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Mrs. Compton’s Sixth Grade

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1 Mrs. Compton’s Sixth Grade
Curriculum Night 2012/2013 While we wait for 7:00, please make sure you have signed in at the back counter, and signed up for a conference time. Thank you… Mrs. Compton’s Sixth Grade

2 A few of my favorite quotes...
“As a teacher or parent, you will rarely get more than you expect from a child, so set your expectations high.” Author Unknown “How high is high? Let’s give our children a chance to soar beyond our wildest dreams.” Mrs. Compton

3 Meet Mrs. Compton; Why Do I Teach?
My career background was business marketing and management, which involved extensive travel and time. I became a mom and needed a very different career. So, I became a teacher because I love children and felt I could make a difference in the world by educating and mentoring children to their full potential. I have continued my education to include a Masters in Education and an Administration credential, yet really just love teaching. So, here I am…

4 Standards Based Program
I will be passing around the math and language arts standards check-off lists I use throughout the school year for your perusal. Please review, sign, and return.

5 Classroom Helpers Needed
Copy parents Egyptian Mask Parents Field Trips

6 General Daily Schedule
8:05 - 8:15: Check in, Roll & Warm Up (Grammar/Math) 8:30 – 10:05: Language Arts 8:15 to 9:30: Writer’s Workshop Focus (Wed. Morning) 9: :05: Grammar and Conventions (Library W.) Reading daily (alternates between Anthology/Lit.) 10: :25: Recess 10:25 – 11:40: Mathematics (Art Wednesdays) 11: :15: Science (MTW) Literature (TuTh) 12: :45: Lunch 12:45-1:015: Soc. Studies/DEAR/Literature/Music 1:15-2:05: P.E. (T, F) Soc. Studies (M, W) Black = Core 2:05-2:10: Clean up/Pack up/Dismissal 2:10: Dismissal

7 Special Section Schedule
Tests: Reading, Vocabulary, and Spelling will usually be on Fridays. Other subjects vary. Homework Thursdays: Primarily studying for exams. Please consider study time for exams as regular homework on Thursdays; to include a practice spelling test signed by a parent or guardian, and verbal vocabulary quiz. Math tests may fall on different days, so please check web page/SchoolLoop for upcoming exams. Weekly art or special science lesson taught on Wednesdays after morning recess. (Teacher prep. period) Music & Band programs may require class pull out or schedule adjustments on Monday or Tuesday after lunch. Library visits every other Wednesday at 9:30.

8 Language Arts Reading Writing
Literature studies and reports AR goals/grade Class novels (The Phantom Tollbooth, The Hobbit.Holes, The Giver, etc...) California Treasures Language Arts Anthology, 6th Grade Writing Writing proficiency Narrative (Personal & Fictional) Expository Persuasive Biography Summary Spelling (Leveled, using an assortment of resources.) Grammar (Leveled, using an assortment of resources.)

9 Math Glencoe/McGraw-Hill Textbook.
Leveled groups and differentiated work accomplished by switching classes. Chapter tests, mid-chapter tests & lesson quizzes common. Homework counts for points, but not excessively. Used as incentive… Benchmark Exams each trimester are now on report card.

10 Science “Holt Earth Science” textbook with assorted hard copy and web based resources. Less time than Social Studies this year Supplemented strongly with field trips Science Fair Science Report and Presentation Cross-curricular focus with writing and reading programs. Incorporates technology standards.

11 Social Studies, Ancient Civilizations
New History Alive Program Building a comprehensive portfolio Project based learning Online text/account for each child Will include role-play, technology, art, investigations, collaboration, and study. Textbook will be used for support, research, summarization writing, and a few exams.

12 PE Every Tuesday and Friday Wear comfortable clothes and shoes
Exercise, run, and activity PE is graded this year! Effort essential! Focus on learning team sports correctly & understanding importance of fitness. Unit teacher switches (Ms. Sutton & Ms. Shirley)

13 Field Trips! The trips and their prospective costs
will be reviewed during The 6th Grade presentation.

14 Grading Academic Grades: A % A % A % B % B % B % C % C % C % D % D % D % F % All grades will be posted on SchoolLoop to allow for an ongoing progress report and assignment list. Final report card grade may be slightly different based upon my standards based assessments.

