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3.07 Performance Indicators

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1 3.07 Performance Indicators
B. Explain the relationship between customer service and channel management. D. Describe the use of technology in the channel management function.

2 Explain how customer service facilitates order processing.
Ensures timely delivery of products Effective communication is important Order processing Correct shipping information Correct products Handling complaints Reducing the probability of complaints Nice and friendly people

3 Identify actions that customer service can take to facilitate order processing.
EX. In retail selling, bag the merchandise with care. Products such as glassware may require individual wrapping before bagging. Work quickly to bag your customer’s merchandise and complete the payment process. EX. In business-to-business sales, complete the paperwork quickly and leave a business card.

4 Actions to Facilitate Order Processing
Customer Warehouse Call Center Online Order Inventory Check Items in Stock? No, Customer Notified of Backorder Yes, Item Packed for Shipment Accounts Receivable Processes Payment Item Shipped Actions to Facilitate Order Processing

5 Describe the role of customer service in following up on orders.
Following up with your customers after the sale is an important part of providing good customer service. Should customer have questions or problems it is your duty to make sure they have a positive experience with your company.

6 Use of Technology in Distribution.
Some businesses have the capacity to distribute most or all of their products through the internet e-commerce: Products are sold to customers and industrial buyers through the Internet. (e- marketplace) Satellite tracking = a dispatcher has current knowledge of a delivery truck’s location and destination

7 Use of Technology in Distribution. (cont.)
Tracking of package Bar coding on package Package scanned at transition points in distribution chain Customer uses internet to follow package along distribution chain; may be used Global distribution: in some countries the postal service is not reliable; package tracking facilitates global trade

8 Use of Technology in Distribution. (cont.)
Problems Cost of technology Changing technology = updating equipment Need for compatible systems within and between businesses & countries

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