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CEO, RELS, Diverse Learning Needs Team – 150211 Developing an Individual Plan (IP) for Students with Disability (SWD)

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1 CEO, RELS, Diverse Learning Needs Team – Developing an Individual Plan (IP) for Students with Disability (SWD)

2 The Disability Standards for Education 2005 require all educational institutions to make reasonable adjustments for students with disabilities Students who meet the NSW Department of Education criteria for “student with a disability” are deemed eligible for funding and require an Individual Plan

3 Focus points Enrolment Participation Curriculum development, accreditation and delivery Student support services Harassment and victimisation

4 What are these obligations? Obligation to consult Obligation to make reasonable adjustments Obligation to eliminate victimisation and harassment

5 ‘on the same basis’ means treating the student with a disability on the same basis as a student without a disability Moderated by the principle of unjustifiable hardship Some students may require adjustments and accommodations

6 Implications for educators and support staff… All staff need to have skills, knowledge and understanding to implement curriculum in a way that will be accessible to all students, including students with a disability. (Disability Standards for Education information contained in this presentation is used with permission from AAETC Positive Partnerships Teacher Professional Development Manual 2010)

7 The term Individual Plan refers to both the ongoing process and the associated documentation that informs the education of a “student with disability” through describing, documenting, monitoring, reviewing and evaluating the student’s education program, support needs and outcomes.’

8 The IP document is the basis for educational planning for “students with disability”. It assists planning by making explicit the components of the learning and teaching process for a student.

9 The IP process is consultative, including the contributions of the student, families, carers, school personnel and other relevant people such as CEO personnel, and other health professionals i.e. speech pathologist, occupational therapist. Role clarity is critical

10 Students are the key participant in the IP planning process The student should be present for all or part of the meeting The student’s input is valued and should be documented within the plan

11 Parent/carers are key participants, with the school, in determining their child’s learning priorities Parent/carers will be part of the process of developing the IP document Parent/carers can inform and educate the school community about their child and specific needs relating to the disability

12 Contribute to the development of the IP Identify subject-related goals that support the Key Outcomes of the IP Translate the IP goals into practice Review and document progress Use the IP as the basis for reporting

13 Identify who may need to provide information Gather information – Student proformas – Parent proformas – Teacher and support staff proformas Determine the most appropriate strategies for all stakeholders to share information that will be used to inform the development of the IP.

14 Determine a school process for meetings – Scheduling of meetings – Invitations to parents/carers – Staff attendance at the meeting – Venue and technology – Data input – Chairperson/meeting facilitator

15 IP Tool Getting Started Help Sheet Infopoint

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