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LDP VTC with SPN 12 January 2011


3 Mission Afghanistan Engineer District-North supports the BUILDING of Afghanistan by delivering timely and reasonable quality infrastructure, providing O&M services, and BUILDING the Engineering and Construction capacity of Afghanistan in order to support the coalition COIN strategy. On order, transitions the mission to the Afghanistan Government. Broader purpose To establish enduring district programs and tools to deliver quality infrastructure as a key Coalition Force enabler. Leverage USACE competencies and resources to affect capacity development and improve the lives of the Afghan people.

4 Overview The district’s program is comprised of five programs, including the Afghanistan National Army, the Afghanistan National Police, Military Construction, Operations & Maintenance and Infrastructure & Planning. In addition, the district’s Capacity Development Program helps to bolster the capacity of the Afghan people to design, engineer, build and maintain facilities as U.S. and Coalition partners transition out of the theater of operations. Coalition Forces Super FOB at Khair Khot Solar streetlights in Kabul ANA 201st Corps Garrison National Police Training Center Drainage feature at 22 Bunkers

5 Business Lines Afghanistan Engineer District - North BAGRAM GAMBERI
ANSF O&M PROGRAM Sites ACTIVE PROJECTS UNDER CONSTRUCTION 247 projects valued at $2.3B FY11 PROGRAM 240 projects valued at $2.9B TOTAL AED-N PORTFOLIO Nearly 500 projects valued at $5.2B, in addition to growing O&M GAMBERI Business Lines ANA ANP MILCON Roads & Infrastructure Water & Resources Real Estate O&M Main Effort NPTC

6 3rd Longest Duration in AED-N
Who We Are in AED-North Military - 109 Active Duty - 56 RC/NG - 53 USACE - 217 Schedule A - 91 Other - 55 (DoD, DoA, DoN) Contractors US - 172 Contractors other - 143 Local National - 411 TOTAL AED-N = 1,198 Vinny Schmoe, 20 months, 3rd Longest Duration in AED-N Afghan Security Personnel LDP’ers Demographic data TSgt Shanika McBride, USAF Bogdan Figiel with President Hamid Karzai Presidential Information Communication Center Design Paris Embree, USACE Program Manager of the Year 2009 As of 11 Jan 2011 6

7 Why do we need help? Why do we need YOU?
Our FY 11 program is our largest to date – 240 additional projects valued at $2.9 billion Since October, we’ve completed an average of one project per day Our projects directly impact the counterinsurgency effort You offer fresh perspectives to new projects and enduring challenges Your energy and drive Your expertise and knowledge of Corps programs and processes Why do we need YOU? LAST 90 DAYS (green on map) =today()-BOD(A) <90 NEXT 30 DAYS (amber on map) =BOD(S)-today()<30 SELECT contract_delivery, proj_name, bod_sch, bod_act, current_contract FROM contract

8 What’s in it for you? Professional Development and opportunities for promotion Attain your personal goals Expand your horizons Network and forge life-long friendships with new people Rewarding work in a challenging environment Be a part of history – help rebuild Afghanistan

9 What else? Rest & Recuperation Keep in contact with loved ones easily
Get one paid 21-day R&R for a 6-month tour, three 21-day R&Rs for a 12-month tour Go home and visit family or travel the world Keep in contact with loved ones easily Phones in every room with stateside numbers Computers with internet access provided in every room Wireless internet available Deployment living expenses are paid Living quarters Meals Laundry Medical care (restrictions apply) Uniforms are provided, free of charge

10 (Click the image to launch the salary calculator)
And of course, the pay is great … (Click the image to launch the salary calculator)

11 Questions?


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