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Summary of VET Sector Activity in Outward Mobility Rebecca Biazos Director International Engagement TAFE Directors Australia.

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1 Summary of VET Sector Activity in Outward Mobility Rebecca Biazos Director International Engagement TAFE Directors Australia

2 What is happening in Australia 2007 - QLD VET Sector Outward Mobility Audit 2008- VET Sector Outward Mobility pilot programs, including National Roundtable on Mobility in VET 2009- ????

3 QLD VET Sector Outward Mobility Audit A small step to indentify the current activity, the barriers and the opportunities Created a groundswell of interest and activity Provided evidence and rationale for involvement of the sector Needed to generate buy in from providers, regulators, students, industry, international partners ld_vet_outward_mobility.pdf ld_vet_outw

4 Outward Mobility Pilot Programs Developing an OM Program Overseas Links Consortium, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Japan and Slovak Republic. Education Export Services, NSW VET sector outward mobility in the water management and aquaculture sectors, Asia Pacific Region. Sunshine Coast Institute of TAFE Enhancing fashion design training and global learning opportunities for Australian fashion design students, Hong Kong. Gordon Institute, VIC Managing an OM Program Enhancing Employment Opportunities and Learning Experiences for VET students in Western Australia, Bangladesh. West Coast TAFE, WA Sydney Institute and Vitus Bering University College: International Student and Teacher Exchange, Denmark. Sydney Institute, NSW

5 A phased approach Phase 1 - Preparing the Organisation Phase 2 - Developing an OM program Phase 3 - Establishing an OM program Phase 4 - Promoting/Marketing an OM program Phase 5 - Managing an OM program Phase 6 - Sustaining OM programs Draft- For Comment

6 VET Sector Outward Mobility Roundtable June 2008 30 attendees from pilot programs and other leading practice providers, policy makers, faculty directors, industry skills councils Report developed with a focus on the actions required to: – Raise Awareness of Outbound Mobility – Gain Support for Outbound Mobility – Develop Networks and Partnerships – Support Growth in Outbound Mobility Draft- For Comment

7 The Outcomes An Action Agenda with a focus on: funding and support procedures and systems development sector skill development and recognition profiling and awareness networks and alliances champions for the cause, and monitoring watch on related projects

8 What is happening around the world?

9 ITE Singapore A college committed to VET Mobility Sets and Increases the target annually Subsidised Active Partnerships Different levels of mobility Active engagement of Singaporean Co.s

10 Global Education Network An example of a active partnership in Australia USA, Canada, Australia, Singapore Regular meetings Reciprocal arrangements Trainer and student exchange

11 Mobility in VET is more than institution to institution exchange… In a key piece of work relating specifically to mobility in the VET sector, Kirstensen (2001) notes that “transnational mobility describes a phenomenon which is basically a period of work experience (or work based learning) undertaken in another country.” Kristensen recognises that this activity may take place during studies and post study, where the individual is employed or seeking employment.

12 Queensland Overseas Foundation Supports international placement and work within four years of completing vocational qualification Supported over 100 Queenslanders to have an international experience since 1976

13 An international experience changes lives “Receiving a QOF scholarship was the start of an exciting adventure – both on a professional and personal level.” Interior Design Graduate (2001) “As a result of my international experience I am in a position that I truly enjoy where I am travelling and working in different places, with different people in different industries on a weekly basis.” Control System Specialist (1998) “My international experience made me realise that I can achieve anything…. My goal to become a General Manager is achievable and I know I can do it now – with global skills and a global outlook” Hotel Management Trainee( 2007)

14 What an Australian VET mobility program looks like Niche area – fashion, hospitality, community services, health and natural medicine No geographic hub- everywhere and anywhere depending on the field Industry involvement Small scale Passionate institutional champions

15 An industry led model for the sector….. Global industries Fashion Tourism and Hospitality Event management Biotechnology Renewable energy Benefits of the approach Reduces duplication Enables smaller providers access Builds scale Leverages industry

16 A Multilateral exchange and Professional Development progam TAFE Directors Australia took part in a series of meetings in Canada and the USA May 2008 The respective peak bodies, American Association of Community Colleges, Association of Canadian Community Colleges progressed in principle the idea of a multilateral exchange and leadership program between administrators and trainers This is significant because….. We know that programs will not succeed without an institutional champion…. If we want to be remain(be) globally competitive we need to see and understand what is happening around the globe

17 Some thoughts/reflections… Can we move the agenda forward with a focus on productivity and social inclusion? Can we benefit from increased linkages and partnerships between VET and higher ed in mobility?? How do we get industry more engaged? Who is driving this bus??? Does it matter?

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