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WELCOME WORLD TRAVELERS…. Why is Social Studies important?

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1 WELCOME WORLD TRAVELERS…. Why is Social Studies important?

2 WARM UP:  Answer on the notecard provided:  What do you think we will be learning about this year?  Why is it important for you to learn social studies?

3 WHAT IS SOCIAL STUDIES?  “Social studies is a term used to describe the study of the various fields which involve past and current human behavior and interactions. Rather than focus on any one topic, social studies provides an overview of humans in the past and present. It includes history, geography and other areas of study”  Partner work  Rewrite the definition of Social Studies in your own words on the white board  Group Work Expectations (Remember Collab. Skills)

4 WHAT IS GEOGRAPHY?   On your white board answer the following questions while you watch the video:  What is geography?  Why is it important?  Class Share-Out  “The study of the earth and its features and of the distribution of life on the earth, including human life and the effects of human activity.”

5 COOPERATIVE LEARNING SKILLS FOCUS  How to disagree in an agreeable way:  “I would like to respectfully disagree with NAME because…”  Encouraging others and expressing appreciation  “I like that idea” “Nice job” “Thank you” “We are an awesome team”

6 READING TIME--  Try to think of a connection, main idea, or question as you follow along as I read this passage.

7 GROUP WORK  [This is not a real scenario] In a school district somewhere in NC, school officials have decided to get rid of Social Studies classes to help with budget problems. It will be your group’s task to create a poster advocating the importance of Social Studies.  Supplies: Poster, markers, crayons, texts for evidence, white boards & expo markers  Remember to keep in mind the Cooperative Skills  Use the article to help you!

8 GROUP PRESENTATIONS  How to Present to the Class… › 1. Speak clearly, loudly, and specifically about your group’s information. › 2. Look at the class and reference props, visuals or materials. › 3. Hold hands to the side or use to point at props or visuals.  How to listen to a Presentation › 1. Give your attention, eyes and respect to the speaker. › 2. Take notes on the information. › 3. Ask questions at the end of the presentation with a raised hand. › 4. Give applause to express appreciation.

9 EXIT TICKET  Tear a sheet of paper in half and share with a friend.  Put your name at the top and answer the following questions:  What is the importance of Social Studies in your education?  How would you encourage others in your group?  How would you disagree in an agreeable way?  How would you grade your team members on your group work today?  Name of Member Grade Why?  Class Discussion

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