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Dale Bentlage Direct (515) 309-2738

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1 Dale Bentlage Direct (515)

2 The Web: what’s new and what’s important

3 The Evolution of Customer Service
Habits are Changing We are a self service economy

4 The Evolving Web People Use the Internet for: Information
Entertainment Socializing (information exchange and interaction) Are you integrating these habits into your web site?

5 Internet Greatly Improved My Ability to
3/01 4/06 Do my job 24% 35% Shop 16% 32% Pursue my hobby 20% 33% Source: Pew Internet & American Life Project, 2006

6 Surfing Market Share People invest a certain amount of time in product research The more time they spend on your site, the less they spend on your competitor’s

7 Drivers of online purchasing
Price - find the best price Selection - get the most options Source it - just trying to find it Convenience – easy to find, buy Research – research/evaluate options

8 Developing Strategic Approach
Segment target markets by: Product Demographic Purchasing power

9 Sales: Guide Prospects through these Questions
Do I need I? Why should I buy it? Why should I buy yours? How much does it cost/ can I afford it?

10 Operations: Support Your Clients
Why are people coming to your site? For information Solve their problems Product related Relationship related: doing business with you, etc.

11 Handout Driving Web Site Traffic: “20 Key Strategies”
Web Site Component Options List

12 Case Study: Daleco Equipment Manufacturing

13 Daleco Company Background
Profile: middle of the pack equipment manufacturer (middle price, middle quality, etc.) Objectives Create customer loyalty, customer connection with brand Expand to new geographic markets Problems: Lack brand identity, differentiation Average customer loyalty

14 Daleco Tactics Customer relationship Product positioning Founder blog
Best practices e-newsletter Customer only area discussion boards Product positioning Product comparison tool Product discussion groups on products Outstanding design (design = perceived value)

15 Daleco Tactics (p. 2) Pay attention to traffic lead sources
Search engine optimization Pay-per-click ads Post comments, articles on industry segment web sites

16 For More Information: Dale Bentlage
Direct (515)

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