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Placement Workshop Y2, Sem 2 Professional Practice Module (PPM)

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1 Placement Workshop Y2, Sem 2 Professional Practice Module (PPM)

2 Overview: 20 Credit level 6 module Most aspects done whilst on placement Predominantly distance learning module Helps you to get more out of placement and credit for 'doing a good job' Support from VT and WPS whilst doing the work Module booklet describes requirements in detail Should help with final year!

3 PPM assessment tasks as follows: Placement Portfolio (50%) Compiled predominantly on placement; submitted 1st Monday in December; assessed by VT includes performance reviews and feedback from a post-placement presentation Work Related Written Review (50%) Written on placement; submitted first Monday in September; moderation interview on request; assessed by VT and Uni moderator, with input from WPS

4 PPM Learning Outcomes demonstrate, critically review and reflect on performance skills and training/development opportunities in a real work place setting draw on your experience, the knowledge and experience of others and upon various sources of info to establish a range of career opportunities, organisational structures and employment requirements relevant to your course of study

5 PPM Learning Outcomes (contd) demonstrate effective communication and information retrieval skills and present evidence of in-depth knowledge and understanding in a coherent manner to a specified and agreed format analyse and critically review appropriate information show effective time management, planning and independence whilst seeking and responding to advice

6 Task 1: Placement Portfolio (50%) File of 'evidence', showing development / learning achieved during placement (includes performance review forms and learning plan) guidance on sections / length in booklet; discuss with VT if not clear most info gathered during placement

7 Placement Portfolio (50%) Covers:  description of placement organisation (S1)  synopsis of work activities (S2)  performance reviews (S3)  evidence of breadth of learning (S4)  post-placement oral presentation & feedback (S5)  reflection (S6) company may require a report on your placement - this could be included in Section 4 need to be selective / concise in some areas; show depth / criticality in others

8 Placement Portfolio (50%) confidentiality may be an issue; discuss this with WPS and VT; see guidance in Appendix 1; content should be approved by WPS submit to SHU by 1st Monday in December (but most of it should be completed by Induction Week) assessed by VT, using form 2 portfolio will be returned; may be of use when applying for jobs on graduation

9 Specific items for portfolio performance review (Section 3) oral presentation (Section 5) reflection (Section 6)

10 Performance Review (S3) Why? think about, assess and reflect on performance during placement decide which skill an activity fits in with categorise activities; see where strengths are and how to improve areas of weakness may help to clarify ideas, areas for development, future career paths

11 Performance Review How? review performance 3 times during the year fill in activity sheet during day to day work then transfer to review form get WPS to comment, add skills, suggest areas for development etc. meet with WPS to discuss reviews; should be a 2 way process

12 Performance Review How? mark according to usual Uni mark scheme; need to be realistic! expect to start with low / mid marks and show improvement over the year for this to happen need to work with WPS to develop skills / obtain best marks

13 Performance Review How? Our review system may be new to employers; may need to explain it to them VT will discuss the review system during first visit If you are not sure about the forms, what to include etc etc contact your VT for guidance Forms in booklet and also on Blackboard

14 Performance Review VT will expect ALL reviews to be completed before final visit; final summary form will be completed at final visit This is where your day to day performance and development are assessed Marks often excellent

15 Oral Presentation (S5) post-placement de-briefing presentation made during Induction Week, at SHU audience: VT, other Uni staff (2 or 3 max), fellow students (inc Y2) 10 minute presentation, followed by 5 minutes for questions need to be concise and selective as you will be timed (and stopped!)

16 Oral Presentation will cover placement organisation, overview of work, and reflection on placement experiences try to prepare it whilst still on placement; may be able to 'practice' check confidentiality / sensitivity with WPS VT and Uni moderator(s) will give feedback (using Form 3) which is included in S5 of portfolio

17 Reflection (S6) Final part of your portfolio is a reflection. This is a reflection on the complete placement process and how it has influenced your final year / future career aspirations you will meet with your VT and a small group of students during semester one of your final year to discuss your experiences

18 Task 2: Written Review (50%) In-depth literature review of chosen topic should be completed whilst on placement; WPS will advise on topic, may read drafts etc. majority of work will be done outside of working hours NOT a research project; NOT generating data

19 Written Review (50%) choose topic related to day to day work (but not same) submit 'proposal form' (appendix 2) to VT to get approval (ASAP) collect published info and critically evaluate this need to choose topic which allows critical appraisal not just description

20 Written Review (50%) may use company info and internet but majority of info should be from scientific journals and texts should be in-depth; but only 3000 words assessed on gathering appropriate info; should be up to date follow guidelines in booklet for format etc.

21 Written Review (50%) references should be cited in text using the Harvard method; follow guidelines in booklet or SHUspace / ask VT if not sure submit to SHU by first Monday in September assessed using form 4 by VT and Uni moderator, with input from WPS moderation interview available on request

22 Learning Plan may help with learning / organisation devise own if more appropriate submit as part of portfolio

23 Other points to note..... obligation of WPS finishes at end of placement so get everything finished before leaving majority of academic work will be done outside of working hours; if possible, don't commute long distances or have PT job working extra time is a personal arrangement

24 Any Questions??

25 Reminder: keep applying and updating Jo session on LITS and risk assessment on 19th April 2012

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