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Ya Zahra Shuja Rizvi‏ Ya Zahra Ya Zahra Oh Zahra Oh Zahra

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1 Ya Zahra Shuja Rizvi‏

2 Ya Zahra Ya Zahra Oh Zahra Oh Zahra

3 Adhi raat ki tariki mein le kar chashme tar Mere maula ajate hein qabre zahra par Haye karbe imame zamana qabre zahra par In the middle of the dark night with teary eyes My master went to the grave of Zahra Oh the difficulties of our living imam on the grave of Zahra

4 Sar ko jhuka kar qabr pe akar rote rehte hein Chup ke chupke jane kya kya maula kehte hein Thubbat alaiya ki he sadaaein marqad ke andar With his head bowed down he comes crying to the grave In a whispering voice, I don’t know what he is saying Thubbat alaiya (difficulties on me) is echoing through the grave

5 Jaise baade asr huwa tha lashe pisar ka haal Ma ki marqad ko kardala zalim ne pamaal Door talak bas ret he pheli mitti or kankar Just like they did with her son, after Asr (in Karbala) The oppressors have done the same thing with the mother’s shrine There is only sand and pebbles around now

6 Ek shikasta pehlu ki awaaz mein kya he dard Arshe ilahi kaamp raha he chehrae deen he zard Ashk mein doobi huwi mitti he rote hein patthar So much grief in the voice of this defeated man The heavens of God shivered, the face of religion has become pale The sands are filled with blood and the stones are crying

7 Ghaibat ke parde mein hoon mehroomi to dekhein Dadi apne pote ki mazloomi to dekhein Dadi meri ankhon mein hein shaam ka har manzar I am behind the curtains of occultation, look at my deprived state Oh grandmother, look at the troubled state of your grandson Oh grandmother, in my eyes I see every scene of Sham

8 Raat ki aus he din ki dhoop ka he azaar yahaan Qabr ke upar saye ka bhi koi nahin imkaan Jaise zainab aur kulthum ke sar pe nahin chaadar The troubles of the night dew and the heat of the day is displayed here There is no sign of a shade on your grave Just like Zainab and Kulsum didn’t have a covering on their heads

9 Bibi farmati hein baba aap ke baad mujhpe who musibatein aayin Jo dinon par parti to taareek raton mein badal jaate jo pahaaron pe parti to pahaar zulme mein badal jaate The bibi says oh Father after you I had such troubles That if they were to fall on the day, the day would become a dark night and if they were to fall on the mountain it would crumble into pieces

10 Aaj bhi mahal shahon ke roshan hein magar teri qabre mutahhir par na sayebaan hein na koi diya jalta he Ajab nahin ke qabre payghambar se awaaz aati ho It isn’t surprising that the grave of the prophet says: Even today, the courts of the emperors are bright yet your pure grave has no covering nor is any candle lit

11 Beti teri qabr pe ab tak koi nahin saya Jaise tha be goro kafan karbal mein tera jaya Kehti he mitti me ati ye qabre payghambar Daughter, there is still no covering on your grave Just like there was no kafan for your son in karbala The grave of the Prophet buried under the sands

12 Arshe ilahi larza he aur tare rote hein Dadi aapki mazloomi pe saare rote hein Girya kuna hein saare imam aur saare payghambar The heavens of god shivers and the stars are crying Grandmother, everyone is crying on your oppression All the imams and prophets are in a state of mourning

13 Marqad se aati he sada ye binte payambar ki Beta tere qarb se waqif he teri dadi Mohsin ke bhi khun ka badla wajib he tujhpar There comes a voice from the grave of the daughter of the prophet Son, your grandmother is aware of your difficulties You still have to avenge the blood of Mohsin

14 Dadi aap ke paas he ab bhi kurta asghar ka Dadi mujhko bas lena he mohsin ka badla Aap dua dein khul jaye bas ghaibat ka ye dar Grandmother, you still have the clothes of the baby Grandmother, I just want to avenge for the killing of Mohsin Just pray that the doors of this occultation are opened

15 Haath mein hein is waqt bhi mere haidar ki talwar Mein to har ik soorat mein hoon aane ko tayyar Ro ke qamar maula ne kaha tayyar nahi lashkar I still have the sword of Haider in my hands I am ready to appear in any state Tearfully, Qamar, master said that my army isn’t ready

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