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3 Why Learn About Careers in SEM? If you love watching or playing sports, Going to concerts or fairs, Planning meetings for school clubs You might be interested in pursuing a career in sport or event marketing. 1. Fast-paced, fun, and can be very rewarding 2. Great number of career paths 3. Accessible to people with different talents and Interests

4 Identify Types of Businesses that offer Careers in Sports/Event Marketing Teams (College, Professional, Amateur) Venues (Coordination & Sales) Sports Agencies Parks & Rec Departments Private Businesses Sporting Goods Industry (Retail, Sales, B2B) Technology (Websites, Apps, Research) Media (Radio, TV, Magazines) Event Planning Fitness Industry Agents Marketing (Marketing Research, Sales) Public Relations (Taylor) Charities Convention and Visitors Hospitality Services And many, many more….And many, many more….

5 CAREERS in SPORT MARKETING Mr. Dawson working at Charlotte Motor Speedway in public relations.

6 Careers in Sports Marketing 1. Advertising 2. Sales 3. Ticket management 4. Market research and development 5. Promotions 6. Merchandising 7. Public relations 8. Media relations 9. Community relations

7 Job responsibilities in sport marketing

8 Director of Marketing Responsibilities 1. In charge of all marketing efforts 2. Oversees marketing sub- departments 3. Creates marketing budget for the organization 4. Allocates money to all the directors working beneath him/her

9 Advertising Design and create copy and illustrations for print, broadcast and social media Examples include: A. Designing a billboard ads B. Creating ads to attract new YMCA members

10 Advertising Sales A. Selling ad space in a team’s game-night programs B. Selling verbal ads to be broadcast over the public-address system at games C. Selling ad space on the jumbo scoreboard

11 Ticket sales A. Corporate sales Selling private suite boxes to businesses B. Group sales Suite boxes or seats sold to social groups or organizations C. Season ticket sales Selling season or “full membership” tickets to individuals or companies Side note: This is an easy way to get into sports.

12 Ticket Management 1. Responsible for the entire ticket-office staff 2. Allocates tickets to their proper outlets 3. Keeps detailed ticket sales records -Nick Skrabalak Director of Ticket Sales at Charlotte Motor Speedway Adjunct Professor at Wingate University

13 MARKET RESEARCH and DEVELOPMENT The systematic gathering, recording, and analyzing of data about a specific issue, situation or concern and use that data to create and implement (to accomplish)plans. This allows organizations to: 1. Identifies new markets 2. Develop plans to enter new markets

14 PROMOTIONS 1. Sales promotion 2. Advertising promotion 3. In-game promotions attempts to communicate with and entertain fans during an event. a. Mascot races, Kiss Cam, 4. Walk-in promotions a. When you walk in the venue you receive a free hat, T-shirt or poster giveaways

15 PUBLIC RELATIONS 1. Media relations a. Distributes information to the media b. Write press releases c. Develop media guides d. Organize press conferences e. Manage press box

16 PUBLIC RELATIONS CONT. 2. Community relations a. Develops relationships with local community b. Plan sport camps and clinics c. Plan community nights at games and events d. Schedule public appearances for athletes and coaches e. Respond to fan mail


18 Comparing Sports & Event Marketing Similarities Depth and Breath of fields Employees with a variety of skills and interests Social media will continue to be very important in the future Differences Event Marketing has broader scope More job opportunities in Event Marketing Event Marketing focuses more of business and corporate sponsorships

19 HOSPITALITY 1. Coordinating travel schedules a. Flights b. Airport shuttles 2. Reserving hotel rooms 3. Arranging meals 4. Arranging entertainment 5. Welcoming guests as they arrive 6. Passing out important papers and schedules 7. Directing foot traffic

20 SPONSORSHIP MANAGEMENT 1. Securing corporate sponsors for events 2. Securing events for corporate sponsors by: a. Helping them find events to sponsor that reach their target audience b. Helping them find events to sponsor that are a good fit with their marketing goals

21 Volunteer and vendor coordination 1. Volunteer coordination a. Delegate responsibilities b. Assign workers where needed 2. Vendor coordination Organizes the following: a. Food stands b. Game tents c. Rides

22 Personal Traits needed in SEM Competitiveness Positive attitude Problem Solving Detail Oriented Leadership Creativity Adaptability Negotiation Skills Flexibility Time Management Able to work under pressure Multi-tasking ability Initiative

23 Training for careers in SEM Firm educational background ▫Marketing ▫Sport Management ▫Sport Communication ▫Business ▫Hospitality and Tourism You must volunteer and do internships Network: It’s about who you know and who knows you?

24 Videos in Sport Management: Baylor University:


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