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UKIERI Overview Malyaj Varmani Assistant Director – UKIERI British Council.

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1 UKIERI Overview Malyaj Varmani Assistant Director – UKIERI British Council

2 “UKIERI has now become a vibrant platform for networking and collaboration. It has also strengthened the bilateral links in education between India and the UK and has unleashed many outcome based activities of importance under all the four strands of Leadership, Innovation, Skill and Mobility.” – Dr. M M Pallam Raju, Minister for Human Resource Development, Government of India “We share the same vision for a renewed and enhanced educational partnership between our two countries. The initiative has made excellent progress and has covered many strands in education. We now need to build on the success of UKIERI.” – David Willetts, Minister of State for Universities and Science - Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, UK.

3 Achievements (UKIERI Phase One: 2006 – 2011) - Invested in a total of 182 UK India partnerships that includes collaborative groupings among academic researchers, clusters of school and pairing of Further Education colleges; - Supported 55 individual awards through PhD scholarships and fellowships; - 88 facilitation grants to travel between UK and India for developing partnerships; - Enhanced student mobility by providing 393 British students an opportunity to visit India under the Study India Programme; - Facilitated work placements to 106 Indian graduates under the India Graduate work experience programme and UKIERI-GSK work placement opportunity; - Working with key stakeholders & policymakers to address the issues of Quality Assurance, Leadership, sector skill development and other policy issues - 40 Events in policy dialogue and networking

4 UKIERI Phase Two (2011- 2016) Strand 1: Leadership Development Enhancing capacity of individuals and institutions on leadership Strand 2 : Innovation Partnerships Providing opportunities for institutions to collaborate on innovation and thematic partnerships Strand 3 : Skills Development Enhancing UK India collaborations in skills development Strand 4 : Enhancing mobility Fostering student mobility and mutual recognition of learning

5 Significant Achievements under UKIERI Phase Two (2011 – 13) - 142 Higher Education Partnerships involving over 280 institutions to undertake joint research and programme delivery - 26 Skills Partnerships to support curriculum development and deliver industry relevant training - 216 Facilitation travel grants for partnership development, sharing of best practices on curriculum & pedagogy and professional development - Opportunity to 325 British Students to visit India under the Study India Programme - Constitution of the India –UK Qualification Recognition taskforce -18 events in policy dialogue and networking

6 Key Statistics

7 - Facilitation for partnerships - Capacity building through workshops, seminars and trainings - Collaboration on student mobility programmes - Sharing of best practices and knowledge enhancement Opportunities For Institutions

8 Facilitation of partnerships for sustainable impact Institutional Capacity building for knowledge, skills, research and leadership Developing best practices for curriculum and qualifications standardization Joint workshops/Policy engagement for leading systemic changes Opportunities For States

9 - Engagement for knowledge transfer linking industry and academia - Develop skills for employability leading to well educated and trained workforce - Engage with students and professionals from India and the UK, who would be future leaders and opinion formers - Support investment in Research and Development Opportunities for Industry

10 Opportunities For Staff Leadership Development /Capacity building Supporting knowledge and skills development Faculty development and training

11 For further information, please visit or Write to us at Thank You !

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