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The name of my star is 40 Eridani B. By Derek Horvath.

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1 The name of my star is 40 Eridani B. By Derek Horvath

2 This star is part of a Spiral Galaxy. This star is known as being part of a triple star system.

3 40 Eridani B is 16 light years away from the Earth. It is located in the constellation, Eridanus which means "The River"..

4 This star is blue-white in color. It is also known as a small hot dwarf star. It’s class is Spectral DA 4.

5 The best view of 40 Eridani B is in November-January in the Northern hemisphere.

6 The brightness of this star is only 1/300 times as bright as the sun. This star is about half of the sun’s mass and about 1/70 of the sun’s radius.

7 The picture below shows the diameter compared to earth. 40 Eridani B is full of gases which makes it very heavy for its size.

8 “The astrometric satellite HIPPARCOS has determined the distance the most accurately determined masses and radii for any white dwarf star, place 40 Eri B securely on the zero-temperature carbon core mass-radius relation, considerably improving observational confirmation of the theory of stellar degeneracy.”

9 “The mass is now sufficiently high that binary star evolutionary channels are no longer required to account for it. The data exclude the possibility that the surface hydrogen layer is as thick as 10-4 Msolar.” 8L..43S

10 It’s claim to fame is that it was the first white dwarfs found in our solar system. Because it is made of extremely dense material, a piece the size of a marble would be considered to weigh as much as an elephant.

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