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THE WEEK ON OP HERRICK 08 - 14 Nov 10. TFH KEY ACTIVITY 08 - 14 OCT 10 Visits to TFH DCDS(Ops): Lt Gen SV Mayall CB Air Component Commander: Air Cdre.

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1 THE WEEK ON OP HERRICK 08 - 14 Nov 10

2 TFH KEY ACTIVITY 08 - 14 OCT 10 Visits to TFH DCDS(Ops): Lt Gen SV Mayall CB Air Component Commander: Air Cdre McCann

3 TFH KEY ACTIVITY 08 - 14 NOV 10 CF NES(N) (DANBAT) On Wednesday 10 th November CF NES (N) hosted District Governor Mahayuddin Kahn’s first meeting on counter-narcotics. District Chief of Police Chief Esmarai, Brig Gen Sheren Shah, the Chief of NDS, the Commander of 3rd Kandak, ISAF CF NES (N) and the Stabilisation advisers participated in the meeting. The current situation is that an estimated 200 villages will grow poppy in the coming season. Most of the farmers are forced by insurgents to grow the poppies. The conclusion was a two-phased operation. In phase one, an information campaign, GIROA will inform the population about illegal poppy growing in order to prevent the farmers from committing unlawful acts. In phase two, which will run concurrently, a combined force of ANA, ANP and ANCOP will work on information requirements until the next meeting will take place. The operation should start in December and run for around 100 days.

4 TFH KEY ACTIVITY 08 - 14 NOV 10 CF NES(S) (2 PARA) FOOD ZONE PROGRAMME WHEAT SEED DISTRIBUTION COMES TO AN END; A GREAT SUCCESS The Wheat Seed Distribution Programme (WSDP) element of the Food Zone Programme that has been delivered from four patrol bases in the Nahr-e-Saraj (South) district over the last few weeks has finally come to an end in Patrol Base 1, with a total of 3000 local nationals benefiting from the scheme. The WSDP has provided local farmers the opportunity to buy wheat at a lower price. The distribution was fronted by village elders to promote a sense of local governance and will. The programme ran without interruption thanks to an intense security operation that kept the insurgents firmly focussed on ISAF. REMEMBRANCE SERVICE AT PATROL BASE TWO, TO THE SOUND OF BIRDSONG AND SMALL ARMS FIRE At 1100 local time on Nov 11, elements of the 2 PARA Battlegroup took time out from their tasks to pay their respects to those that have paid the ultimate sacrifice doing their duty. The short service was attended by approximately 100 officers and soldiers and included a two minute silence, the Airborne Forces Collect and the Lord’s Prayer. The two-minute silence was interrupted by small arms fire from an engagement involving C (Bruneval) Company, 2 PARA, only a few kilometres away, which gave a humbling context to the event. Commanding Officer 2 PARA, Lieutenant-Colonel Andrew Harrison, said: “There is a certain irony during our 2 minute silence today that the only two interruptions were those of small arms fire and the birdsong.” Top- RSM and CO 2 PARA during the ceremony. Bottom- Happy children during the Food Zone Programme Distribution.

5 TFH KEY ACTIVITY 08 – 14 NOV 10 NDA(N) – 3 PARA This week 3 PARA successfully secured the town of Naqilabad Kalay, significantly improving the security situation for the residents of this small town in Nad-e Ali North. The planning and coordination of the operation was conducted jointly, involving elements of the ANSF and our Estonian counterparts. The ANSF and ISAF commitment to this town is having an extremely positive effect on the local population, with good working relationships being fostered at this early and crucial stage. A member of the FET speaks to a provincial ANA representative originally from the NDA(N) area, building working relationships that help to increase our understanding of the local environment. The Female Engagement Team (FET) concept continues to develop in NDA(N). The 3 PARA FET is currently working on local projects, engaging with local females and supporting patrols on the ground.

6 TFH KEY ACTIVITY 08 - 14 NOV 10 CF NDA(S) (1 R IRISH) An Afghan National Army bomb disposal team, trained by Brits, has put its skills into practice for the first time, safely disposing of two deadly improvised explosive devices. In an important milestone in the development of the Afghan security forces, the ANA Counter-IED team conducted a textbook operation, under the oversight of their partners from the Royal Engineers. They used controlled explosions to render safe the Taleban traps, which threatened the lives of British and Afghan soldiers, as well as local civilians. The deadly devices had been discovered earlier during a joint patrol by Afghan National Army soldiers and C Company of 1st Battalion The Royal Irish Regiment.

