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24 August Region 1 BOG Meeting Providence, Rhode Island Marc T. Apter 2013 IEEE-USA President.

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1 24 August Region 1 BOG Meeting Providence, Rhode Island Marc T. Apter 2013 IEEE-USA President


3 What’s New in Careers The new and improved IEEE-USA Salary Service and Salary Calculator is coming this Fall. IEEE-USA’s Consultants Network is now an IEEE Special Interest Group, you can join for free, supported by a newsletter, webinar series and other services for businessmen and entrepreneurs. IEEE-USA’s Licensure and Registration Committee has created review material for the new software engineering P.E. licensure exam. Our K-12 STEM Literacy Committee is laying plans for IEEE-USA sponsorship of the U.S. Science and Engineering Festival (26-27 April 2014) in Washington.

4 What’s New in Gov’t Relations We need your help – go to IEEE-USA’s Legislative Action Center and respond to Action Alerts on: –H-1B visa increases proposed in pending immigration legislation. –A K-12 STEM education bill that encourages and supports teaching of engineering concepts as part of pre-university curricula. –Repeal of a new tax on IT services (for our members in Massachusetts). Go To:

5 What’s New in Communications We’re working to combine the award- winning IEEE-USA Today’s Engineer and IEEE-USA In Action into a single, flagship IEEE-USA e-publication. You’ll be able to read on the go, with mobile tablet and phone versions, a podcast and linkages to social media. Expect first issue in early 2014.

6 What’s New in Public Awareness IEEE-USA is the lead society sponsor for 2014 National Engineers Week (16-22 Feb. 2014) We’ll be sponsoring App-E-Feat, an Applications for Humanity design competition We’ll also be working to support/ revitalize local area E-Week activities Stay tuned for a 2014 kick-off event this Fall at U. of Delaware.

7 What’s New in Professional Activities (PACE) IEEE-USA has increased its funding for local PACE activities and is conducting a V-Tools reporting pilot that awards Sections with PACE incentive grants for 3 or more reported activities. The IEEE-USA Annual Meeting is now being hosted and organized by IEEE U.S. Sections, with 2014 set for Providence (15-18 May) and 2015 in Milwaukee (11-17 May).

8 IEEE Social Networking and Collaboration Services A “private” network for use by IEEE members, analogous to group tools on popular social networking sites. Suitable for use across a range of needs – volunteer, author, technology practitioner, etc. Key features/elements: –User profile (CV, awards, key metrics, etc.) –Discussion groups/communities (open and closed/by invite only) –Store and manage documents (import from mobile devices) –Author collaboration and productivity tools –Video chat and remote presentation with drawing tools –Suggestive content based on user interest profiles (e.g. notices of papers, conferences, local meetings etc.)

9 IEEE-SNCS (continued) SNCS will leverage proven solution(s) that suit most of the initial needs and then expand incrementally. IEEE Board of Directors gave go-ahead at their June 2013 meeting. SNCS supports IEEE’s priorities of providing nimble, flexible, disbandable IEEE communities and agile forums for discussion, development and implementation of emerging technologies Schedule: development through Spring 2014, Beta release by Sections Congress, with final tuning and launch by Jan. 2015.

10 Powerful New IEEE Web Tool IEEE has developed a new tool that will give web visitors easier access to IEEE’s portfolio of products, services and programs related to the content they are viewing on-line. The tool is currently live on the IEEE Global History Network website. Check it out at:


12 Membership Issues U.S. full dues paying membership numbers have been declining steadily since 2003. As of July, Region 1’s Higher Grade membership was down 2.9% (or 843 members) over same time last year. Proactive recruitment and retention efforts by Sections and Regions are needed to turn it around.

13 Did You Know? Membership in IEEE is open to individuals who by education or experience give evidence of competence in an IEEE designated field. The designated fields are: Engineering, Computer Sciences and Information Technology, Physical Sciences, Biological and Medical Sciences, Mathematics, Technical Communications, Education, Management, Law and Policy.

14 IEEE U.S. Membership Referral Pilot IEEE-USA is working with MGA on a new U.S. Member Referral pilot for the 2013-14 member year. Members who successfully refer member prospects will be eligible for prizes, and the prospects receive various incentives to join. The pilot program will be officially unveiled in the September MD Webcast.

15 2014 US HG MGM Pilot HQ fulfillment of prizes out to recruiters HQ follow up email to eligible recruiters Call to action: pick your prize (online form, choice of 10-12 IEEE-branded merchandise items) Monthly reporting to determine eligible referrals Automated e-mail to referrals Call to action: join, $25 discount September: Communication to US HG members introducing program Call to action: fill out referral form Goal: Double US participation in MGM program 1,200 participating recruiters (impacts retention too) 1,800 new recruits (an additional 900 HG members) IEEE rewards the referring member as well as the new recruit Referring member gets a prize per successful referral New member gets a discount Existing MGM annual incentives still apply September to December pilot period Can extend through February based on results


17 What You Can Do To Help Take advantage of the new member benefits. Support the Membership Referral Pilot project by referring prospective members. Respond to IEEE-USA’s Action Alerts. If you’re eligible, apply for Senior Membership.

18 Help With Senior Membership If you’ve been in professional practice for at least ten years and shall have shown significant performance for at least five of those years, you’re eligible for Senior Membership. Get details of benefits and requirements at: membership/senior/ membership/senior/ Ask your Region Leadership for help with references; if you get stuck, email me at, with your IEEE Member number, and details.


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