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高考英语四轮复习法 --高考英语单选1500题(题型突破) 育英科技 王衡英语.

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Presentation on theme: "高考英语四轮复习法 --高考英语单选1500题(题型突破) 育英科技 王衡英语."— Presentation transcript:

1 高考英语四轮复习法 --高考英语单选1500题(题型突破) 育英科技 王衡英语

2 时态专项80题

3 1. —What did she say? —She said she ______to the station to ______. 
A. is going, see you off    B. was going, see off you C. was going, see you off  D. is going, see off you 2.The reporter said that the UFO _____ east to west when he saw it. A. was travelling  B. travelled C. had been travelling    D. Was to travel 3.The new secretary is supposed to report to the manager as soon  as she ________ .   A. will arrive B. arrives  C. is arriving   D. is going to arrive 4. Mr. Green __________ for more than ten years. A. died B. has died C. is dying D. has been dead 5. My brother is an actor. He _____ in several films so far. A. appears    B. appeared    C. has appeared  D. is appearing

4 6. James Watt _____ the steam  engine.
A. was inventing  B. invented         C. had invented D. has invented 7.A great number of trees _____ in the past few years in the city. A. have planted B. have been planted  C. will plant  D.  planted 8. The volleyball match will be put off if it ________. A. will rain   B. rains C. rained  D. is raining 9.I wonder why Jenny ____ us recently. We should have heard from her by now. A. hasn't written  B. doesn't write  C. won't write  D. hadn't written 10. ——There is too much snow these days, isn’t there? ——Yes, it __________for a few days. A. was snowing B. has been snowing C. had been snowing D. snowed

5 11. I don’t think he likes you, ____?
A. does he B. doesn’t he C. do I D. don’t I 12.He hasn’t come yet.What do you consider ___ to him? A. to happen B. happens  C. has happened  D. happening 13. I hear Jane has gone to the Holy Island for her holiday. -Oh, how nice! Do you know when she ______ ? A. was leaving B. had left C. has left D. left 14.I’ve won a holiday for two to Florida. I________ my mum. A. am taking B. have taken C. take D. will have taken 15. It’s very kind___ the warmhearted woman___ us out when we were in trouble. A.  of… to help B. of… to have helped C.  for… to help D. for… to have helped

6 16.Once we _____ to do something, you will never hold us back.
A.will make up our minds   B.  make up our minds C. make up our mind   D. made up our minds  17.In summer,the temperature sometimes___ as high as 39℃ A. rises B. rising C. raising D. raises 18. --My father will be here tomorrow Oh, I thought that he _____ today. A. has come  B. is coming  C. had come D. was coming 19. My father_______ to Beijing on business since 1984. A. often goes  B. has often been  C. often went   D. is often going 20.They have just decided that they_________ up the job. A. take B. have taken  C. took   D. won’t take

7 21. —You should have gone to the show with us yesterday
21. —You should have gone to the show with us yesterday. It was very good. —I wish I ______ yesterday off. I’d have gone with you. A. have had  B. had C. have D. had had 22.  _____ last year and is now earning his living as an advertising  agent. (广告推销员) A. He would left school    B. He has left school C. He had left school   D. He left school 23. --Did you write to Grace last summer? --No, but I'll _____ her over Christmas vacation. A. be seen  B. be seeing  C. have seen  D. have been seeing 24. Visitors ____ not to touch the exhibits. A. will request  B. request    C. are requesting  D. are requested 25. Your parents_________ for you everywhere. Go back quickly! A. looked B. are looking C. look D. know

8 26. — Has your sister finished her composition yet. —I have no idea
26. — Has your sister finished her composition yet? —I have no idea. She _____ it this morning. A. wrote        B. has written C. had written           D. was writing 27. —We________ that you would fix the TV set this week. —I’m sorry. I ________ to fix it this week, but I’ve been too busy. A. had expected; had intended B. are expecting; had intended C. expect; intend D. expected; intend 28. -Can I help you,sir? -Yes.I bought this radio here yesterday, but it _________. A. didn't work     B. won't work      C. can't work      D. doesn't work 29.  -What have you done with my knife, Tom? I ____it back in your pencil -box, I remember clearly. A. would put  B.  had put   C. will put  D.  put 30.The number of foreign students attending Chinese universities ________ rising steadily since 1990. A. is B. are C. has been D. have been

9 31. She is a good________. She’s not really crying
31. She is a good________. She’s not really crying. She’s only________ to get your sympathy. A. actress; acting B. actor; acting C. action; active D. activity; actively 32. Father had promised to buy me a toy car,and he _______ get one for me yesterday.  A. had     B. did     C. would     D. does 33. --Sorry, I ________ to post the letter for you. --Not at all. I _________ it myself. A. forgot, will post  B. forgot, posted  C. will forget, will post  D. had forgot, will post 34. According to the art dealer, the painting ________ to go for at least a million dollars. A. is expected B. expects C. expected D. is expecting 35. I enjoy Lu Xun's works, so I _______three of his books. A. have been reading    B. am reading    C. read    D. have read

10 36. --What do you think of the book
36. --What do you think of the book? --Sorry, I have no idea because I __________ . A. didn’t read it   B.  haven’t read it C. didn’t have time to read it   D. hadn’t finished reading it 37. The news came as no surprise to me.I______for some time that  the factory was going to shut down. A. had known B. knew C. have known D. know 38. —Be careful! Your hair might get caught in the machine —Thank you, I _________ I _________ so close to it. A. don’t know…am B. haven’t known…was C. didn’t know…was D. haven’t know…am 39. —Have you known Dr. Jackson for a long time? —Yes, since she____the Chinese Society. A. has joined B. joins   C. had joined  D. joined 40. -You look tired Yes, I ______ non- stop until seven o'clock. A. am working B. was working C. has worked D. had worked

