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Cooperative Learning An Introduction to Working Together.

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1 Cooperative Learning An Introduction to Working Together

2 What is the most efficient way to assemble a puzzle?

3 Group Names How many pieces are connected? ______________

4 Cooperative Groups All of us are smarter than one of us

5 Team Leader You encourage the group to stay on task You make sure that everyone in the group participates and is heard You direct quiet discussion You ask the teacher for help Sound bites: Thats interesting, but lets get back to our work. Lets hear from ____ next. Do you think its time to ask the teacher for help?

6 Materials Manager You pick up and pass out all materials. You manage the use of materials. You keep track of all materials. You return all materials. Sound bites: Ill get the materials that we will need. We need to collect everything to clean up. I will return all of our materials until the next investigation.

7 You record the groups data. You write the groups answers. You describe methods of solutions. You present the groups finished work to the class. (orally or written). Sound bites: What are the important things that I should write? How would you like me to say that? Recorder/Reporter

8 Reader/Time Keeper You read information and directions for the group. You keep track of the time. You check to see that all work is finished. Sound bite: Listen and I will read the direction for what we are going to do. "We only have five minutes left. Lets see if we finished by then.

9 What is My Job? We are going to complete a jigsaw puzzle. Team Leader: 1.Discuss a plan with you group 2.Get everyone to share ideas 3.Encourage everyone to help by following the plan 4.Help your team to evaluate your work Materials Manager: 1.Keep all pieces on the table 2.Return all pieces to the box 3.Return the box to the materials supply area Recorder/Reporter: 1.Write everyones ideas on the Puzzle-ing planning sheet 2.Share the ideas with the big group when asked 3.Tell how your group worked together Reader/Time Keeper: 1.Read Puzzle-ing record sheet directions 2.Keep the group on task to finish on time Evaluation: How well did we do? Group Activity:Learning our Jobs by Completing a Puzzle Group & Interpersonal Skill Beginning Skill - Use first names – PT Help and Encourage Others Basic Skill - Organize group work – PT Everyone Participates Advanced Skill - Solve problems – PT Complete Tasks Cooperative Learning Planning Sheet

10 Group & Interpersonal Skills for Today Beginning Working in a Group ~ Use first names Basic Working with Other Members ~ Organize group work Advanced 1.Maintaining Good Working Relationships ~Solve Problems

11 Beginning Working in a Group Look at the speaker Use first names Talk in a soft voice (inside voice, 12 voice) Share ideas Take turns Listen to others Share materials Stay with the group Help others, so they can do things on their own Keep hands to self (touch nicely) Positively reinforce others (No put downs) Basic Working with Other Members Organize group work Ask questions Ask questions clearly Ask for help Check with others Encourage others Use supportive statements with others Use praise Summarize Communicate using: I statements Active Listening Paraphrasing Advanced Maintaining Good Working Relationships Perspective – taking Paraphrase Describe feelings Describe behavior (not the person) Differentiate ideas Criticize ideas (not people) Integrate ideas (put together ideas) Solve Problems Reach Consensus Cooperative Learning Group & Interpersonal Skills

12 Group Names How many pieces are connected? ______________

13 What we already know _________________ ____________________________________ This is what we plan to do: Our Plan 1: 1.__________________________________ 2.__________________________________ 3.__________________________________ 4.__________________________________ 5.__________________________________ How may pieces are connected?__________ How well did we follow our plan? _____________________________________ _____________________________________

14 What Next? Can what we know help us to design a better plan? This is what we plan to do now. Our Plan 2: ______________________________________ Number of pieces connected ________________ We connected more pieces when we _______________________________________ _______________________________________

15 Some Conclusions… If Then Because ______________________ _______________________

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