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“Chasing MR P” is a term to use to cover aspect of Post modern art.

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1 “Chasing MR P” is a term to use to cover aspect of Post modern art.
By extending off each letter you can remember vital clues to identifying Post modern art works and thus gain a greater appreciation of the artists intention. Question – Who is Mr P? Answer – Mr Postmodern. This unit of work is supported by the artworks of Yasumasa Morimura.

2 How am I ever going to remember what I am?
The art critics and historians call me Post modern. I need to discover who I am for myself but how?

3 Conceptual Challenging Confronting Collaborative Curator Contemporary Hybrid Humour Appropriation Audience Satire Shocking Irony Installation New technologies Gallery Multi layered Meaning Recontextualise Parody

4 I know… I’ll simply go chasing Mr P!

5 C……

6 CH… "I don’t do my painting on a canvas, I do my painting on my face."
Art is basically entertainment. Even Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci were entertainers. In that way, I am an entertainer and want to make art that is fun." MORIMURA Yasumasa, Slaughter Cabinet II Photograph; wood, lightbox, gelatin silver photograph; 58.0 x 43.0 x 43.0cm Morimura: Psychoborg 22 (1994; computer manipulated color photo with artist as both Jackson and Madonna) CH…

7 The role of the audience when experiencing post modern art varies according to the art work itself. Many works invites the audience to participate in some way, This is called post conceptual. Yasumasa Morimura, "An Inner Dialogue with Frida Kahlo (Hand Shaped Earring)", Colorphotograph, edition 3/3. CHA……

8 Yasumasa Morimura, Self portrait as movie actress, (Black Marilyn) cibachrome print, 1996
Yasumasa Morimura Portraits Shounen I, II, III, colour photograph and varnish, 1988 CHAS……

9 MORIMURA Yasumasa, Black Marilyn, 2001.
Entrance hall with Yasumasa Morimura's A Magnanimous Prayer (two of three), 2003, inkjet print on polythene sheet and Jeong So-Youn's Stairway to Heaven, 2000, white feathers MORIMURA Yasumasa, Black Marilyn, 2001. CHASI…

10 Osaka-based Morimura, 47,burst onto the international art scene about 10 years ago with his "Art History" series, computer-aided reconstructions of great Western paintings that featured the artist’s big-nosed face replacing the faces of the works’ original subjects. The high-tech Japanese kitsch was embraced by a Western world passing through a period of growing interest in sushi, economic miracles, and things Japanese in general, YASUMASA MORIMURA'S Dialogue with Myself (Encounter) (2001), a DVD installation Video still, Edition of 10 Duration approx. 1 hour CHASIN…

11 Stay with Art is one of a growing number of exhibitions which addresses this issue, attempting to bridge the gap between art and life by bringing art back into the spaces of everyday life—of leisure, of work, of love, of sex, of government, of worship. Anything, that is, but the neutral space of the white cube. This exhibition, which took place at the T’Point Hotel in Osaka, was the second experiment in a series of exhibitions organized by Megumi Matsuo, a figure associated with Dumb Type who established one of the first artist-run spaces in Japan—the Voice Gallery in Kyoto. Outside of the museum establishment, this project not only created new relationships between art and the viewing public, but also allowed works previously censored by museums (Morimura’s Black Marilyn and Kuwajima’s The Life) to be shown by finding private sponsors unhampered by nervous boards and city politicians. For three days, each participating artist was given a room in the T’Point, a hotel whose interior was designed by SAGESHIMA Seiji. They were each given the liberty to create their own site-specific installation—to make a total environment in which the audience could sit, relax, talk to their friends, be a voyeur, steal a kiss, or speculate about what it would be like to do so. CHASING…

12 Am I simply a funny image of Morimura dressed up or is there many meanings behind this image of me.
Am I questioning the dominance of Europe in establishing what is fine art? Am I meant to draw attention to values themselves? Am I about global hybridisation of cultures? Am I stating sexual diversity or child abuse? The audience is keep guessing. CHASING…M

13 Monna Lisa in its Origin, 1998 from "Self Portrait as Art History"
fMonna Lisa in Pregnancy, 1998 from "Self Portrait as Art History" Monna Lisa in the Third Place, 1998 from "Self Portrait as Art History" CHASING…MR

14 CHASING…MR P Self Portrait (Actress) Red Marilyn, 1996
Ektacolor Ultra II photograph; 86 5/8 x 65 3/4 inches (220 x 167 cm) CHASING…MR P

15 Post modern artworks usually contain a number of characteristics in ‘Chasing Mr P ’. Some works have several while others only a few.


17 You can tell by my face it was hard work but the effort will pay off!
I caught MR P! You can tell by my face it was hard work but the effort will pay off! Good Luck in your HSC Boys Love from Mrs Broome.

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