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2 Watch the movie Video 1 Video 2 Video 3 Video 4

3 Self Reflection A.Think back to when you were a student. What kinds of things made you feel embarrassed, de-motivated or afraid? Why do teachers sometimes feel the need to behave in this way? B.Which teachers gave you confidence in yourself? What did they do that helped you feel relaxed and interested in what you were learning? C.What do you think your learners expect of you as teachers? D.What do you think the ideal relationship between teacher and learners should be like? E.What do you do to make your classroom learning environment pleasant?

4 Why build up rapport? A strong relationship with students is vital for classroom success so it's worth spending time and energy to get it right

5 May 20075 Why is Rapport so Important? Fraser and Winston: Students achieve more when they are in an environment they perceive as being supportive. Moos: Social climate has a significant effect on learning and outcomes. Svinicki: “Establishing rapport with students and using that rapport to make them feel part of a bigger community can increase willingness to come to class and participate in learniang”

6 Case -1 Fajrul is a very loud teacher, he often shout in the classroom. Though he can be very friendly with students but the way he speaks very often irritate the students. He often uses rude words and ignore his students when they are speaking. What should he do?

7 Case -2 Arin is a diligent teacher she is always very punctual. She explains the lesson well but being in her class for an hour feel so very tiring because she require us to concentrate and do tasks all the time. In short our class is very serious class What should he do?

8 Case-3 Karin is a math teacher. Every students in the school are very much reluctant and afraid to talk to her

9 How to build up good rapport Respect your students Sense of humor Don’t be a nightmare Talk positively Knowledge is the key Remember Names Control your temper Say no to ‘partiality’ Be good but strict

10 Other TIPS Learn to call your students by name. Learn something about your students' interests, hobbies, and aspirations. Create and use personally relevant class examples. Arrive to class early and stay late -- and chat with your students. Explain your course policies-and why they are what they are. Post and keep office hours. Get on line-use e-mail to increase accessibility to your students. Interact more, lecture less -- emphasize active learning.

11 Tips Reward student comments and questions with verbal praise; Be enthusiastic about teaching and passionate about your subject matter. Lighten up -- crack a joke now and then. Be humble and, when appropriate, self-deprecating. Make eye contact with each student-without staring, glaring, or flaring. Be respectful. Don't forget to smile!

12 What else help build good rapport Classroom settings Dress/Outfit Media feedback

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