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Presenting The OrGano Gold The Next Billion Dollar Opportunity!

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1 Presenting The OrGano Gold The Next Billion Dollar Opportunity!

2 The Right Time Have you ever dreamed of…. Working from the comfort of your home? Sharing more time with your loved ones? Receiving the recognition you deserve? Becoming financially secure? Traveling the world? The Right Place The Right Time The Right Company Your Are at:

3 The Right Business It’s Easy…It’s Coffee…It’s Simple… Es OrGano GOLD

4 Health & Wellness Home-Based Business Weight Loss Internet You can capitalize on these industries at the same time! 5 Powerful Industries Coffee An industry of more than 90 billion dollars per year

5 1 Product:Coffee 2 Ingredient:Ganoderma 3 Founder:Mr. Bernie Chua 3 Components of Success “From the Treasures of the Earth to the People of the Earth”

6 Let’s Talk Coffee Serious coffee drinkers, cannot even start their day without having a cup of caffeine to “wake-up” their brain and body. Coffee is the world’s most popular drink, after water. Coffee is the largest traded commodity in the world, after oil. Coffee industry employs more than 20 million people.

7 Almost everyone you already know is drinking coffee without exception, every day, of every year, and they pay up to $4.00 per cup. Now You Can Show them a Different Kind of Healthier Coffee, that Pays to Drink it! People Drink Coffee 255 Million Coffee Drinkers, in North America. People drink 3 to 4 cups daily. 500 Billion Cups of Coffee per Day.

8 Powerful Ingredient More than 4,000 years of history. Regarded by the Chinese as the "King of Plants" or the “Miracle Herb”, due to its ability to help improve the body's healing capacity, and longevity. With well over 150 antioxidants and phytonutrients Ganoderma Lucidum is the closest thing to nutritional perfection found in nature. Ganoderma Lucidum…

9 Benefits of Ganoderma Ganoderma Lucidum is known by doctors and scientists to help with the following: Oxygenates the body and boosts stamina Provides more energy and vigor Increases brain power Improves quality of sleep Improves blood circulation Reduces allergies & inflammations Strengthens & boosts the immune system Strengthens the organs for the elimination of toxins Rejuvenates and makes you feel younger and more alert

10 Choices of Products W ORLD’S L EADING B RAND OF 100% C ERTIFIED O RGANIC G ANODERMA 100% Satisfaction Guarantee Black Coffee ● Café Latte ● Café Mocha ● Chocolate ● Tea ● Nutritionals

11 Bernie Chua/ Founder Mr. Chua introduced the concept of “Healthier Coffee” and “Ganoderma” to North America on a mass scale. Mr. Chua has exclusive “strategic alliance” agreements with the largest producer of 100% Certified Organic Ganoderma in the World. Decades of business experience. Developed a team of 500,000 members in Direct Sales. Awarded the Direct Sales Company of the Year, for three (3) years in a row in the Pacific Rim (Asia), out of 1,600 companies. Mr. Chua has created the secret formula to develop the BEST TASTING ganoderma coffee!

12 Making History The Foundation of Napoleon Hill (author of the most renowned book in the world) that has created more than one million millionaires; for the first time in history has created a special edition with the exclusive collaboration of OrGano Gold. Think and Grow Rich This is the ONLY edition in the World with the OrGano Gold name. EVERYTHING THE HUMAN MIND CAN CONCEIVE AND BELIEVE CAN BE ACHIEVED. “Napoleon Hill”

13 How You Can Earn Money Ways To Get Paid to Drink and Share the OrGano Gold Healthier Coffee Virtual Cash Machine Where You Can Get Paid Enough Money by Simply Putting Healthier Coffee in Your Cup Every Day.

14 Profit from Retail Sales Earn Money Daily As an OrGano Gold Independent Representative, you can sell your products to Retail Customers personally or through your personalized website. Retail profit is based on a full retail price. You can sell the coffee by the cup or by the box. You earn the difference between your wholesale cost and the retail price. Offices Schools Restaurants Trade Shows Person-to-Person Churches Home Parties Kiosks at the Mall Beauty Salons and Spas Gymnasiums & Health Centers 1 $25 - $40 Retail Profit per Box

15 Fast Track Bonus Make Money Weekly Earn a Fast Track Bonus every time you Personally Enroll New Representatives, based on the Business Pack they purchase to start their OrGano Gold Business. There is No Limit to how many New Representatives you can enroll or how many business packages they purchase. Business Packages You Get Paid - Marketing Associate $ 20.00 - Supervisor $ 30.00 - Consultant $ 80.00 - Gold Pack $150.00 2 Based on personal enrollments.

