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Strategic Sourcing at Lockheed Martin Corporation Prepared for: Corporate Sourcing Leadership Exchange June 2008 Meeting.

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1 Strategic Sourcing at Lockheed Martin Corporation Prepared for: Corporate Sourcing Leadership Exchange June 2008 Meeting

2 June 2008Lockheed Martin Corporation - CSLE2 Contents Lockheed Martin Overview LM Recruiting Model LM Strategic Sourcing Model –Evolution –Pipelines –What Works –What Needs Work –Metrics & Reporting Related Best Practices Lockheed Martin Corporation

3 June 2008Lockheed Martin Corporation - CSLE3 1,000 facilities in 500 cities and 46 states in the U.S. Business locations in 75 nations and territories internationally Operations Primarily the U.S. Department of Defense and the U.S. federal government agencies – Lockheed Martin is largest provider of IT services, systems integration, and training to the U.S. Government – Other business comprised of international government and some commercial sales of our products, services and platforms Customer Base Premier systems integrator, principally engaged in the research, design, development, manufacture and integration of advanced technology systems, products and services Business $41.9 billionSales (2007) 140,000 worldwide Employees Lockheed Martin Overview

4 June 2008Lockheed Martin Corporation - CSLE4 LM Locations with over 200 employees Locations Lockheed Martin Overview

5 June 2008Lockheed Martin Corporation - CSLE5 Focus on profitability and growth in the following markets: Phoenix Mars Lander Also working with NASA to support Americas reinvigorated commitment to space exploration Defense/Intelligence Homeland SecurityGovt. Info. Technology Net-Centric Operations Information Superiority Force Application Focused Logistics Missile Defense Protection Battlespace Awareness Border and Transportation Security Threat Information Sharing, Alerting and Protection Critical Infrastructure Protection Emergency Management and Response e-Government Enterprise Architecture Information Security Database Infrastructure and Management Information Assurance Over 3,000 programs in the U.S. and worldwide about 19 percent of global defense exports, and about 40 percent of all U.S. defense exports Market Focus - Programs Lockheed Martin Overview

6 June 2008Lockheed Martin Corporation - CSLE6 Aeronautics Tactical Aircraft, Airlift, and Aeronautical Research and Development lines of business Space Space Launch, Commercial Satellites, Government Satellites, Strategic Missiles lines of business Electronic Systems Missiles and Fire Control, Naval Systems, Platform Integration, Simulation and Training Systems Information Systems & Global Services Mission Solutions: R&D and Engineering for Intelligence, Defense and Civil Agencies Information Systems: IT Infra- structure, Process Outsourcing, COTS Integration, Level of Service Solutions Global Services: Support of Mission Services, Nation Building, Stability Operations, Facility Services Lockheed Martin Overview Business Areas

7 June 2008Lockheed Martin Corporation - CSLE7 Mid-90s: Many legacy company units, each with own staffing Many empty seats - Slow time to fill 1997: HR VP opens Washington Post, sees 6 LM recruitment ads…. –Has to be a better way! 1998: LM Regional Recruiting Center (RRC) concept born LM Recruiting Model Background

8 June 2008Lockheed Martin Corporation - CSLE8 Cost per Hire Candidate Experience Cycle Time Eliminate duplication: ads, job fairs, sourcing efforts Interview once, but be seen by many BUs (one stop shopping) 24-hour offers 1. Improve recruitment service and hiring performance 2. Develop a system that introduces significant cost savings 3. Create a transferable concept Objectives: Regional Recruiting Centers (RRCs) LM Recruiting Model

9 June 2008Lockheed Martin Corporation - CSLE9 Process successful: Washington Metro –Tysons corner satellite Delaware Valley –Two centers: NJ and PA –Third satellite in Owego, NY Orlando Silicon Valley –Plus Rocky Mountain satellite near Denver Aeronautics – Ft. Worth RRC Process Today, LM hires 10-12,000 people per year Over 80% hired through RRC process Improve recruitment service and hiring performance Develop a system that introduces significant cost savings Create a transferable concept LM Recruiting Model

10 June 2008Lockheed Martin Corporation - CSLE10 Regional Recruiting Centers (RRCs) University Relations & Talent Sourcing Strategic SourcingRRCs Business Units Corporate Staffing Director Delaware Valley NJ-PA-NY Rocky Mountain CO Orlando FL Wash. Metro No. VA Silicon Valley CA Aeronautics TX Talent Sourcing Programs University Relations Strategic Sourcing & Military Relations All Business Units Regional Recruiting Centers Customer Supported: Each staffing entity has budget responsibility All costs consolidated and billed back to the Business Units LM Recruiting Model Structure Snapshot

