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2 From his speech Our response So, first of all, let me assert my firm belief that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself Nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror Which paralyzes need efforts to convert retreat Into advance Fear following being made redundant or too many refusals of jobs applied for Can lead to e.g. panic attacks, despair Look at where we are and have come from (CV) Market campaign from job search methods through to job interview President Roosevelt’s Speech

3 Outline of a CV Profile (Pen Picture of Facts) Achievements Career Progression Other Relevant Facts

4 Profile Management level Business areas Functions carried out Areas of particular expertise Abilities, strengths

5 Achievements Some selected achievements Excerpts from experience Leading to abilities and strengths in the first section

6 Career Progression Start from most recent Dates, name of organisation, what it does  Explain any gaps, especially if recent Key tasks and responsibilities

7 Other Relevant Facts Education, qualifications, training Outside work experience, interests, personal  Only include languages if fluent  Only include interests if prepared to discuss with an enthusiastic interviewer

8 Example Key Achievement with Action Words To ease the workload….. I wrote a FORTRAN simulation program….. I designed the program to be efficient in terms of core storage and run time. As a result I was able to carry out a large number of parametric runs of the model. Based on analysis of the results from the model, I made a number of firm recommendations on management, pre-planning and ‘live’ control decisions related to outpatient return journeys Finally, I wrote a complete account of the work done….. The customer was very interested….

9 Example Unique Abilities A rational step-by-step approach to solving difficult problems Gets the most out of those she supervises enabling them to produce quality work  A unique ability may be base on more than one key achievement  In choosing key achievements they should not be too repetitive

10 Pros Cons Cold approach  Simple (one letter)  Useful if growing company Response to adverts  There is (usually) a job  Adverts provide info on what is happening in the market place ̶ There may be no job available ̶ Low success rate (<10%) ̶ Effort required to respond to each advert ̶ Competition, especially internal recruits Job Search Methods (1)

11 Pros Cons Recruitment agencies  A friend between you and the recruiting company  Can offer advice e.g. on the market ̶ Someone has to pay the agent’s fees ̶ Cannot prepare for or take part in job interviews Job Search Methods (2)

12 Pros Cons Contact Networks (Referral)  Get to know what it is like to work in a given field  People like to give advice and receive recognition  Build up a network of experts who know you ̶ Takes time to build up ̶ Occasionally some may not wish to talk with you or pass on further contacts Job Search Methods (3)

13 Referral Interview Steps Begin referral meetings with people you already know (lecturers, department heads, institutions/members) Plan the meeting – aims, objectives, agenda (plan for a short meeting, typically 20 min) Send a letter Make a telephone call simply to set up an appointment (day, time, place) Hold the meeting Send a thank you letter promptly (same day)

14 Letter to Contact Opening to establish your connection The reason for writing Disclaimer not asking for a job or knowing of one You are asking for help and advice in your job campaign Acknowledge his time is valuable (no more than 20 min) Commitment to phone soon to set up a meeting Examples in hand out of:  Letter to a primary contact  Letter to a referred contact

15 Referral Interview Agenda Establish rapport (thank, disclaimer, interest in contact) Tell the contact about yourself Get advice and information, e.g.  Options for you in his field  Options in other fields  Would your CV (or better résumé) get through his door?  Sources of information on jobs in his area Ask for referrals (full details, permissions) Could you help your contact in turn?  Any further information from him or her would be appreciated

16 Referral Telephone Call Prepare for call  Have time available  Have your diary ready  Hand draft script of what you want to say  Anticipate objections, e.g. “I don’t see how I can help you” During the call  Do not hurry, be deliberate and composed  It may be useful to stand up during the call - focuses mind and body Finishing the call  Thank him or her, confirming the date, time and place  Do not hold the meeting over the phone!

17 Advert Text Your Response Be an effective communicator Have an ability to influence decision makers My enthusiasm for the subject is infectious when passing on knowledge and love of a subject to colleagues, people I supervise and those I teach My considerable skill in presenting written information….. influencing decision makers. Also I have made a considerable number of successful presentations to senior management and customers Responding to Job Advert

18 Presentation of Excellence (1½ - 2 min) Response to the question “Tell us about yourself” Start with your career objective  Should match the job but not parrot the job advert Your current or last job or course  Details include responsibilities, business areas, functions carried out What I can bring to you are:  Start with key unique ability and as appropriate include back up experience In summary I can deliver… Is there anything you would like me to elaborate on?

19 Dos Don’ts Research company Rehearse answers to difficult questions Adopt a friendly, professional approach to all those you meet Listen, empathise, watch for body language Unprepared and not knowing what you want Arriving late Dripping nose and no handkerchief Leaving mobile on Poor appearance “Fencing” interviewer Some Job Interview Dos and Don’ts (1)

20 Some Job Interview Dos and Don’ts (2) Do ask questions when prompted, e.g.  You said you wanted someone with a commerce background – what else does the ideal candidate need to succeed in this position? Don’t bring a dog!

21 Objectives List the four parts into which a CV is divided Write up an achievement from your own career or other experiences Define one key unique ability based on your achievements List four methods of job searching List three advantages of referral interviews Draft a response to a job advert Field four difficult job interview questions


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