16 The Power of the Dual Team 1 2 2 4 3 8 4 16 5 32 6 64 7 128 8 256 9 512 10 1,024 11 2,048 12 4,096 Number of Coffee Months Drinkers 4,096 People x $50 cv (commissionable vol.) $204,800 cv x 20% Dual Team Commission You Do The Math! “Giving out Samples is the Best Method to Market the Coffee using the Four Simple Questions” Left DUAL TEAM Right YOU

17 Marketing Associate 10% Up to $500 weekly Make Money Weekly Dual Team Bonus Earn money with only two personally enrolled representatives - one person on your Left Side and one on your Right Side of Your Dual Team. 3 Supervisor 10% Up to $1,000 weekly Consultant 15% Up to $1,500 weekly Sapphire Consultant 20% Up to $5,000 weekly Ruby Consultant 20% Up to $10,000 weekly Emerald Consultant 20% Up to $15,000 weekly Diamond Consultant 20% Up to $50,000 weekly Gold Pack Consultant 20% Up to $2,500 weekly Left DUAL TEAM Right YOU Up to 20% of your Dual Team Volume Up to $50,000 Commission per Week (to an unlimited depth in sales volume) Up to $200,000 Commission per Month

18 Unilevel Residual Bonus Make Money Monthly from Re-Orders This is the heart of Your Lifetime Residual Income! Up to a total of 29% monthly unilevel commission bonuses from product re-orders generated in your organization within seven levels in depth. Dynamic Compression… Additional money for you, to even deeper than seven levels. This Unilevel Bonus is in ADDITION to the Fast Track Bonus and the Dual Team Bonus. YOU 5% 4% 3% 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 4

19 Make Money by Helping Others This is the Power of Teamwork! Help others on your Team make money and you can Earn Up to 500% of Your Unilevel Commission! Earn 20% of the Unilevel Commissions earned by your Personally Enrolled representatives. Earn an additional 3 levels of Matching Bonus at 10% of Unilevel Commissions within three (3) additional levels in your organization! This Unilevel Matching Bonus is in ADDITION to the Fast Track Bonus, Dual Team Bonus and Unilevel Bonus. Unilevel Matching Checks 5

20 Generational Bonus Make Money Developing Leaders Welcome to the World of Exponential Growth! Earn up to a total of 14%, to as many as Four (4) Generations of leadership, as soon as you reach the level of Sapphire and above, and as you develop more leaders at the Sapphire level and above within your organization. In some instances, you may be paid an infinite number of levels! This Generational Bonus is in ADDITION to the Fast Track Bonus, Dual Team Bonus, Unilevel Bonus and Unilevel Matching Bonus. 6

21 Executive Bonus Pool Make Money Earning Shares This Executive Bonus Pool is in ADDITION to ALL the other previously mentioned Bonuses. 3% Reaching for the Stars has its own rewards! Three percent (3%) of OrGano Gold’s total Worldwide Unilevel Commissionable Volume (CV) will be shared by qualified Ruby, Emeralds, and Diamond Consultants and above. Shares are earned monthly and once calculated, they are paid quarterly. 12.5% 25% 62.5% RubyEmerald Diamond and Above 7

22 Systems for Success FREE Personalized Website Daily Conference Calls Nationwide Events and Trainings Any person can develop a successful business sharing Healthier Coffee, using the Systems for Success of OrGano Gold.