7 TFH KEY ACTIVITY 08 - 14 NOV 10 CF LKG (2 SCOTS) Local farmers turned out in their hundreds today to attend a wheat seed distribution as part of the Governor’s Food Zone Programme held at Checkpoint North. The Afghan National Police (ANP) maintained order and security whilst members of the Military Stabilisation Support Team (MSST) oversaw the distribution of Wheat Seed and fertiliser to the locals by representatives from the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan (GiROA). Mayor Daoud travelled to the distribution point to see first hand the effects that a program like this has on the local people. He said that “This wheat seed is important for the people as it gives them hope for the future. If they can grow wheat then they do not have to grow poppies and they also have the means to make bread to feed themselves. With more initiatives like this one, the people will be able to lead better lives in the future.” A young local boy being treated by ISAF troops after suffering an injury when travelling to the event. Local people receiving their wheat seed Mayor Daoud with some of the local elders receiving seed

8 TFH KEY ACTIVITY 08 - 14 NOV 10 CF LKG (2 SCOTS) On the 13 th of November the new Police Headquarters at Attal was officially opened. This new headquarters will allow the Afghan National Police (ANP) greater freedom of movement along Route 601 as well as allowing them to conduct more patrols and man more checkpoints along this key route. Colonel Kamullahdin Shizri, Chief of Police for Lashkar Gah and the surrounding area, said: “Before the police were building their checkpoints out of mud whilst defending the people at the same time. This new facility will allow us to provide much more security to the people.” Modern Sanger construction. The new living quarters for the ANP A proud member of the Attal ANP BRAND NEW BUILD FOR AFGHAN OLD BILL CF LKG - ATTAL Police HQ Opening

9 TFH KEY ACTIVITY 08 - 14 NOV 10 CF LKG (2 SCOTS) General Angar, Provincial Chief of Police said: “This new Headquarters represents a new dawn for the security of Helmand Province and the Lashkar Gah area. With its new facilities we can run our checkpoints much better. Now our forces can provide tight security to the people so that they do not have to live in fear.” “The people should not fear the Insurgents thanks to the brave ANP warriors that we have here in Helmand. The Insurgents will soon be driven from our lands and the people of Helmand can live in peace.”

10 10 TFH KEY ACTIVITY 08 – 14 NOV 10 3/215 BRIGADE ADVISOR GROUP (1 IG) Op OMID CHAR, the longest and largest ANA planned and executed operation concluded with the completion a new PB and a CP. The operation conceived after the request for greater security east of Gereshk by the District Governor, involved over 600 ANA with the support of 200 ISAF troops mainly in the specialist support roles. This demonstrates another advancement for 3 rd Brigade, 215 Mainwand Corps ANA under the Brigade Advisory Group.

11 TFH KEY ACTIVITY 08 – 14 NOV 10 3/215 BRIGADE ADVISOR GROUP (1 IG) Images from the new Patrol Base and Check Point completed after the four week Operation OMID CHAR

12 TFH KEY ACTIVITY 08 – 14 NOV 10 3/215 BRIGADE ADVISOR GROUP (1 IG) A new ANA Counter IED team, on their first Operation exploit their first find as their Advisors from Irish Guards keep over watch and a close eye.


14 TFH KEY ACTIVITY 08 – 14 NOV 10 PDATT (5 SCOTS) ANP attend Remembrance Parade at PB ATTAL Col Sattar, Commander of the 2 nd Kandak ANP, responsible for security of Route 601, attended a parade to mark Remembrance Day on 11 Nov in PB ATTAL with D Coy 5 SCOTS. Maj Nick Wight-Boycott, OC D Coy, Col Sattar, CO and Padre 5 SCOTS in PB ATTAL.

15 TFH KEY ACTIVITY 08 – 14 NOV 10 PDATT (5 SCOTS) ANP Pass-Out Parade at HPTC Clockwise from top left: An ANP cadet marches out to receive his scroll; ANP Patrolmen demonstrate their skills to the guests; General Angar addresses the cadets as CO 5 SCOTS looks on; The ANP parade forms up; John Ray from ITN interviews General Angar, Helmand Chief of Police.

16 TFH KEY ACTIVITY 08 – 14 NOV 10 TFH Engr Gp (23 Engr Regt (Air Asslt)) Sappers break-in to the home of the Taliban TROJAN a big hit with children of Sangsar Sappers smash through IED belts 5 Armd Engr Sqn concluded their support to 101 st AB Div, in breaking through to Sangsar, the home to Mullah Omar’s mosque and the birthplace of the Taliban. 5 Sqn, from 23 Engr Regt (Air Asslt), breached a route through to Sangsar enabling their US colleagues to seize the village; dealing a huge blow to TALIBAN morale and denying a key staging area for fighters arriving from the South.

