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Facilitating community based mental health reform in the Asia Pacific Asia - Australia Mental Health.

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1 Facilitating community based mental health reform in the Asia Pacific Asia - Australia Mental Health

2 Dramatic changes in western countries Most people treated by a specialty provider in an inpatient setting Most treated as outpatients and live in a community setting 20 years ago Today

3 Uneven global reform Presence of community care for mental health in each WHO Region WHO Mental Health Atlas 2005 Where present in Asian countries community mental health facilities are often restricted to a few areas within the country

4 The reality In some communities, people with mental disorders are tied or chained to trees or logs Others incarcerated in prisons without having been accused of a crime. In many psychiatric institutions and hospitals, patients face gross deprivations

5 New opportunities Key opinion and government leaders in Asia are recognising the need for reform in mental health Growing group of dedicated emerging mental health professionals in the region

6 Leveraging networks and experience For 20 years, Australian individuals have built strong long term professional relationships with colleagues in the region Pooled and expanded knowledge and networks within a new consortium facilitate government and institutional mental health reform in Asia

7 strong foundation partners Corporate sector Philanthropic foundations An Australian based consortium Government agencies Non government organisations Asia-Australia Mental Health

8 Our Strengths Established high level networks and close working relationships with key decision makers in the region Access to leading models of service deliveryStrong cross cultural understandingBuilt and maintained strong inter-sectoral linkages

9 Experience and acknowledged expertise international collaboration policy development mental health system reform national and international project delivery research training program development marketing and public relations

10 Our approach Collaboration between colleagues coming from different cultures and perspectives provides the best hope for the creation of creative and constructive answers All Asia-Australia Mental Health initiatives and programs are: – Collaboratively planned and delivered – Incorporate cultural and national specific needs and priorities

11 Peoples Republic of China Malaysia Republic of Korea Japan Multi-lateral Thailand Where we work

12 Collaboration with WHO in multilateral projects Asia-Pacific Community Mental Health Development project will address the pressing need to develop practical approaches to community mental health care in the region High level representation from Indonesia, Cambodia, China, Hong Kong SAR, India, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, Mongolia and Australia Last meeting was at WPA Melbourne 2007 – representatives from all countries attended Country reports based on regional practices and solutions currently being compiled for publication

13 The work is just beginning AAMH is confident and experienced in delivering flexible and culturally appropriate outcomes for partners in the region

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