23 How to Start with OrGano Gold 4 Business Packs Representative Wholesale Promotional Price ofDual Team Unilevel Matching PacksBusiness PacksBonusResidual Bonus Bronze Silver $499.00 Assortment of OG Products 15% Up to $1,500/weekly 5% + 5% + 5% 3 Levels of Residual Income 10% Gold $1,295.00 Assortment of OG Products 20% Up to $2,500/weekly 5% + 5% + 5% 3 Levels of Residual Income 20% $199.00 Assortment of OG Products 10% Up to $500/weekly 5% + 5% + 5% 3 Levels of Residual Income $49.00 Samples of OG Coffee --- _ _ _

24 The Decision is Yours Your financial success depends on your work and results. Welcome to our Team and Let’s Work Together for Your Success! We have Systems for Success with excellent Tools and Trainings for every person that desires to succeed. Option 1: Buy your coffee today as a Retail Customer and enjoy a Healthier Coffee. Option 3: Select Your Business Pack and Start Earning Money. Disclaimer: There is no guarantee of income. Individual results may vary and are subject to performance. Option 2: Become a Preferred Customer and purchase your coffee wholesale.

25 Our Target: To Capture 1% of North America’s market of coffee drinkers, within 3 years. To Generate $125 million dollars in sales per month. To Share $62.5 million dollars in commissions per month with our Team Members! You Are Invited to Join Our Team and Share With Us the Upcoming Financial Success! You Are Invited

26 4 Steps of Basic Training Escriba y defina sus metas. Siga el plan. Tome acción. “Where could you be tomorrow, if today you take action and start your own business?” 2. Build a List of Contacts ● 50 Coffee Drinkers ● 50 Business Builders ● Get Customers now with the Script ● Learn the 4 Questions of the Script 1. Be Product of the Product ● Get yourself a Testimony ● Set yourself on the proper Autoship ● Buy 2 Boxes of Coffee (Black & Latte ) 3. Book 4 Coffee Jazz Mixers ● At your home or office ● At a restaurant ● At a hotel 4. Plug into a Proven System ● 18 Month Commitment ● Weekly Opportunity Mixers ● Business Training ● Leadership Calls

27 The 4 Questions 1. Do you or anyone you know drink coffee or tea, at least occasionally? 2. How do you drink your coffee? (black or with cream and sugar?) 3. What brand do you like the best? (Starbucks, Tim Horton's, Maxwell House, Folgers, etc) 4. When was the last time (name of company) sent you a check for drinking their coffee? Show them the “sample/sachet” and say: “This is the Coffee that Pays You!” Before giving them a sample say: I would like to give you a sample, and I will follow up after you drink the coffee to get two pieces of information from you: 1. How you liked the taste? 2. How it made you feel? What is the best time to call you so you can tell me how you liked it? In the morning or afternoon? Follow Up: Within 24 hours call them up and make sure you ask the two questions: 1.How did they like the taste? 2.How did it make them feel? If they liked the taste and it made them feel good you tell them: “I can get more coffee for you…. Would you like to buy it at Retail, Wholesale of FREE?” (Don’t speak until they answer this question) Tip: Don’t talk about the business with them unless they ask. When they start having others ask for the products from them, then share with them the business side. KEEP IT SIMPLE. “If you keep doing what you always have done you will keep getting what you always got.”

28 Coffee Sales Script "Hello,__________________ (name of your friend or family member). Small talk for a few seconds, then get to the purpose of the call (to sell COFFEE). "_____________(name of your friend or family member), the reason for my call is that I just started a Healthy Beverage business and we launched it with three flavors of Healthier Coffee and I need your help. I would like to have you as one of my first preferred customers by buying a box or two of coffee from me. If you like the coffee I will show you how to get it at wholesale, but if you don't like it, I will never ask you to buy from my company again. Will you help me out by buying a box or two of Coffee?" They will ask how much does it cost and you tell them: "It's only $30 Retail per box for the Black and Latte (cream and sugar) and $36 a box for the Mocha. If you like it, I will show you how to get it at wholesale from then on. How many boxes would you like to buy and help me out?“ Take the order and then ask for referrals. ** Always ask for who else do they know who drinks Coffee or Tea at least occasionally that you can share the products with. Once they give you referrals that buy, then tell them that you will give them a discount the next time they decide to purchase from you. “The Success of Your Life is Within Your Daily Routine”

29 To receive more information about OrGano Gold, please contact the person who shared with you this Business Overview. The reproduction of this information is totally prohibited without the approval of 3KMG. This information has being produced by Independent Representatives of OrGano Gold. © All Rights Reserved. Are You Ready to Be the Next… Coffee Millionaire? The Team Leaders of OrGano Gold and 3KMG Are Prepared to Help You Succeed. Welcome and We Shall See You at the Top!

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