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ROSA Test your own IQ !! N, W, H, O, I, I, = ?

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2 ROSA Test your own IQ !!


4 N, W, H, O, I, I, = ?

5 E It’s the order of 1-7. The letters are 2 nd letter of the words.

6 When the sun was about to go down, one of the soldier found Antonius and Cleopatra were dead in the middle of Roman territory. He immediately called Caesar and asked him to find the reason for the deaths. He found nothing but the floor that had a little hole. The hole was big enough for both of them to pass through. He finally decide that they died because of the hole. And he was right. How did they die? Clue: 1.They weren’t choked to death. 2.They were both naked. 3.They were both good at swimming.

7 Antonius, and Cleopatra were both fish. Because of the hole from the fish tank, they slipped out from the water and died.

8 In one country, the king has died. Temporarily, the queen came to the throne. Between the king and queen there were twin children. They were both born in same time and same way. Now, the queen has to pick one of the children to become the king. One of them was smart and loved by many people. But the other one was lazy, and couldn’t get love from the queen. But the one who became king was the second child. How could this happen?

9 The first child was girl and second one was boy. In that country, only man could be the king.

10 In the kindergarten, the teacher made the children solve some problem. Next the day, the teacher told Jim that his work was all wrong. The answers from Jim’s work was like this: 10+7 = 5 9+6 = 3 11+5 = 4 8+11 = 7 But these answers could be right. How could it be possible?

11 Jim did the homework with looking the clock. 10+7 = 17(5pm) 9+6 = 15 (3pm) 11+5 = 16 (4pm) 8+11 = 19 (7pm)

12 You are driving the train. The train stops at the Milten station and 25 passengers get in. After that, at the Rester station, 55 people get in, 43 get out. At lotingum station,3 get in and only 1 gets out. At the Donkuster station, 19 get in and 13 get out. At Yoke station, the driver gets out of the train. And goes to the bathroom, and look in the mirror. What is the color of the driver’s eyes?

13 The color of the eye is same as your eye color. Read the question again. At the first sentence, you are the driver.

14 One worker was cleaning the 20 th window of a 26-floor building. He accidentally fell down. But he just got a little scar, didn’t break anything. He wasn’t slowed down by other things. How could this happen?

15 He was working inside of the building.

16 If you have one match left in the match box, and if you have to light a lamp and fire the fireplace and make the water warm, what do you have to light first? (Click the picture!)


18 In small village, the Price family was famous for bullying other neighbors. One of them was so evil that others even avoided eye contact. One day, one of the Price family set fire to the neighbor’s house. The policeman tried to find a witness, but nobody wanted to tell the truth. After several days, one of the neighbor passed him a piece of paper. Right after he received it he could arrest the culprit. If the member’s name was Tom Price, Julie Price, James, David and Mark, who was the culprit? ? Price !

19 The culprit was mark Price. In the paper, there are Question ‘mark’, and exclamation ‘mark’.

20 One morning, twins Larry and Pete drew a big target mark on the barn wall. And they threw balls on the wall. But soon the wall start breaking. So they found another solution to play without getting scolded. Some time later, they played with throwing balls, no need to clean up the balls, and they had fun. What was their solution?

21 At the time they were playing was winter. They made the ball out of snow.

22 Alex is very a naughty worker. And other workers always have to be careful when he was nearby. One day he and Jo had to move heavy stuff. While they were carrying the piano downstairs, Jo had a problem. Jo asked Alex for help, and Alex went somewhere and gave Jo something. But Jo got angry. What did Jo say? What did Alex give him?

23 Jo said “Alex could you give me your hand?” And Alex gave him a mannequin hand.

24 2013 Outstanding Proctor of the Year For Your amazing IQ Presented to You In recognition of excellence in the area of testing April 25, 2013

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