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Polishing your Professional Profile

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1 Polishing your Professional Profile
Kate Daubney, PhD Careers Adviser Authoring a PhD – 2009/2010 Endgame

2 Where are you heading…? What is your next career step?
Academic Non-academic Both… Between the two… All the ‘polishing’ should lead somewhere Time to step back and assess honestly if you are ready to begin applying for jobs

3 Today’s Session Is about: Is not about:
Assessing whether your CV will get you to where you want to be Working out how to improve it and prepare yourself better for your career Is not about: Helping you work out what to do with your life

4 Today’s Topics Reviewing your CV - is it fit for purpose?
Adding value without losing sleep Selling yourself, not your soul

5 Your CV – Fit for purpose?
Take a few minutes to review your CV Jot down a few words to describe how you feel about it What are you proud of? What do you worry about?

6 You and your CV It can be frightening to summarise yourself!
‘But I’m so much more than this’ ‘Have I done so little?’ At this stage, your CV often sets the tone for your professional reputation One size does not fit all – find the layout to suit you

7 General Principles for a CV
Bones not flesh See it through the reader’s eyes What is important to them? What is the first thing they will see? Never send identical CVs out to different jobs Keep the layout clear Dates Qualification/job title before uni/employer Divide relevant and less relevant work experiences if appropriate

8 Academic CV Education Academic work experience Publications
PhD title, supervisor, expected submission or viva date Academic work experience Combined teaching/research if not much Separate research and teaching if possible Publications Published Under review In preparation Conference and seminar presentations Other work experience, language skills, IT etc.

9 Non-Academic CV Skills/Professional Profile Professional Experience
Optional Useful if you have done a lot before your PhD Leads the reader Professional Experience Relevant work experience Or, work experience made relevant Education PhD title, supervisor, expected submission/viva date IT and Language Skills Other Professional Experience Optional Publications, seminars Voluntary work

10 Skills Profile Communications Specialist
Write reports, speeches, press releases for wide range of audiences Experienced spokesman and media liaison… Fundraiser Experienced fundraising strategy developer… Programme Manager Directed outreach programmes for small NGO with international offices Designed and implemented programmes with external accountability… HIV/AIDS, Health and Development Principal expertise drawn from extensive professional experience in Africa Practitioner and researcher…

11 Whatever your career choice
Academic CV length – as long as it takes Non-academic CV length – 2-3 pages max Present information so its relevance is clear When describing a job or experience, show skills as well as achievements

12 For example… Spouse Employment Adviser, Foreign and Commonwealth Office Delivered career guidance in one-to-one and group scenarios Designed and wrote handbooks and web material for guidance purposes Trained employment advisers in other foreign ministries Built international spouse employment network

13 So your CV looks OK, but… What does it actually say about you?
Will employers feel something is missing? Are there gaps you want to fill? Your CV is probably much better than you think! Job specifications are rarely as rigid as they seem Think positively about what you add as a PhD, as opposed to what you are missing

14 Polishing is all that is required
No.1 priority – FINISH YOUR THESIS! Don’t overburden yourself with commitments Small activities can add a lot Allocate limited but regular time out of the week for purposeful activity If your CV needs a lot more added, don’t try to do it all now!

15 So how can you add value without losing sleep?

16 Adding Academic value Teaching Research Public profile
UG dissertation supervision, tutoring Research Seminar/conference presentations outside LSE, including quasi-academic venues Public profile book reviews for journals panels and workshops at think tanks affiliations to research centres memberships of relevant professional/sector associations Build your network of academics

17 Adding Non-Academic value
Find non-academic outlets for your research Translate your work for stakeholders Volunteer or intern with relevant organisations Manage your time carefully though Be clear about what you will gain Build your network Research related and/or professional futures Organisation open days/workshops/visits Knowledge is power!

18 General value Audit your skills – do you need to improve or train in:
IT skills Languages Presentation skills Review, maintain and expand your network Being known almost always helps!

19 Over to you Consider which areas you would like to work on Also:
What opportunities have you already taken to promote yourself professionally? What opportunities have you ignored? What opportunities could you create?

20 Kate who? How do you rate your professional profile at the moment?
Make an inventory of your public identity: Academic Non-academic Social Voluntary

21 Chalk and Cheese How well does that inventory match your career goals?
Are you known academically outside LSE? If you want to set up your own business, do people in your network know? If you want to move into an organisation, how have you shown an interest in them?

22 Selling yourself, not your soul
Work/volunteering/internships are not the only ways to promote what you offer Wealth of public and semi-public events available in all fields The rewards come in your network and your profile Be clear about which ‘you’ is being presented

23 Who am I? Important to have clear ways to describe yourself
‘I am a PhD student’ is not always the best place to start Project a future you – ‘I’m interested in…’ Use the business card activity to frame your skills and expertise

24 Business Card (1) Dr Kate Daubney Writing Research Education
Music in film and popular culture

25 Business Card (2) Kate Daubney Training design & delivery
Professional development in Higher Education

26 Business Card (3) Dr Elsie Graduate Fundraising - Budget management
- Programme delivery - HIV/AIDS in West Africa

27 Over to you Have a go at the business card activity
Try an academic one, and a non-academic one Finding ways to talk about yourself non-academically can help with self-objectivity Translate the business card into ‘introductory sentences’ to use socially and professionally

28 Any Questions? Kate Daubney, PhD & Post-Doc Careers Adviser
1-to-1 appointments, guidance Info for current students > PhD students

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