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“Bringing the Treasures of the Earth the People of the Earth”

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1 “Bringing the Treasures of the Earth the People of the Earth”

2 The Right Business It’s Easy It’s Simple It’s Coffee It’s ORGANO GOLD!

3 You can capitalize on all these industries
5 Powerful Industries You can capitalize on all these industries at the same time. Health & Wellness Weight Loss Home-based Business Coffee Internet

4 The 3 Components of Success
1. Product: Coffee 2. Exclusive Ingredient: % Organic Ganoderma 3. Leadership: Founder/C.E.O., Mr. Bernie Chua

5 Let’s Talk Coffee Coffee is not a Luxury... It’s a Necessity.
Coffee is the world’s most consumed drink next to water. Coffee is the largest traded commodity in the world next to oil.

6 People Drink Coffee Now you can offer people a Healthier Coffee and
Coffee is consumed in every country in the world. 255 Million Coffee Drinkers in North America alone. Half a Billion Cups of Coffee consumed per day in North America. People drink 3 to 5 cups daily and some people pay up to $4.00 per cup. Now you can offer people a Healthier Coffee and Earn Money every time they drink it.

7 nutritional perfection found in nature.
Exclusive and Powerful Ingredient 100% Certified Organic Ganoderma Lucidum More than 4,000 years of history, originally reserved for “Royalty”. Regarded by the Chinese as the “King of Herbs” or the “Miracle Herb,” because of its ability to help improve the body's healing capacity, and longevity. With well over 150 antioxidants and phytonutrients, Ganoderma Lucidum is the closest thing to nutritional perfection found in nature.

8 Miracle of Ganoderma Ganoderma Lucidum
is known around the world to help with the following: ● Oxygenates the body ● Provides more energy and vigor ● Natural body detoxification ● Supports quality of sleep ● Supports circulation ● Supports the immune system ● Promotes health and longevity

9 The Organo Gold Difference
Organo Gold is partnered with one of the largest Ganoderma producers in the world. Globally recognized for its patented preparation method in cultivating the world’s leading brand of 100% Certified Organic Ganoderma. Patent on Ganoderma Lucidum Products & Preparation Method (Patent Number ZL )

10 Building for the Future
Organo Gold and its partners celebrated the groundbreaking of their $240 million Gano Herb Industrial Park, making it the largest in the world. Dedicated to maximizing the potential of Ganoderma with an ever expanding product line.

11 OG Products People Love

12 Visionary Leader Mr. Bernie Chua - CEO/Founder dedicated to your success. His mission-humble, yet powerful. “Bring the Treasures of the Earth to the People of the Earth.” Introduced the concept of “Healthier Coffee” and “Ganoderma” to North America. Developed a team of 500,000 members in Direct Sales. Mr. Chua has created and developed the secret formula to the World’s BEST TASTING Gourmet Healthier Coffee!

13 History Finds A Home Think and Grow Rich “Think and Grow Rich.”
Organo Gold is proud to have the first ever, exclusive strategic collaboration with the Napoleon Hill Foundation and its renowned World Learning Center. This historic collaboration is celebrated with an exclusive Organo Gold edition of the reputed millionaire-maker… “Think and Grow Rich.” All proceeds go to the Napoleon Hill World Learning Center

14 7 Ways To Get Paid Share the ORGANO GOLD
Start Earning Money Today 7 Ways To Get Paid Share the ORGANO GOLD Product Line and Income Opportunity

15 #1 Daily Retail Sales Earn 50% - 100% Retail Profit
As an ORGANO GOLD Independent Representative you can sell your products to Retail Customers personally or through your personalized website. Your Retail Customers Non-Profit Organizations Special Events Schools Coffee & Jazz Mixer Salons and Spas Mall Kiosk Gyms & Health Centers Person-to-Person Fundraisers ● You Buy Wholesale ● You Sell Retail ● You Keep 100% of The Profits

16 Product Pack Fast Start Bonuses
#2 Fast Track Bonus Make Money Weekly Earn a Fast Track Bonus every time you Personally Enroll New Representatives, based on the Product Pack they purchase to start their Organo Gold Business. Product Pack Fast Start Bonuses Bronze Product Pack $ $ Bonus Silver Product Pack $ $ Bonus Gold Product Pack $1, $ Bonus