17 Within CF LKG: BC’s TAC deployed to PB Nahidullah in support of on going operations. Elements of the Bty provided over-watch for a Shura which resulted in positive progress in local security and policing issues. Using air assets a well used insurgent firing point was destroyed. Members of the Bty continued their education with on going CLM and Pashtu classes. TFH KEY ACTIVITY 08 – 14 NOV 10 Joint Fires Group (7 Para RHA) A destroyed INS Firing Point LBdr Denyer, Maj Spaul and Gnr Creech A week in the lives of F (Sphinx) Para Bty RHA in CF LKG

18 TFH KEY ACTIVITY 08 – 14 NOV 10 WARTHOG Gp (2RTR) 2 RTR have taken over the Warthog Gp. The new platform is performing well and delivering significant effect on the ground. 1 Troop is providing protection to the Rte TRIDENT build. 2 Troop is on the Rte 611 providing a highly visible to deterrent to enemy attacks on the building work. Sqn Tac has been mobile, surging to reinforce both Troops as required.

19 TFH KEY ACTIVITY 08 – 14 NOV 10 MASTIFF Gp (2RTR) 2 RTR Mastiff groups continue to enable the movement of CF troops around TFH. In NDA N Mastiff has been adding close fire support to the infantry in true combined operations. These have culminated in extensive contacts using a highly successful combination of infantry, armoured firepower and air support. In LKG Mastiff patrols have conducted significant work with the ANP. Patrols have checked up on security and equipment in ANP CPs and responded to an incident in LKG, in order to coach the ANP handling of the situation.

20 TFH KEY ACTIVITY 08 – 14 NOV 10 ES Group (7 Air Asslt Bn REME) Week 5 & 6 Th ES Bn have been working with the ANA for over a month now and the integration of our tradesmen within the ANA has gone from good to great. The team have built up a superb relationship with the ANA Mechanics and both sides now have a better understanding of each other. The spectrum of jobs completed has been vast and a learning experience for both sides. Our VMs have found themselves completing jobs outside of their normal daily work routine, ranging from body work panel beating to complete engine rebuilds. Whilst working together on the engine rebuild it was found that the ANA had not seen a torque wrench before, a common tool to us but something new to them. As well as VM tasks, teaching the ANA about basic electronics has also been initiated to great success. Beginning with the basic light bulb circuits and moving on to testing glow plugs and more complex ignition circuits. Through this teaching we have been able to work closer with the ANA and we are sharing knowledge on a daily basis. The training and development can be a slow process due to the language barrier, but this is improving daily and already the team are seeing the benefits of sharing their knowledge. The team are looking forward to continuing this partnership especially as the Workshops move into FOBs within the AO.

21 KEY ACTIVITY 8 -14 Nov Afghanistan Remembers Troops across Afghanistan paid tribute to the fallen. Remembrance Sunday Services took place across Afghanistan including Camp Bastion, Kandahar Airfield and Kabul Images from Kandahar and Camp Bastion were broadcast across the world.

22 Prince William paid a surprise visit to troops in Camp Bastion in order to lead the tributes on Remembrance Sunday. He laid the first wreath, with a personal written tribute from him, before spending time meeting British Forces who are currently serving in Afghanistan. KEY ACTIVITY 8 -14 Nov Afghanistan Remembers

23 .. The Command of Kandahar Airfield was handed over by the RAF to the USAF on 11 Nov 2010. Air Cdre Gordon Moulds, the outgoing COMKAF handed over command of the Airfield to Brig Gen Jeffrey Kendall. Air Cdre Moulds has completed a 6 month tour in post; however, this marks the end of 4 years in command for the RAF who have been running the Airfield since 2006. KEY ACTIVITY 8 -14 Nov COMKAF Change of Command

24 . KEY ACTIVITY 8 – 14 NOV 10 REMEMBRANCE SUNDAY Remembrance Sunday was marked with a solemn gathering of 83 Gp personnel and invited Coalition Partners. A Roll Of Honour was read and placed in the specially erected cairn underneath the Cross of Remembrance. Memorial wreaths were placed by the UK ACC and representatives from the RN and Army. Wreaths were also laid by senior US, Australian, Canadian and French officers.

25 . KEY ACTIVITY 8 – 14 NOV 10 REAPER UK Reapers from the RAF’s 39 Sqn have been at the forefront of attacking insurgents IED networks across the whole of Afghanistan. Robust ‘Tactical Patience’ has time and again produced higher value results in the targeting of Insurgent IED capability. Additionally they have also been heavily involved in supporting ANSF led Operations such as Op HAMKARI around Kandahar in RC(S).

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