11 June 2008Lockheed Martin Corporation - CSLE11 LM Strategic Sourcing Model SSG – Evolution Beginnings In WMA RRC, initially identified need to proactively address increasing shortage of cleared candidates (TS/SCI w/Polygraph) –Included study of state of clearances & potential candidate population Small separate group formed within Staffing - Strategic Sourcing Group - to research, identify, tag and source for these and other critical skills Critical skills defined as those skill sets that are: –Needed for maintaining & expanding LMs core businesses –Needed in significant quantities across multiple LM Business Units –Always difficult to find and hire 2003

12 June 2008Lockheed Martin Corporation - CSLE12 LM Strategic Sourcing Model SSG – Evolution Beginnings (cont.) Developed critical skill list – hard work! Set up initial central repository of sourcing knowledge (Strategic Sourcing SharePoint) Developed specialized research on critical skills Began development of critical skill pipelines, with limited staff 2004-2006

13 June 2008Lockheed Martin Corporation - CSLE13 LM Strategic Sourcing Model SSG – Evolution Business case to expand team to accommodate more pipelines Based on existing research, focused LMs need to tap into broader labor market (passive candidates) Highlighted other companies best practices re: passive candidates Gap analysis: present state vs. desired state –Showed considerable groundwork already established ! Role of RRCs vs. SSG re: pipelining candidates – tactical vs. strategic: different approach, different tools Benefits of dedicated work on pipelines Resources needed to close the gaps Gained buy-in from RRC stakeholders Early 2007

14 June 2008Lockheed Martin Corporation - CSLE14 LM Strategic Sourcing Model SSG – Evolution Current State 5 strategic sourcers 9 major skill pipelines in progress (since 3Q07) and producing viable, critical skill candidates Established Service Level Agreement, early 2008 Contributing on hard-to-find sourcing assignments Completing research requests Establishing credibility as we go

15 June 2008Lockheed Martin Corporation - CSLE15 Industry research: > 50% of Labor Market is passive »For LM critical skills, considerably higher A focus purely on active candidates ignores over half the talent market Why Expro Pipelines? Build predictable talent pipelines in advance of need, given tightening market of critical talent Enhance positioning relative to our competitors; attract more than our share of critical skill talent Gain talent advantage by maintaining relationships with top talent over time, to convert the best candidates quickly Break ahead of business as usual to improve key recruiting outcomes LM Strategic Sourcing Model

16 June 2008Lockheed Martin Corporation - CSLE16 Mine/Research LM Candidate Database Engage Silver Medalists Mine Web: Any/Every Way Employ Social Networking Tools Soft-Sell Advertising/Outreach LM Proprietary Web Tools Research, Research… Contacts the Prospect (email or phone) Begins the dialogue Obtains basic profile or resume Sets framework for follow-up w/prospect Completes CRM form Enters info/resume as Pipeline prospect/candidate Continues to update prospect record over time Internal Pipeline External Filling the Pipelines LM Strategic Sourcing Model

17 June 2008Lockheed Martin Corporation - CSLE17 Strategic Sourcing RRCs Leads Contacts Hires Candidates Passives to Actives –When the prospects timing is right –When we have a particular opportunity that we market to them and theyre interested Strategic Sourcer refers the candidate –To the appropriate recruiter (if actual requisition is known) –To RRC manager if just area of fit is known –Candidate type changed: passive to external Smooth transition is important! –Candidate shouldnt feel like theyre starting over –Still working this process From Pipelines to Applicants LM Strategic Sourcing Model

18 June 2008Lockheed Martin Corporation - CSLE18 Primary Services –Critical skill pipeline development, sourcing support Special Research Requests –New Market Research, Acquisition Support, other research Additional Activity/Output –Update/maintenance of critical skill list, sharepoint, industry conferences, etc. LM Strategic Sourcing Model SSG – Services Provided All services defined in Service Level Agreement

19 June 2008Lockheed Martin Corporation - CSLE19 What Works All-Sourcers List Soft-sell advertising Focused use of specialized tools Elevator Pitches – for campaigns Varied backgrounds of sourcers Building relationships over time LM Strategic Sourcing Model

20 June 2008Lockheed Martin Corporation - CSLE20 Transitioning passives to RRC recruiters Soft-sell advertising More automated data capture Identifying skill pools in the corporation Integrating understanding of SSG into dynamic staff changes at RRCs Verifying real needs What Needs Work LM Strategic Sourcing Model

21 June 2008Lockheed Martin Corporation - CSLE21 Monthly Pipeline Reports – internal to team Monthly Reports – highlights to staffing/staffing management Quarterly Reports – staffing/staffing management Pipeline stats, sourcing projects for RRCs, specific sourcing assistance, special activities to build pipelines, resulting hires, etc., Metrics & Reporting LM Strategic Sourcing Model

22 June 2008Lockheed Martin Corporation - CSLE22 Partnership with Talent Sourcing Team –Alumni network –Strategic Focus on Transitioning Military –Chat sessions by skill focus –Consistent LM recruitment branding Close partnering with LMCareers team (applicant/hiring database) Related Best Practices

23 June 2008Lockheed Martin Corporation - CSLE23 Questions/DiscussionQuestions/Discussion

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