17 The Power of the Dual Team
Coffee Drinkers 2 4 8 16 32 64 128 256 512 1,024 2,048 4,096 4,096 People x $50 CV (Commissionable volume.) $204,800 CV x 20% Dual Team Commission YOU DO THE MATH! Month 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

18 #3 Dual Team Bonus Make Money Weekly
Marketing Associate Supervisor Consultant Gold Pack Consultant Sapphire Consultant Ruby Consultant Emerald Consultant Diamond Consultant 10% Up to $500 weekly 10% Up to $1,000 weekly 15% Up to $1,500 weekly 20% Up to $2,500 weekly 20% Up to $5,000 weekly 20% Up to $10,000 weekly 20% Up to $15,000 weekly 20% Up to $20,000 weekly Start earning money with only two personally enrolled. One on your Left Side and one on your Right Side. *Dual Team Volume is calculated on all Product Pack purchases and First Time orders.

19 More Ways To Earn… 4. Uni-Level Bonus - Monthly
This is the heart of Your Lifetime Residual Income! Earn a residual Unilevel commissions from product re-orders generated in your organization up to nine levels deep. % % 5. Unilevel Matching Bonus - Monthly % % 6. Generational (Leadership) Bonus - Monthly % % % 7. Global Bonus Pool - Quarterly % %

20 Systems for Success Nationwide events and training
FREE personalized website

21 Select a Product Pack Dual Team Bonus $49 OG Distributor Kit N/A
$199 Bronze Product Pack 10% up to $500/week $499 Silver Product Pack 15% up to $1,500/week $1,295 Gold Product Pack 20% up to $2,500/week

22 Join Today Retail Customer: Preferred Customer: Build Your Business:
Buy your coffee today as a Retail Customer and enjoy a Healthier Coffee. Preferred Customer: Purchase your coffee Wholesale & we can show you how to get it for FREE. Build Your Business: Select Your Product Pack & Start Earning Money.

23 Share in Our Success Our Target: You are invited to join our
To Capture 1% of North America’s market of coffee drinkers, within 3 years. To Generate $125 million dollars in sales per month. To Share $62.5 million dollars in commissions per month with our Team Members. You are invited to join our Worldwide OG Family and Share Our Success.


25 4 Steps To Success 1. Be Product of the Product
Submit you testimonial within 48hrs Set yourself on the proper Auto-ship Purchase 2 Boxes of Coffee (Black & Latte ) 3. Book For Coffee Jazz Mixers At your home or office 4. Plug into a Proven Success System 18 Month Commitment Weekly CJM’s (see step 3) Business Training Leadership Calls 2. Build a List of Contacts 50 Coffee Drinkers 50 Business Builders Learn the 4 Questions of the Script Get Customers now with the Script

The 4 Questions Do you or anyone you know drink coffee or tea at least occasionally? How do you drink your coffee? (black or with cream and sugar) What’s your favorite brand? (Starbucks, Tim Horton's, Folgers, etc.) When was the last time (name of company) sent you a check for drinking or referring their coffee? (PAUSE AND WAIT FOR THEIR ANSWER… LET THEM ANSWER)

27 The 4 Questions Show them the “sample/sachet” and say:
“This is the Coffee that Pays You!” Before giving them a sample say: I would like to give you a sample and I will follow up after you drink the coffee to get two pieces of information from you: How you liked the taste? How it made you feel? What is the best time to call you so you can tell me how you liked it? In the morning or afternoon?

28 Quick Start Retail Customer Script
"Hello,__________________ (name). Small talk for a few seconds, then get to the purpose of the call (to sell COFFEE). “I NEED YOUR HELP, __________ (name) "_____________(name), I just started my own coffee business and we launched it with three flavors of Coffee Black, Latte, and Mocha. Can you buy a box or two from me ONE TIME? If you like the coffee I can show you how to get it at wholesale, if you don't like it, I will never ask you to buy from me again. Would you like one box or two?"

29 Are you ready to be the next....
Coffee Millionaire?

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