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Name ______________________________ Alejandro’s Gift By Richard E. Albert Pictures by Sylvia Long Prediction ____________________________________________.

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1 Name ______________________________ Alejandro’s Gift By Richard E. Albert Pictures by Sylvia Long Prediction ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ Author’s Purpose informpersuadeentertain

2 Alejandro’s Gift Focus Skills: To recognize cause and effect relationships To read and understand a realistic fiction selection To read and understand a nonfiction article Genre Realistic Fiction- tells about characters and events that are like people and events in real life. Summary Alejandro’s lonely desert life changes forever when he digs a secluded water hole for his animal neighbors. His gift is also a gift to himself, for as the animals visit, Alejandro’s loneliness disappears. Reading Strategy Read Ahead Good readers use strategies to solve problems as they read. If students become confused by something in a story, reading ahead can sometimes help clear up the confusion. Reading ahead will help students to understand cause and effect relationships in a story.

3 Page 328 What is Alejandro’s home like? Draw a map of his home. Why does Alejandro plant a garden?____________________________________________________ Page 330 CauseEffect The squirrel visited Alejandro’s garden. Seeing the squirrel makes Alejandro feel __________________________________________________.

4 Page 332 Why is time passing more quickly for Alejandro? ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ Name some animals that visited Alejandro’s garden. Page 334 Why don’t the larger animals visit Alejandro’s garden? ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ Draw a picture showing why Alejandro has plenty of water.

5 Page 336 Why does Alejandro dig a water hole?____________________________________________________ CauseEffect The skunk avoids Alejandro’s water hole. Page 338 Why do the larger animals come to Alejandro’s second water hole?____________________________________________________ How does Alejandro know that the animals have come to the 2 nd water hole?

6 Think and Respond 1.What gift does Alejandro give, and what gift does he receive? ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ 2.What kind of person is Alejandro? How do you know? ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ 3.Why is Alejandro’s first water hole shunned by the animals? ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ 4.Would you enjoy a visit to Alejandro’s home? Explain your answer. ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________

7 Use the graphic organizer to answer the following questions. Highlight the answers on the organizer. 1.Why is this selection a good example of realistic fiction? 2.Why can Alejandro have a garden in the desert? 3.Why does Alejandro work for hours in his garden? 4.What are woodpeckers, thrashers, and roadrunners? 5.What is the common physical characteristic shared by the animals that come to the garden? 6.Why does the squirrel come to Alejandro’s garden? 7.Why does Alejandro dig a water hole? 8.What happened to make Alejandro realize the animals did not feel safe near the house? 9.Why did the animals ignore the first water hole? 10.What is a good word to describe Alejandro when he refused to give up on the idea of providing water for the animals? 11.What makes the second water hole different from the first one? 12.How does Alejandro know when animals are at the second water hole? 13.How does Alejandro fix the problems with the first water hole? 14.Explain the meanings of the story’s title, Alejandro’s Gift. What gift does Alejandro intend to give? What gift does he receive?

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