriga.

3 Claim to Fame One of the first white dwarfs found. A white dwarf is the exposed extremely hot core of a star that has blown off its outer layers. Made of extremely dense material, a piece the size of a marble would weigh as much as an elephant.

4 Brightness and Size 1/300 times the sun's visible brightness
1/70 sun's radius (1.5 times the Earth's radius). About 1/2 the sun's mass.

5 Type of Star Blue-White Color. Small hot white dwarf (Spectral Class DA4).

6 Viewing Where to View: In the constellation of Auriga. Not visible to the unaided eye. When to View: Best viewed from the Northern hemisphere during November-January.


8 Time Lapse of Auriga Constellation

9 Quick Facts The star is said to be a burnt out cinder.
40 Eridani B is also known as Keid. 40 Eridani B was the first white dwarf discovered in a triple star system of 40 Eridani. It Is 16.5 light years from Earth


11 Funny Video!

12 The END! 40 Eridani B By:Cathryn Wood

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