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College of Business Town Hall Meeting 2012 – FOCUS, Design, SAB 28 February 2012.

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1 College of Business Town Hall Meeting 2012 – FOCUS, Design, SAB 28 February 2012

2 What we’re going to talk about … 1.Who’s New 2.Core Issues  FOCUS – 2012 Strategic Theme  Business & Design – Honing our Strategic Niche  Swanston Academic Building (SAB) – ‘Wow’ Factor 3.Open Forum

3 Head of Schools & Executive Updates Who’s new … and one 2012 ‘wow’ project (in 30 seconds!)  Business TAFE School – Vicki Molloy  Graduate School of Business & Law – Ass Prof Kevin Adams  School of Accounting – Prof Garry Carnegie  School of Business IT & Logistics – Prof Caroline Chan  School of Economics, Finance & Marketing – Prof Tony Naughton  School of Management – Prof George Cairns  College of Business – Prof Ian Palmer

4 Business TAFE School, Vicki Molloy  Welcome Sally Parrott, Program Manager, Marketing, Advertising & PR Kathie Nickson, Program Manager, Legal & Conveyance Julie Macpherson, Senior Educator Graduate School of Business & Law, Ass Prof Kevin Adams  Welcome Stephen Li (April 2012)

5 School of Accounting, Prof Garry Carnegie  Welcome Dr Gillian Vesty, Senior Lecturer Deborah McNaughton, Professional Staff Bernadette James, Professional Staff School of Business IT & Logistics, Prof Caroline Chan  Welcome Dr Alex Manzoni, Research Fellow Dr Fatima Basic, Research Fellow Dr Gaya Jayasinghe, Research Fellow Dr Philip Button, Research Fellow Marlene Polsa, Professional Staff Daniel Lee Pit Sen, Co-op Student

6 School of Economics, Finance & Marketing, Prof Tony Naughton  Welcome Dr Ankita Mishra, Lecturer, Economics Kelly Burns, Research Assistant Rachel Green, Research Fellow School of Management, Prof George Cairns  Welcome Sam Carroll Bell, Co-ordinator, Research Administration Madelaine Sandall, School Manager

7 College of Business, Prof Ian Palmer  Welcome Professor Geoffrey Stokes, Deputy Pro Vice-Chancellor (Research) Professor Kevin Adams, Head of School, Graduate School of Business & Law Dr Julie Roberts, Manager Social Entrepreneurship Group (in attendance) Anna Lyubomirsky, Governance Officer Anthony Debrincat, Co-op Student

8 Releasing & Building Capacity Building on “One College Way”, in 2012 the College of Business will strengthen its reputation as an internationally renowned business school that is city-based, globally-oriented and professionally-engaged. In line with RMIT as a global university of technology and design we will achieve this bold vision by embedding design and technology in what we do and ensuring focus is achieved through our College goals, objectives and priorities. Sustainable … External … Transformative

9 Strategic Positioning Projects – 2012  Teaching & Learning SAB Professional Development Innovative Design Programs  Research Centres & Groups Doctoral Training Centre  Human Resources Workforce Profile Work Planning  International Pathways Offshore Integration Pilot  Resources SAB Administration Transition Aligning Resource Management  Industry Top Tier Partner Integration Commercial Revenue

10 Business & Design School Meetings Workshops 5 Aug 2011 3 Feb 2012 Design Audit Research Week Research Seed Grants North American Visits Business & Design – Honing our Strategic Niche

11 Business & Design – Focusing our Next Steps Curriculum Schools – new & modified courses Business Design Studio (SAB) Strategic Discussion Paper Networks Business & Design Taskforce PVC Business & Design Lunches European Network Research & Appointments Michele Azzopardi, Design Victoria Strategy Professor, Business & Design Design Adjuncts Industry Industry Advisory Board Corporate Design Partners

12 College of Business, Industry Advisory Board Gerhard Vorster, Chief Strategy Officer, Deloitte Australia Chair, RMIT University, College of Business, Industry Advisory Board First College-wide Adjunct Professor

13 College of Business, Industry Advisory Board – Members  Laura Anderson, CEO, SVI Global  Chris Behrenbruch, CEO, ImaginAb, Inc  Dr Terry Cutler, Principal, Cutler & Co  Raphael Germinder, Chairman, PACT Group  Graham Hodges, Deputy CEO, ANZ Bank  Jan Owen, CEO, Foundation for Young Australians  Ian Palmer, Pro Vice-Chancellor (Business), RMIT  Gerard Shanahan, Director, Planning & Resources, RMIT  Aaron Smith, Deputy Pro Vice-Chancellor (Industry Engagement), RMIT

14 Swanston Academic Building (SAB) – In the Media Full-speed ahead as RMIT builds to wow tomorrow’s education The Age, 1 Feb 2012 Business schools at the cutting edge The Financial Review, 27 Feb 2012

15 Project Structure Project Control Group (PCG) SUG: Space / Building Management SUG: Staff Consultation and Communications SUG: College of Business Administrative Transition SUG: Student Experience SUG: ITS Services / Technical Groups SUG: Learning & Teaching SUG: Engagement & Research

16 SAB ITTraining/PDMoveAdminComms TestingBring Your own Device (BYoD) Desktop Image Pilot

17 SAB ITTraining/PDMoveAdminComms PD ProgramRoom 108.08.022SAB Blog

18 SAB ITTraining/PDMoveAdminComms LocationStorageRelocation

19 SAB ITTraining/PDMoveAdminComms Transition ProjectShared Services

20 SAB ITTraining/PDMoveAdminComms Be InformedGet Involved

21  Manager/Head of School  RMIT website  SAB blog  Submit question @ Ask SAB on SAB blog Further Communications Collation of all questions and answers regarding SAB in centrally controlled matrix  We don’t have the answers to all questions yet  We will let you know once we have answers

22 Open Forum Q&A – What’s on your mind?

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