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What is it? What does it mean for my classroom and my school?

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1 What is it? What does it mean for my classroom and my school?

2  Knowledge Must Inform Decision Making  Goals Must Be Challenging And Achievable  Teaching Must Be Intentional To Be Effective

3 ◦ What is known about child development and learning  Age related characteristics  Predict what experiences will promote learning and development

4 What is known about each child as an individual has implications for:  How best to adapt curriculum  How to be responsive to each child.

5  What is known about the social and cultural contexts in which children live:  Understand values, expectations, behavior and languages of children  Ensures their learning experiences are meaningful, relevant, and respectful for each child and their family.

6  Meet children where they are but don’t leave them there  Scaffold learning  Reflect on student learning and advancing learning in a developmentally appropriate way

7 Intentional in everything you do ◦ Setting up the classroom ◦ Planning curriculum ◦ Making use of various teaching strategies ◦ Assessing children ◦ Interacting with children ◦ Working with their families Direct your teaching toward the goals of the program (i.e. standards)

8 Creating a Caring Community of Learners Teaching to Enhance Development and Learning Planning Curriculum to Achieve Important Goals Assessing Children’s Development and Learning Establishing Reciprocal Relationships with Families

9  DAP is not a curriculum ◦ Provides guidelines for what makes a curriculum developmentally appropriate ◦ Teachers use this set of guidelines to help them make sound decisions

10 Teachers make decisions with the following key points in mind:  Age Appropriateness  Individual Appropriateness  Social and Cultural Appropriateness

11 1. View the DVD included in Developmentally Appropriate Practice in Early Childhood Programs ◦ Video Examples #2  What Does Developmentally Appropriate Practice Look Like? 2. Read the handout “Key Messages of the Position Statement” 3. Use the 3,2,1 protocol to share with your co-workers

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