15 Homework Assorted Subjects assigned Monday - Thursday (Math sometimes Friday) Read 30 min., log update daily, collected rarely. (Don’t get behind.) Various projects (Book reports, Research Reports, Unit Projects)

16 Homework Policy All students are responsible for turning in their own homework on time. No late homework will be accepted (except with excused absences.) Homework will usually be posted on SchoolLoop daily, yet should also be written in the students’ agenda. If the updates do not publish promptly, please check back later that evening or use agenda. Each homework assignment may be worth five points. Incomplete work will be given 2.5 points, and late work will receive 0 points. Even if homework is not turned in, it should still be completed prior to an exam covering the material. Homework may not be given points based upon teacher’s discretion. This work should not influence standards based grading policy. Incorrect homework does not lose points unless it obviously reflects lack of effort. Help is available in class, after class on most days, from peers through SchoolLoop, etc. On math assignments, students must show their work to receive credit.

17 At-Home Strategies Designate a quite place for homework to be completed where all needed materials are located. Have a specific time designated for homework completion. Organize backpack the night before school.

18 Portfolios What goes in the portfolio? Work goes behind the divider
All Vocabulary Papers Writing Resources Most Special Projects Reading Journals All final draft writing not on display Anything the children are proud to save and display Work goes behind the divider No loose papers

19 Student Responsibility
Each student is expected to: Be prepared Show Respect and Responsibility Use their best judgment Take care of each other and the classroom Be accountable

20 Agenda contract needs parent’s signature please! (turn in tomorrow)
We are trying to teach children to be responsible, so “no excuses” are accepted for forgotten materials, or unfinished work, etc. If your child cannot keep up with homework or class-work, please request a conference to discuss special needs or accommodations. No work will be accepted late without a parent note and signature explaining the emergency situation.

21 In-class Consequences
“Here to Learn” Chart On “Red” at end of week consequences. Citation sent home for parent’s signature Possible behavior action plan Modified program Loss of “Special Privileges” and AAA Day celebrations

22 School Wide Consequences
Yellow procedure ticket Purple Citation Referral (in triplicate)

23 Class Jobs and Rewards The students rotate around the job chart, and learn each responsibility. Each table has a captain each week that can earn a reward. Tables compete each week for points to receive a reward or a homework pass. Five homework passes can be traded in for a special prize. AAA days (Academic Accountability Academy.)

24 Testing and Other Important Events
Benchmark exams in Math & Language arts each trimester are now on the report card. Writing Proficiency (also on report card.) STAR testing Speech Contest January (Mid) Science Fair March (Mid)

25 Bi-Weekly Progress Reports
Bi-weekly Progress Reports are attached to work folders. Missing assignments and behavior are indicated Reports must be signed and returned with the signed folder

26 Friday Folders.... Work graded and eligible to be sent home.
Forms from school Papers requiring parent signature Occasionally, a test or pre-assessment that will need to be reviewed, signed, and then returned for teacher’s permanent file.

27 We are A SMARTboard Classroom with a Full Smart Response System!
Special interactive lesson formats. Huge improvement in engagement level of students. New strategies at our fingertips. Internet and film available with a few finger movements. Kids love it! Meets the needs of children that need to move. Meets the needs of the visual learner. Prepares students for the future. Interacts with Smart Response System.

28 Classroom Budget Donations
Thank you so much to the parents who have already given financial support... Wow!!! Matsumoto parents are amazing! We promise to spend every penny during this school year so that your children receive the full benefit. Sincere thanks for the help with classroom supplies like tissue, printer paper, soap, and binder paper.

29 Classroom Helpers... Thank you parents for the generous donations!
Thank you to the parents who are willing to help with copies this year. We have a Project Cornerstone parent.  Mrs. Tarver Field trip chaperones are always welcome and usually we can invite at least three parents. Helpers for special art projects (like the upcoming Egyptian mask project) will be needed. Parents who are willing to take home papers for grading are also a great support.

30 Communication Phone between 2:40 and 4:00
SchoolLoop daily which includes progress Web page news and notes Mid-trimester progress reports Trimester report cards - Phone between 2:40 and 4:00 Monday - Friday (meetings may have me away from desk)

31 Before you leave…. Have a nice evening and I’ll see you all soon.
I want to thank you for your attention this evening. Sorry this was so rushed, but the whole 6th grade presentation will be very informative. Now. Lets quickly move into the forum for the 6th grade rules, expectations and School Loop information so I have time to set-up the computer. Have a nice evening and I’ll see you all soon.

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