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Jeremy Eackles Danny Molina Jennifer Meza Chloe Harper.

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1 Jeremy Eackles Danny Molina Jennifer Meza Chloe Harper

2 Background Information The BasicsAdvertising  Internet Domain name and web hosting  E-Business related software  Founded by former CEO Bob Parsons in 1997  Formally Jomax Technologies  1999 – name change  Partial company buyout in 2011  Company is on record  In-house advertisers  “Go-Daddy Girls”  Virtually unknown until 2004, due to Super Bowl  Invested $5 mil in first ad  Uses shock factors to promote brand awareness and drive purchases  2012 “Re-Invention”

3 Where, When, and Why 2005 & 2013 Super Bowl advertisements $5 mil in 2005; $XXX in 2013 Super Bowl popularity Sports sponsorships Over nine years of experience Go Daddy Girls

4 The Advertisements “Wardrobe Malfunction” Ad Store Agency, NY “Perfect Match” Deustch Agency, NY


6 So what’s the problem here? Violates FCC’s Guidelines against Obscene Broadcasts

7 Principles:Loyalties: Utilitarianism: Targeting male customer base and sacrificing the women customer base. Egoism: Continue to get profit and exposure at the expense of sexually objectifying women. Go Daddy brand Public (Women, especially) Customers/Clients Partners Go Daddy employees Situation:Values: GoDaddy advertisements have racy women and came off as sexist. After making the first ad, they continued with the sexist advertisements. FCC Regulations Organization values, even if they are sleezy

8 Compare & Contrast  Started with “Go Daddy Girls & Switched to introducing Jesse Heiman  Appearance as a lure, and smarts as a reason to stay  More online-based advertising  Give teasers to entice customers to visit site  “Smart meets sexy”  Been hiring outside ad agencies to create ads  GoDaddy views this as evolution

9 The Evaluation SuccessesFailures  3x bigger than any competitors  Built up internal and external brand  “An over-the-top hit” from Ad Age  Large profits and brand awareness  Negative view from public  Viewed as a sexist company  Perpetuating bad stereotypes  Can’t escape the brand they initially created  Took away from women who might have been potential customers

10 Why is this important? Violating FCC guidelines, but still approved for airing FCC needs to keep consistent with their values Sterotyping of people (nerds, sexy women, etc.) Risky sexualized commercials on a national platform

11 Improvement Deutsch Agency, NY “The Baker” feat. Jean Claude Van Damme Go Daddy's New Direction  New primary focus on SMB  Secondary focus on women  Tool for SMB  Due to public backlash & wanting new market  No over-sexualization, no women AT ALL  Comparison to previous ads  Moving away from “Go Daddy-Esque”  “It’s Go Time”

12 Sources  ,%20 smart)%20and%20date%20is%202012,%20 smart)%20and%20date%20is%202012     ebf37ac60843%40sessionmgr13&vid=1&hid=3&bdata=JnNjb3BlPXNpdGU%3d ebf37ac60843%40sessionmgr13&vid=1&hid=3&bdata=JnNjb3BlPXNpdGU%3d  http:/ http:/      

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