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Topic 3 My school life is very interesting.

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1 Topic 3 My school life is very interesting.
Lalin No.1 High School Liu Xiaofang

2 Sing a song Days on My Past
I recall when I was young. Oh I will play and always having fun With the neighbors next to me and we'll play until the setting sun Try to be the best among the others in a game called the "spider battle" It doesn't matter who is the best now. Those were the days of my past A few years later when I got to school and was late for lesson all the time Always day dreaming in the class, till I don't even know the lesson's done . Then my teacher always tell me never ever be lazy again What can I do now? What can I say now? Those were the days of my past As the days go on and on I grew up and had my first love Candle light and sandy beach finally give away my first kiss Mother said I was too young to fall in love and then I will one day regret So love was over, but I do miss her. Those were the days of my past Just when I left my high school and got my first job as salesmen Working hard all day and night. No one there to lend a helping hand Daddy told me not to worry and said that l should go on step by step What can I say now? What can I do now? Those were the days of my past Then one day I settled down with the only one I really love Got a small family with two kids that is what I'm always hoping for But I still remember having fun with all my friends when I was young I miss my home town. I miss my old friends, those the days of my past Oh I miss my home town I miss my old friends. When will I see them again?

3 Hi

4 Wednesday/Music/10:00-10:45

5 free talk

6 Monday/computer/9:05-9:50

7 Tuesday/English/10:55-11:40

8 Thursday/physics/14:30-15:15

9 Friday/P.E./15:25-16:10

10 Tuesday/English/10:55-11:40 Monday/computer/9:05-9:50 Friday/P.E./15:25-16:10 Thurday/physics/14:30-15:15

11 Timetable Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday 1 7:50-8:35 English
Friday 1 7:50-8:35 English Maths 2 8:45-9:30 Politics Biology 3 9:50-10:35 Safety Computer History Geography 4 10:45-11:30 Chinese 5 13:00-13:45 Art Health 6 13:55-14:40 Music P.E. 7 14:50-15:35 Weekly meeting 8 15:45-16:30 Self-study Class

12 Question How many lesons do you have every weekday?
How many English lessons do you have every week? What lessons do you have on Wednesdays? Do you have a history class on Tuesdays? How often do you have P.E. classes? It’s 1:00 on Monday afternoon now. What class are you having?

13 Discussion ****Are you pleased with your school timetable? What is your ideal timetable ? ****What is your favorite subject? Why?

14 English saying: Time and tide wait for no man.

15 English saying: Time past cannot be called again.

16 Guess game They are learning about the past. (What class are they having?) They are drawing pictures. They are working on math problems. They are speaking English. They are talking about a map of China. They are working on computers. They are singing and dancing.

17 Homework: Make a conversation about your classes.

18 Thanks for listening. Good-bye

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