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Unit 7- Unit 8 Revision Han Lin Jiefang Road Primary School.

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1 Unit 7- Unit 8 Revision Han Lin Jiefang Road Primary School

2 eat drink ……

3 Competition time Round 1 (numbers)

4 24+30= What's... and... ? 13+26=39 54 Thirteen and twenty-six is thirty-nine. Twenty-four and thirty is fifty-four. Six and three is nine. Ten and twenty is thirty. 9 30

5 7:00 a.m. 11:20 four thirty in the afternoon nine fifteen 4:30 p.m. seven o'clock in the morning eleven twenty 9:15

6 What's the time? It's... What time is it? It's... Is it... ? Yes, it is. /No, it isn't.It's...

7 Hello.I'm... I'm a/an... I... at... At..., I... I like to... at... How about you?/And you? My Timetable Miss Han get up have breakfast go to school go home read books 6:00 6:30 7:00 5:00 8:20

8 Competition time Round 2 (timetable)

9 × Don't...

10 Competition time Round 3 (Don't... )

11 × × What's the time? What time is it? It's time to... Let's... Shall we...? Don't...

12 × a.m. p.m.

13 Miss Li: What's the time now? Henlen: It's 10:20.It's time to have an English lesson. Miss Li: OK. Open your books, please. Read the new words one by one. Ss: "close, drink, write..." Miss Li: Don't sit down, Nancy. Read the word "write" again. Nancy: " write" Miss Li: Good. Sit down, please. Now, write the new words in your copybooks. Ss: All right. Miss Li: Don't draw in your copybook, Liu Tao. Write the new words. Liu Tao: I'm sorry, Miss Li.

14 Questions: 1.( ) They have an English lesson at. A. 10:12 B. 10:20 C. 11:20 2.( ) reads the word "write" again. A. Helen B. Nancy C. Liu Tao 3.( ) Liu Tao draws. A. in his notebook B. in her copybook C. in his copybook B B C

15 H: Hello, Nancy. N: Hello, Helen. What's that on your desk? N: It's a storybook. H: Can I have a look? N: Sure. Here you are. H: How nice! I like to read books. N: Me, too. H: Shall we read it now? N: No, it's late. It's five o'clock now. It's time to go home. See you. H: See you.

16 Fill in the blanks ( Helen likes to books. But it's. It's o'clock now. It's time to.. read late five gohome


18 Homework: 1.Read the text and the words. 2.Read the dialogue and talk about it with your deskmates.

19 2:35

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