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5 Unit The jumper is too thick.

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1 5 Unit The jumper is too thick

2 New words and expressions:
1. another a. (1) one more 又一 Do you want another apple? (修饰名词) (2) some other 另一个 I saw another coat that I liked better than the first.(修饰名词) another pron. one more When you have read that book, I have another I think you’ll like.(宾语)

3 2. fit v. (fitted /fit ) (1) to be right ,or proper for 适合
The part of the thief in the play does not fit me. Does the jumper fit you? (2) to be the right size or shape for 合身 That coat fits you well. The shirt didn’t fit me last year. fit a. 合适的(形容词前要加be动词) be fit for sth. / be fit to do sth. I don’t think she is really fit for the job. She is not fit to look after the small children.

4 3. try v. (tried ) I’ll try my best to study English.=
(1) to make an effort to do sth. 努力,试图  try to do sth. / try not to do sth.  Try to get there on time  He tried hard not to laugh ,but he couldn’t. Try to get there on time. try one’s best /do one’s best  I’ll try my best to study English.= I’ll do my best to study English.

5 (2) 尝试 try n. try sth. on 把……穿上试试 Would you try this shirt on?
have a try 试一试 Let me have a try. She didn’t break the record ,but it was a good try.

6 4. change v. (changed) (1) to make or become different 改变
I changed my mind about going to the film. (2) to replace with another or others 换 Can you change your seat? We went home and changed our wet clothes. change…into…=turn…into… 把……变成…... Can you change air into water?

7 5. pick v. (picked) (1) to choose 挑选 Pick a card from the bookstore .
(2) to gather with the fingers 摘(取) We picked some flowers. pick …up…捡起 Pick it up, plese. He picked the book up. = He picked up the book.

8 6. size n. 尺寸,大小 the right size 合适的尺寸
Your room is the same size as mine. What size shoe do you wear? I take a size 8 shoe. the right size 合适的尺寸 Ican wear this jumper. It’s the right size.

9 7. price n. 价格 What is the price of that radio?
What price did you pay for the house? Eggs are selling at a high price. Houses prices are going up. at a high price / at a low price priceless adj. 无价的,贵重的

10 8. lift v. ( lifted ) to raise, pick up
Can you lift this heavy box? No , I cannot. It is too heavy. The good news lifted my spirits. 这好消息使我精神大振. He is too weak to lift his hand.= He is so weak that he can’t lift his hand.

11 9. belt n. 腰带 People wear belts around the waist to told up clothing.
10. school uniform 校服 pyjamas 睡衣 sleeve 袖子 jumper 套头式的毛线衣,工作服

12 Here’s a pretty jumper, Anne.
The jumper is too thick.

13 I like this blue one.

14 I can’t wear it, the sleeves are too long.
Does it fit you? Try it on. I can’t wear it, the sleeves are too long. Can I change to another one?

15 Can I have this one? No.It’s too expensive.

16 Ask and answer: 1.Who wanted a new jumper?
Anne did. 2.Who did she go to the shop with? Her mother. 3.Which jumper was too thick? The red jumper was. 4.What color was the second jumper? The green one.

17 Ask and answer: 5.Which jumper had long sleeves?
The blue one. 6.Which jumper was the right size? The green one. 7.Which jumper was too expensive? The green one.

18 Points and difficulty Can I help you? Does it fit you?
What color do you like? What’s your size? Do you like this one? Try it (them) on. 您要买什么? 您穿这件合适吗? 您喜欢什么颜色? 您的衣服是几码的? 您喜欢这件吗? 试穿一下。 这件太大了。 我可以换一件吗? 我买这条牛仔裤可以吗? This one is too large. Can I change to another one? Can I buy this pair of jeans? 我要它了。 它的尺码正好。 I’ll take it. It’s the right size.

19 Fill in the blanks: 1.Peter ______ (不能) go to school today He _________ (生病) in bed. 2.The jacket is __________ (太大). I _____ (不能) wear it now. 3.Does your new shirt _________ (合你身吗)? 4.Here is a new jumper for you. Can you ___________ (试穿一下吗)? 5._____ (我能吗) have this model plane,daddy? 6. The shoes are _________________ (尺码合适) for me.I_____ (能) wear them.

20 你看懂了吗? —这种粉红色对我是不是太艳丽了? —这种是很艳。试试这件。这是8码的。 —但我要穿10码的。 —绿色的怎么样?它是10码。
—让我试试看。 —耽误您太多时间了。 —六点了。我丈夫呢?他应该5点45分到这里的。 —别担心,这个时候交通很拥挤。 —我知道。不过我们吃饭要迟到了。 —我就要试试这件绿色的毛衣,我觉得我穿这颜色不错, 你说呢? —我觉得你穿着漂亮极了。

21 (In a shop) Buyer: Is this pink too bright for me?
Salesgirl: It is a very bright pink.Try this. It’s size eight. Buyer: But I wear size ten. Salesgirl: How about green? It’s size ten. Buyer: Let me try it on. Buyer: I’m taking too much of your time. Salesgirl: It’s six o’clock. Where’s my husband? I was expecting him here at five forty-five. Buyer: Don’t worry. The traffic is very heavy at this hour.

22 Salesgirl: I know. But we’re going to be late for dinner.
Buyer: I’ll take this green sweater. I like the color on me, don’t you? Salesgirl: I think it looks terrific on you.


24 Answer the questions: She wears size ten. What size does she wear?
What time is it? It’s six o’clock. What color does she like? She likes green.

25 Homework: Student book:Page87 Unit 5

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