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2 JUC Reading & Writing 001 Q:Skills Reading & Writing 2 Unit 2 review PPT and Worksheets by Josefina R Santos J JUC Prep year English program

3 1. When he saw the baby he was filled with (joyful / joy). 2. It was a (joyful / joy) day when they got married. 3. The science program on TV was very (education / educational). 4. Odette wants to continue her (education / educational). 5. At the university he will study (finance / financial). 6. Arleen reads the (finance / financial) section of the newspaper. 7. I like Peggy. She is a very (cheer / cheerful) person. 8. After the meal, the students were full of good (cheer / cheerful). 9. Your class will be in the (biology / biological) sciences building. 10. Her major field of study is (biology / biological). Exercise 1 vocabulary

4 dependable variety advertising environment consider establish encourage services 1. The radio station plays a wide of programs. 2. The painter wants to her own store to sell a new kind of paint. 3. My new car is much more than my old one. It never breaks down. 4. The owner did lots of to tell customers about the new restaurant. 5. When I plan a vacation, I have to the money it will take to travel. 6. The swimming teachers always the children to play games in the water. 7. The department store offers personal shopping to help customers. 8. The includes plants, animals, water, and air. variety establish dependable advertising consider encourage services environment Exercise 2 vocabulary

5 1. universalnot knowing or not noticing something 2. affect to be a sign of something 3. representto make something or someone change 4. specifictrue for everyone 5. psychologicala feeling 6. emotionparticular 7. culturethe ideas and beliefs of a particular society 8. unawareconnected with the mind Exercise 3 vocabulary

6 Ο CorrectΟ Incorrect 1. I like to wear nice clothes but I don't usually follow trends. Ο CorrectΟ Incorrect 2. We can eat dinner before the documentary or we can watch the documentary first. Ο CorrectΟ Incorrect 3. You can select one color or a variety of colors. Ο CorrectΟ Incorrect 4. Chuck wanted to work alone, so he started his own business. Ο CorrectΟ Incorrect 5. Becky is studying psychology and hopes to become a school counselor. Ο CorrectΟ Incorrect 6. I was bored with my bedroom so I decided to paint it. Ο CorrectΟ Incorrect 7. My friend and I went to dinner, and later watched a documentary. Ο CorrectΟ Incorrect 8. The storm was strong, but it did not hurt any people.,, x, Exercise 1 grammar - conjunctions

7 I wanted pizza for lunch,and I missed my bus. I wanted to buy the red jacketso I ordered a piece at the cafeteria. My Mom liked the yellow flowers,or for the walls. I woke up late,but pretty. The school color is really brightor you could talk to the teacher. You could ask a tutor for help,and the blue coat. We could use the white paint for the doorbut she bought the red ones. We want to support our school team,so we are wearing the school colors Exercise 2 grammar - conjunctions

8 Grammar: Learn more about Conjunctions with online explanations, examples, and practice at the University of Victoria, Canada online ESL language learning resource. Additional study resources Q:Skills Reading & Writing Practice Special Edition Level 2 – Online student self-study resources that match up with the units of your JUC Reading & Writing 001 course book. Access this Oxford LMS at Ready4English - a collection of excellent online ESL resource materials that will help you to improve your English language skills as well as your study skills. Access this website at Student Username: JUCstudent Password: josefina Spelling: Learn more about spelling and vocabulary in this Q:Skills Reading & Writing Level 2 Unit 2 as well as other units in your course book. a



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