11 41. In the past people ___ work 48 hours a week .
A.  have to  B.  had to C. have had to D.  had had  to 42. —Alice, why didn't you come yesterday? —I _____, but I had an unexpected visitor. A. had    B. would    C. was going to  D. did 43. Don’t get off the bus until it__________. A. has stopped B. stopped C. will stop D. shall stop 44. He said he _____ English for over ten years. A. has been teaching B. taught C. had taught D. was teaching 45. -Why? This is the third time you have missed the lecture! I______ to. I was hurrying to school when something urgent  happened to me. A. don't mean B. didn't mean C. haven't meant  D. hadn't meant

12 46. A Dream of the Red Chamber is said__________ into dozens of languages in the last decade.
A. to have been translated  B. to be translated C. to translate  D. to have translated 47. —How are you today? Oh, I______ as ill as I do now for a very long time. A. didn’t feel  B. wasn’t feeling  C. don’t feel  D. haven’t felt 48. Make sure ____ off the lights before you go to bed. A. you turn     B. to turn  C. turning     D.  your turning 49. John and I ________ friends for eight years. We first got to know each other at a Christmas party. But we________ each other a couple of times before that. A. had been; have seen B. have been; have seen C. had been; had seen D. have been; had seen 50. I _______go on the trip, when it began to rain. A. was to     B. was going to    C. would    D. was about to

13 51. —Do you always have weather like this in May
51. —Do you always have weather like this in May? —Generally it’s much cooler than this. And I can’t remember __ we ____ such a rainy day. A. when; had B. that; were having C. where; had had D. whether; will have 52.-- We haven’t heard from Jane for a long time What do you suppose_________ to her? A. was happening  B. to happen C. has happened  D. having happened 53. —Your phone number again? I _____ quite catch it —It's  A. didn't      B. couldn't C. don't      D. can't 54. —Did you tell Julia about the result? —Oh, no, I forgot. I _____ her now. A. will be calling  B. will call C. call    D. am to call 55.The silence of the library _______ only by the sound of pages  being turned over. A. has been broken  B. breaks C. broke  D. was broken

14 56. —Do you know our town at all
56. —Do you know our town at all? —No, this is the first time I_____ here.           A.  was  B. have been C. came   D.  am coming 57. —Is this raincoat yours? — No , mine _____ there behind the door.     A. is hanging            B. has hung C. hangs   D. hung 58. The new suspension(悬索)bridge___ by the end of last month. A. has been designed B. had been designed C. was designed D. would be designed 59.I thought Jim would say something about his school report, but  he _____ it.   A. doesn't mention       B. hadn't mentioned C. didn't mention        D. hasn't mentioned 60. I______ you not to move my dictionary—now I can't find it. A. asked  B. ask  C. was asking D. had asked

15 61. -Did you go to Dalian for the vacation?
-No, I  _______ to, but I got sick. A. planned       B. have planned     C. would plan       D. had planned 62. The crazy fans ______ patiently for two hours,and they would wait to the movie star arrived. A. were waiting B. had been waiting C. had waited D. would wait 63. Great changes ________ in the city and a lot of factories ________. A. have been taken place; have been set up  B. have taken place; have been set up C. are taken place; are set up D. were taken place; were set up 64.The little girl _________her heart out because she _________her toy  bear and believed she wasn't going to find it. A. had cried; lost B. cried; had lost C. has cried; has lost D. cries; has lost 65. —Is this the last exam we have to take this term? —Yes, but there________ another test three months from now. A. has B. is C. was  D. will be

16 66.Do let your mother know all the truth. She appears __ everything.
A.  to tell   B. to be told C. to be telling  D. to have been told 67.According to the literary review, Shakespeare _______his charities live through their language in his plays. A. will make B. had made C. was making D. makes 68. More patients________ in hospital this year than last year. A. treated B. have treated C. had keen D. have been treated 69. Daniel’s family _________ their holiday in Huangshan this time next week. A. are enjoying  B. are to enjoy C. will enjoy  D. will be enjoying 70. Sales of CDs have greatly increased since the early 1990s, when people________ to enjoy the advantages of this new technology. A. begin  B. began C. have begun D. had begun

17 71. Her sister ____ in bed all day because she had a high fever.
A. lay    B. lie    C. laid    D. lain 72.My eyes are getting tired. I_______ for two hours. I think I'll take a break. A. have read   B. read        C. have been reading  D. am reading 73.By the time he leaves university, he _____ much work experience so long as he takes a part-time job.  A. will have gained     B. has gained  C. may have gained   D. will gain 74. Let’s keep to the point or we__________ any decisions. A. will never reach  B. have never reached C. never reach D. never reached 75. —Alice came back home the day before yesterday. —Really? Where ______ ? A. has she been B. had she been C. has she gone D. had she gone

18 76. He ____ up early since his childhood.
A. used to get B. is used go get C. has been used to get  D. has been used to getting 77. —Hello. Can I speak to Mary, please? —There’s no such person here. This is  —I’m terribly sorry. I think I _____ the wrong number. A.  am dialing  B.  had dialed  C. dialed  D.  have dialed 78.He is said ________ abroad, but we don’t know which country he studied in. A. to study B. to be studying C. to have studied D. studying 79. This is the second time you ____ late this week. A. had arrived  B. arrived    C. have arrived D. arrive 80.You needn’ t hurry her. She _______ it by the time you are ready. A. will finish      B. will have finished C. will have been finishing         D. will be finishing


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